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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  Hot: Nickelodeon All-star Brawl isn't a Smash killer
224K 4.78M 1 minute ago1m
Genshin Impact
  Hot: What would your ideal banner be?
13.7K 334K 2 minutes ago2m
Tales of Arise
  Hot: This music stinks
2.02K 38.9K 1 second ago1s
Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: L!Julia Limited Battle Thread
133K 2.53M 2 minutes ago2m
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
  Hot: What's your prediction for Endwalker Trial mounts?
66.8K 1.11M 21 seconds ago21s

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  Hot: Replace one word in a movie title with "Mario"
18.4K 592K 24 seconds ago24s
  Hot: First!
2 12 38 minutes ago38m
Actual Poll of the Day
  Hot: #8583 - What do you do when you find a spider in your home?
1.86K 55.6K 54 minutes ago54m
Seven Social Club
  Hot: Get ready.
128 3.2K 15 minutes ago15m
  Hot: Is Wario cute?
133 12K 14 minutes ago14m

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Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Do you buy a new cell phone at least once a year? Community
150K 3.76M 2 seconds ago2s
PlayStation 5
  Hot: Rumor, XBOX preparing for another acquis Community
17.4K 447K 1 minute ago1m
Xbox Series X
  Hot: Rumors flying that Microsoft has a HUGE Acquisition
9.15K 200K 33 seconds ago33s
PlayStation 4
  Hot: UK teen needs surgery to remove a USB cord from his penis Community
342K 8.3M 1 minute ago1m
  Hot: Is this the end of pc gaming, or just the start?
148K 2.5M 7 minutes ago7m

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Ask the Mods
  Hot: Why do you guys do this? Like, why do you work for free?
8.09K 33.9K 45 minutes ago45m
Message Board Help
  Hot: How do I embed an animated gif?
2.95K 16.7K 17 minutes ago17m
Site Suggestions
  Hot: Add more than ten poll options
2.34K 20.7K 1 hour ago1h
Top 10 Lists
  Hot: How is the GameFAQS Top 10 Lists landscape in 2021?
2.1K 49.6K 11 hours ago11h
GameFAQs Contributors - Reviews
  Hot: ~*~The Great 2021 Review Challenge Fun Time Party Topic!*!
300 8.73K 18 hours ago18h

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