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  Hot: Anime Elf Girls! Anime Elf Girls vs.gwaak
263 3.09K 38 minutes ago38m
Actual Poll of the Day
  Hot: #8498 - 25 years later, have you ever played Super Mario 64?
1.77K 50.1K 16 minutes ago16m
@The Range
  Hot: Wholesome anime girl pic OT: Redraws Welcome!
463 25.7K 20 minutes ago20m
  Hot: Post and I will ask you a question.
18.3K 591K 1 hour ago1h
Achievement & Trophy Hunters
  Hot: Your most recently unlocked achievement or trophy 13
61 19.1K 7 hours ago7h

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Site Suggestions
  Hot: Add Tiktok integration
2.3K 19.9K 2 hours ago2h
Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #3185: The Top 10 Movies That Desperately Need an Arcade Beat Em' Up Adaptation
2.09K 49.4K 4 hours ago4h
Ask the Mods
  Hot: What is the most common first letter among moderators' usernames?
7.98K 33.5K 6 hours ago6h
GameFAQs Competitions
  Gaming contests and competitions
153 8.56K 10 months ago10mo
Team GameFAQs
  News, notes, and various ramblings from the site...
5 314 1 month ago1mo

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