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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  Hot: Really want Steve like dlc and whats your age?
74.2K 1.45M 29 seconds ago29s
Red Dead Redemption 2
  Hot: I got my horse to level 4 bonding...
7.8K 89K 10 seconds ago10s
Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!
  Hot: Serebii listed unobtainable Pokemon
2.34K 45.9K 54 seconds ago54s
Fallout 76
  Hot: Jimmy Sterling eats FO76 alive.
829 10.7K 47 seconds ago47s
Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: Is there any unit right now you would hoard orbs to +10?
84K 1.46M 26 seconds ago26s

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  Hot: List 11000: Different ways to shut Slayer up
15.6K 490K 1 minute ago1m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: APotD Original Poll: Who do YOU think will win Character Battle X?
790 14K 1 hour ago1h
Mario RPGs
  Hot: What other RPGs do you like?
96 4.26K 41 minutes ago41m
  Hot: Next Kamen Rider series to be called Kamen Rider ZI-O
326 3.74K 4 hours ago4h
Quality Cinema Club
  Hot: The Front Page
188 8.54K 2 hours ago2h

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Sony is skipping E3 2019...
266K 5.86M 8 seconds ago8s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Nintendo just won E3 2019
78.1K 1.9M 1 minute ago1m
Xbox One
  Hot: Will MS finish in 2nd or 3rd Place?
145K 2.75M 13 seconds ago13s
  Hot: Thinking of snagging a 580 or 590...which brand is usually best?
130K 2.12M 56 seconds ago56s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: So what's everyone up to lately? (45) Community
115K 2.04M 2 minutes ago2m

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Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #3085: The Top 10 Games That Defined the 2000s, by PlasmawarriorX
12 505 23 minutes ago23m
Ask the Mods
  Hot: Why do you guys moderate?
6.27K 27K 57 minutes ago57m
Site Suggestions
  Hot: Merge separate boards for the same game
15 142 58 minutes ago58m
GameFAQs Competitions
  Hot: November 2018: Spooky Sonatas [PS4 Pro or Xbox 1 X Prize]
145 8.34K 4 hours ago4h
Message Board Help
  Hot: How to share my custom games lists?
1.98K 11.8K 7 hours ago7h

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Contest Stats and Discussion - Part 1304 Contest Discussion
204 21.8K 2 seconds ago2s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: What sounds irritate you the most?
385 10K 5 seconds ago5s

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