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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Transophobic content removed from Yakuza 3 Remaster
276K 6.13M 44 seconds ago44s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: RE4 sorry Switch will be definitive. Release info within 6 days.
86.8K 2.11M 51 seconds ago51s
Xbox One
  Hot: Everyone is saying Anthem sucks...
148K 2.82M 35 seconds ago35s
  Hot: RTX 2080 good for 4k
132K 2.17M 40 seconds ago40s
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: Will the 3DS library surpass that of the original DS?
146K 2.34M 12 minutes ago12m

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Save My Disney Character X Round 62 [SMDC] Forum Game
401 30.3K 29 seconds ago29s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: Have you ever just, like, ate bread with nothing on it... intentionally
434 9.41K 25 seconds ago25s

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