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  Hot: Masato <3
15.3K 473K 4 minutes ago4m
Mount Zion
  Hot: Awesome Works of Christian Art and Architecture
56 2.02K 18 minutes ago18m
Quality Cinema Club
  Hot: Rank and Discuss the Films of Bob Fosse
182 8.01K 10 minutes ago10m
The Toonami Faithful
  Hot: 9/22 - 9/28 General Discussion Thread
156 28.5K 6 minutes ago6m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #7212 - How many hours of video programming do you watch each day?
736 12.7K 7 hours ago7h

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Overall, Has Religion Made Society Better, Or Worse? Community
261K 5.71M 38 seconds ago38s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: I still cannot believe they ported NSBU
74.2K 1.8M 23 seconds ago23s
  Hot: Adults over 21, how much time do you put into video games a week?
128K 2.1M 7 seconds ago7s
Xbox One
  Hot: Microsoft has been hardly competing and has been extremely quiet all this month
143K 2.71M 58 seconds ago58s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: So what's everyone up to lately? (34)
115K 2.03M 3 minutes ago3m

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  Hot: ~*Save My Pokemon Trainer**~ Round 12 Forum Game
161 20.2K 26 seconds ago26s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: What keeps you from ending it all?
359 8.98K 46 seconds ago46s

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