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Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: CYL FEH Channel Live thread
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  Hot: What do you imagine the above poster looks like? Community
37.8K 750K 2 seconds ago2s
Monster Hunter: World
  Hot: Let's put it to bed. Is MHW the easiest MH game?
32.6K 507K 52 seconds ago52s
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  Hot: Well Yuffie is just ridiculous
41K 667K 45 seconds ago45s
Fate / Grand Order
  Hot: Top 5 Noble Phantasms
4.88K 106K 2 minutes ago2m

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  Hot: List 9000: Newer ways to shut Slayer up
14.9K 453K 5 minutes ago5m
  Hot: cholula
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The Glitz Pit
  Hot: The Glitz Pit Season 7 #6
12 3.27K 35 minutes ago35m
Zelda Series - General & Social
  Hot: Another Broly movie.
453 15K 32 minutes ago32m
The Toonami Faithful
  Hot: 8/18 - 8/24 General Discussion Thread
150 28K 6 minutes ago6m

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  Hot: Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XX: Day 14 [smfffc] Forum Game
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Poll of the Day
  Hot: So I just found out that Netflix...
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