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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  Hot: Your most played Switch game. Will Smash surpass it.
58.1K 1.17M 6 seconds ago6s
SoulCalibur VI
  Hot: Since Geralt is in....how many here are Witcher fans?
2.99K 80.1K 40 seconds ago40s
Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: We're getting 4* Berkut! Next up is Marisa!
81.6K 1.41M 10 seconds ago10s
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  Hot: Full Throttle Relic Draw Topic Relic Draw
30.1K 743K 14 seconds ago14s
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  Hot: Assassin skill Hero Strike?
1.51K 15.6K 1 minute ago1m

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Quality Cinema Club
  Hot: What's Streaming Doc? (Netflix, Amazon, Filmstruck, Hulu, ect.)
185 8.29K 19 minutes ago19m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #7237- Could you beat Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. with your eyes closed?
762 13.3K 11 minutes ago11m
  Hot: .....Kopoartol
15.5K 482K 37 minutes ago37m
Pokemon US/UM/General Discussion
  Hot: PinkSalmon plays Crystal!
63 2.94K 15 minutes ago15m
  Hot: Paratroopoll 205
351 13.2K 5 hours ago5h

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: How do I get my friends to stop getting so jealous of my trophy collection.
263K 5.78M 2 minutes ago2m
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Why is everyone here so "old"? Community
76.1K 1.85M 3 minutes ago3m
Xbox One
  Hot: What's the first online gaming experience you ever had..
144K 2.73M 5 minutes ago5m
  Hot: How Hyped Are You for Red Dead Redemption 2?
129K 2.11M 49 seconds ago49s
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: Any games you ever gave up on?
145K 2.33M 16 minutes ago16m

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: (!) The 2018 Guru Contest - Deciding B8's Best Character Battle X Bracket Contest Discussion
231 22.6K 36 seconds ago36s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: How do I skip past the first four stages of grief
418 10.8K 49 seconds ago49s

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