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Reviewed: 03/21/03 | Updated: 03/21/03

Wasn't a more common sight than this when I used BBS regularly

Truthfully, I'm not surprised to see this thing still exists. The days of common joes or businesses running their own BBS are over. In the past, I used to have access lists to numerous local BBS and even kept one up and running myself for awhile. Today, I've got zero connections to BBS. But for this app to still exist as a Telnet app only helps to resonate the appeal of this game. LORD was an extremely simplistic game, even when it first popped on the scene, yet has remarkable flexibility and was always an enjoyable way to waste time.

It is about as simple an RPG as can possibly be. You have three classes, you use keystrokes to move around, attack, and do all your basic RPG stuff. That was never the strength of the game. Even if the BBS host limited the amount of turns or time you could spend doing things in a LORD session, it wouldn't be hard to level enough to eventually beat the crap out of the Red Dragon. Nah, this game had other areas of strength.

One was multiplayer. Remember, this game predates most MMORPGs. Just the ability to challenge another player's character to a duel, even if that person wasn't on, was something enticing. And you could do all sorts of stuff with other players. The most well known item was marriage. LOL, the first online marriage I ''attended'' was over LORD.

I also loved the character interaction with NPCs. You could try to ''woo'' the wenches and even get laid. Hey, being able to get some ''action'' in a game back then was cool to a high school teen ^_^

The other beauty was the IGMs. There were a ton of In Game Modules, and I even downloaded my own copy of LORD as well as IGMs to test some of them out, because the BBS I was playing LORD regularly on only had a few installed. You had all sorts of stuff, from jousting tournament IGMs to my personal favorites, the various brothels!

Ah, those were the days. Would you catch me playing LORD today? Probably not. Heck, the only time you'll see me Telnetting into anything is probably my workplace's routers form a remote location. I wouldn't be using Telnet for games, not today with all the flashier and more indepth RPGs. But for its time, LORD was a sight to behold. This thing singlehandedly kept me glued to my PC screen until my LORD session was up. Arguably the best BBS door game ever.

Rating: 10

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