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Hints and Tips by Anonymous

1 - Novice Tips
1.1 - Weapons and Armour

One of the main things people are unclear about in LORD is 
how weapons and armour work. When you buy a weapon in
King Arthur's Weapons, the weapon has a certain strength
based on how much you paid for the weapon. The more 
you payed, the harder the weapon hits. Here is the weapon 
list, with costs-

1. Stick                               200
2. Dagger                            1,000
3. Short Sword                       3,000
4. Long Sword                       10,000
5. Huge Axe                         30,000
6. Bone Cruncher                   100,000
7. Twin Swords                     150,000
8. Power Axe                       200,000
9. Able's Sword                    400,000
10. Wan's Weapon                 1,000,000
11. Spear of Gold                4,000,000
12. Crystal Shard               10,000,000
13. Nira's Teeth                40,000,000
14. Blood Sword                  100,000,000
15. Death Sword                  400,000,000

If you decide to sell your weapon, you will get about half
of the money you bought the weapon for.
Armour works the same way, sort of. The more you spend, 
the less hit points you get taken away from you. 

1.2 Skill Classes

In the game, you are always interested in a certain skills.
The skills have certain advantages and disadvantages. Here 
they are-

Death Knight Skills- You are a member of the Death Knights,
which can inflict twice as much damage as a regular warrior
when you use your skills. To get the skills faster, pick 1 in
the death knight dungeon on odd numbered days, and 2 on even
numbered days
Advantages - VERY POWERFUL
Disadvantages - Takes a while to master, don't go to dungeon

Mystical Skills - You were always interested in dabbling in the
Mystical forces.
Some skills are- Pinch real hard, Disappear, Heat Wave, Light
Sheild, Shatter, and Mind Heal. To gain skills faster, this is the
way to guess numbers. Guess 50, and then guess 25 either
higher or lower (depending on what he says), then guess 12 
more or less, then 6, then 3. That leaves you with 2 numbers.
Now, instead of having a 1 percent chance to guess the number,
you have a 50 percent chance of doing it.
Advantages- More powerful than Death Knight at higher levels
Disadvantages- Hard to kill people early in the game with the

Theiving Skills- A member of the theives guild, you are 
sometimes hated because of your job. But remember,  "Even 
theives have honor"
Advantages- Quick to master, powerful, able to rob bank.
Disadvantages- Not very powerful.

1.3 The Forest and the Inn
The forest and inn are two of the most useful places in LORD. 
Here are the benefits of each-

1.31 The Forest

Fairies- Bring you back to life, give you horses, and help you rob the
Hammer Stone- Increases attack strength
Old Man- Increases charm, as well as money.
Old Witch- Free hit point for a gem
Gems- Purchase things at the Inn, get more Theiving skills
Dark Cloak Tavern- Gamble, Learn about Colors, Learn about your enemies
(hehehehe) and change your skills.

1.32 The Inn

The Bartender- Buy elixers, attack enemies, change your name
Seth Able- (one of the following)
     -One extra forest fight
     -Two extra forest fights
     -Three extra forest fights
     -Hit Points maxed out
     -One extra hit point
     -Extra charm point
     -Double Money in bank
Flirting with Violet of Seth Able (depending on gender)
You can gain exp. and possibly a spouse if you have over 
100 charm when you ask them to marry you. It might
not always be a smart idea to marry them, because 
when (YES, WHEN) they divorce you you'll only have 50
charm left. 
Engaging in conversation always makes you more popular, and that may
help you build alliances. 

1.4 Advancing in Levels

Advancing in levels is perhaps the single most important thing in LORD.
Advancing to level 12 enables you to (S)earch and fight The Red Dragon
in the forest. Always question your master in Turgon's Training center.
If he says you don't need _____ more exp. than you can challenge him and
hopefully defeat him to advance a level.

