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  Hot: King of the Mountain 54
14.9K 450K 7 minutes ago7m
  Hot: cholula
320 11.1K 8 minutes ago8m
  Hot: Post here once a day: Version the 3rd
61 4.55K 7 minutes ago7m
Retro Revival
  Revisiting classic video games and discovering new ones...
43 810 3 minutes ago3m
  A Superhuman-themed RP set in the town of Summer's End...
14 2.81K 4 minutes ago4m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: What smartphone do you use? Community
257K 5.58M 36 seconds ago36s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe listing has popped up.
70.2K 1.71M 46 seconds ago46s
Xbox One
  Hot: Do you shower in the evening, or in the morning? Community
141K 2.68M 2 minutes ago2m
  Hot: Your monitor, Does it have to be Gsync? are against Freesync?
127K 2.08M 2 minutes ago2m
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: Is there DS MMO?
145K 2.33M 29 seconds ago29s

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  Hot: ^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Superhero - Day 27 Forum Game
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Poll of the Day
  Hot: Post ITT and I will give you a romantic/sexual partner.
388 10.7K 1 minute ago1m

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