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  Hot: Something something something Luigi's mansion
15.5K 482K 17 minutes ago17m
Board Of Boredom
  Hot: How many hours do you play games?
15 402 31 minutes ago31m
Sonic the Hedgehog General
  Hot: Special Chao
112 5.17K 51 minutes ago51m
Neighborhood Propane Accessories
  Hot: We need a bigger fence
35 2.06K 25 minutes ago25m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #7236 - Have You Spent More Time Playing Real NES Game Cartridges...
761 13.3K 3 hours ago3h

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: I don't understand why a murder simulator like gta
263K 5.78M 26 seconds ago26s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Do graphics matter to you?
76K 1.85M 5 seconds ago5s
Xbox One
  Hot: What's the first online gaming experience you ever had..
144K 2.73M 47 seconds ago47s
  Hot: Who else does not like kerbal space program?
129K 2.11M 36 seconds ago36s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: Media Create Week 41 - Call of Sales - Number Ops 4 and Sales of the Dragon Star
115K 2.03M 6 minutes ago6m

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  Hot: Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XX: Day 70 [smfffc] Forum Game
200 21.4K 11 seconds ago11s
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  Hot: How do you desensitize yourself to acts of depraved violence?
392 10.4K 9 seconds ago9s

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