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  Hot: Items that you shouldn't purchase used
17.4K 548K 35 minutes ago35m
  Hot: Star Poll 22
94 1.16K 25 minutes ago25m
Actual Poll of the Day
  Hot: #7876 - Whats more important for the graphics in the games you play...
1.26K 24.7K 2 hours ago2h
Quality Cinema Club
  Hot: Quality Cinema Warrior Society 2019 discussion
249 13.9K 5 hours ago5h
Pokemon Sword/Shield/General Discussion
  Hot: So what did YOU do today in Pokémon?
102 5.14K 2 hours ago2h

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Nintendo Switch
  Hot: You can stop begging for P5R now: It's been CENSORED Community
114K 2.79M 47 seconds ago47s
PlayStation 4
  Hot: Coronovirus: 50,000 dead, 1.5M infected, 250M quarantined Community
306K 7.11M 4 seconds ago4s
Xbox One
  Hot: What games do you wish made the BC list?
157K 3.06M 3 minutes ago3m
  Hot: Whats more trustworthy, Steam user scores or Metacritic reviewer scores?
138K 2.3M 40 minutes ago40m
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: Should I sell my Vita?
116K 2.08M 15 minutes ago15m

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