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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Will You Marry Me?

Yep, back when no-graphics BBS games were all the rage, Legend Of The Red dragon was on top. No sounds, a few dorky graphics only in the enhanced version, but a uniquely social game by a guy named Seth with an odd Jennie Garth obession. You choose your character class: Warrior, Thief, Or Wizard, and go into the woods to kill things, train yourself in your choosen profession, go up many levels, and eventually find and kill the awful Red Dragon. Repeatedly. All the while you'll be flirting with a bar maid, killing, screwing, or marrying other players, having kids, riding horses, and all sorts of cool things. THe game was in several versions, and the later versions are just amazing. There are different areas of town, new ways to interact with the other players, new random events, and other stuff. This is a nicely organized, not overwhelming, just right BBS game, my personal favorite. A social experience that never really ends for you and your character, because you can train yourself in mastering other classes, kill the red dragon repeatedly, and deal with other punk players, and it would take a lifetime just to exhaust all the options and possibilities the later versions of this game had. I know I'm getting a little worked up about a stupid BBS game, but this is really great. I'm not on the BBS scene anymore, but if you are, and want to play a cool BBS game, well, here you go!

Rating: 10

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