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Ask the Mods
  Hot: Karma Limits on Boards?
6.33K 27.2K 9 minutes ago9m
Top 10 Lists
  Hot: What do you guys think about this idea?
14 459 32 minutes ago32m
GameFAQs Contributors
  Hot: Unofficial GameFAQs Badges Guide
157 1.56K 32 minutes ago32m
Site Suggestions
  Hot: Search a user's name on a board to bring up all topics created by them.
25 215 1 hour ago1h
Team GameFAQs
  Hot: Suggest a Badge V2
4 322 2 hours ago2h

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Save My Disney Character X Round 9 [SMDC] Forum Game
167 20K 16 seconds ago16s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: Bump-fire stocks on guns now illegal.
387 9.5K 1 minute ago1m

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