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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  Hot: Let's predict the Metascore for SSB Bros Ultimate
57.3K 1.16M 23 seconds ago23s
Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: Halloween 2017 Revival Banner free pull/pull thread
81.4K 1.41M 5 seconds ago5s
SoulCalibur VI
  Hot: Is this game worth $60?
2.85K 76.7K 52 seconds ago52s
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  Hot: Combat System is Horrific
1.34K 13.3K 1 minute ago1m
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  Hot: What Gumi thinks 100k lapis is worth to me...
43.3K 707K 3 minutes ago3m

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  Hot: How much $$$ do you have in the bank?
158 20.1K 16 seconds ago16s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: Five Guys or In-N-Out?
331 9.18K 11 seconds ago11s

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