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Mario RPGs
  Hot: What's your favorite Mario RPG?
95 4.25K 32 minutes ago32m
Achievement & Trophy Hunters
  Hot: Last letter first achievement/trophy name version 3
35 9.54K 1 hour ago1h
The Glitz Pit
  Hot: The Glitz Pit Season 8 #2
16 4.26K 28 minutes ago28m
Mount Zion
  Hot: Awesome Works of Christian Art and Architecture
58 2.08K 28 minutes ago28m
  Hot: Koopoll 2336
15.6K 489K 1 hour ago1h

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  Hot: Black security guard stops shooters, gets shot by cops
130K 3.66M 22 seconds ago22s
Anime and Manga - Other Titles
  Hot: Stan Lee, creator of Heroman, has passed away
142K 2.99M 52 seconds ago52s
Sports and Racing - NFL
  Hot: Is Houston currently the most fraudulent 1st place team?
233K 4.13M 3 seconds ago3s
Dragon Ball - General
  Hot: Should Cooler become canon?
51.7K 1.04M 10 seconds ago10s
Comics and Graphic Novels
  Hot: Stan Lee has passed
69.4K 1.34M 1 minute ago1m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: RIP Stan Lee Community
266K 5.86M 1 minute ago1m
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: No animal is worth losing a human life over Community
77.9K 1.89M 11 seconds ago11s
Xbox One
  Hot: Lol so like do y'all actually like FFXIII trilogy?
145K 2.75M 1 minute ago1m
  Hot: Microsoft is planning to improve gaming on Windows 10
129K 2.12M 3 minutes ago3m
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: SMT IV: Apocalypse is great
146K 2.34M 2 minutes ago2m

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Ask the Mods
  Hot: Why was my topic closed?
6.27K 26.9K 4 hours ago4h
Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #3084: The Top 10 Distressed Damsels That You Probably Forgot You Rescued
13 588 4 hours ago4h
Message Board Help
  Hot: Are moderators no longer required to leave explanations?
1.98K 11.8K 3 hours ago3h
GameFAQs Competitions
  Hot: November 2018: Spooky Sonatas [PS4 Pro or Xbox 1 X Prize]
145 8.34K 9 hours ago9h
GameFAQs Contributors
  A general board for GameFAQs contributors
153 1.53K 1 week ago1w

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XX: Day 92 (RULE CHANGE) [smfffc] Forum Game
200 24.2K 36 seconds ago36s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: Stan Lee, creator of Marvel comics, dead at 95
370 9.29K 1 second ago1s

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