2.0 Expert Tips
2.1 The "JENNIE" Code     

When you begin the game, check and see if you are in "high
spirits" If you are, you can do the "JENNIE" trick. Here is how
to do this. Go straight into the forest, and, before you touch 
anything, type "JENNIE" and it will ask you to describe her. 
Here is what you can typ, and the results....
     FOXY- one extra gem
     BABE- one extra forest fight
     SEXY- one extra user fight
     LADY- some gold (level x 1,000 gold pieces)
     DUNG- You are turned into a frog until you apologize.
     UGLY- You are booted back to the home BBS, and when
          you return, you have 2 hit points left.
     FAIR- No effect
     STAR- No effect
     HOTT- Adds 15% more hit points

2.2 Bugs and Tricks

-Don't change your name so often. It will sometimes lock up 
 the BBS

-Try pushing "S" from the entry to LORD game prompt. It will 
tell you a story written by Seth Able (VERY WEIRD)

-When selecting a name at the bartender, try some of these and
 see what happens
-If you are a theif and have a fairy, press "2" in the bank to rob it

3.0 IGM's

Always check the (O)ther Places from the main menu to 
see if you Sysop has installed any. They can be very helpful

3.1 Sandtiger's Bar

Try gambling. You can win BIG money here. 
The old man in the corner is very powerful. (Black Market)
To find out the codes, talk to Sandtiger, buy him an 
EverClear, and ask him about them.
The Old Witch is great when you are mad with someone.

3.2 Travel to Barak's House

A common IGM
If you are level 3 or higher, try this-
Walk in like you own the place, kick him in the shin. You will
get Ultra Ale, which gives you 25% extra hit points.
If you read Barak books, he gives you a gem
Try cleaning out the basement. 
Try to agree with Barak's mother. You can earn exp.                                 L. O. R. D.     CHEATS
                              BY: Twinkie "The God Of Money"
I' have been playing lord for a couple of years now and with ever new
Updated version there seems to be getting more and more ways to get
around with out having to kill people(which I enjoy very much). Here I
have some basic cheats and tips to help better your L.O.R.D. Playing. I
left a few out because I can't let all the secrets out of the bag. So I
hope this helps you New players of L.O.R.D. out because I need a
challenge. So sit back and enjoy the secrets of L.O.R.D. my young
disciples. And may the power of Twinkie be with you. By the way I don't
promise any of these codes will work although to my knowledge they all
LONG LIVE SETH ABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Jennie Codes (The good, the bad, and the really messed up)
Do these following codes when your spirit is high. First type in Jennie
as soon as you get into the Forest. Then type in one of the following

BABE ------- You get 1 more Forest fight
SEXY ------- You get 1 more User fight
FOXY ------ You get 1 gem
LADY ------ You get some Gold
FAIR ------- You get excited 
HOTT ------ You get energized
NICE ------- Nothing happens of any worth
STAR ------ Nothing happens of any worth

UGLY ------ You get smacked down to 1 H.P.
DUMB ----- Nothing really happens to you besides your character getting

The Really Messed Up;
DUNG ------ You get turned into a frog!

2. The Usefulness of  the Fairy (And you thought that they were just for
horses) Before using any of these next codes you have to catch  the
fairy first.

Fairy Heal;
When you have a fairy and you are about to die in a fight, the fairy
will come out and give some of your H.P. back to you.

Fairies N' Robbing the bank (What did you think they did in there spare
When you have a Fairy in your grasp bring it to the bank. Press number 2
to let it go. It will pick the lock for you. Tadda instant money. But
one catch you must be a Thief.

Fairies to fight;
In order to fight in the L.O.R.D. Arena (which is in other places) you
must bring a fairy to trade.

3. Misalliance (Stuff that just goes by its self because it don't belong
any were else);

Halloween story;
Press the letter "S" at the first screen to get a story directly from
the man, Seth Able.

Old Lady Wants your gems (No this isn't a want add);
In the forest when the Old Lady asks for a gem give it to her because
she gives you an extra hit point for the gem.

Save your money after you beat the dragon;
All you have to do is go into the Dragon Palace (in Other Places) and
put all your money in the Kings Treasury. Go beat the Dragon when you
come back to the treasury all your money will still be there.

Transvestites are sweeping L.O.R.D.;
There are two ways to become the a different sex. Both happen at the
temple in Dragon Palace. The first is if you light the orange candle you
have a chance of  switching. The second is praying for tranquillity. 

4. General Tips to win at L.O.R.D.;
1. Always trade gems to the bartender for vitality, which in English
means defense.

2. Always have your armor 1 level above your weapons. Remeber the best
offense is a great defense.

3. Before you go up to the next level at Turgon's Warrior training see
if there is any one you can kill who is one level lower then you because
after you rise a level you will not be able to fight him.

4. You can only use your skills on a player that is higher then you and
in the forest.

5. Thanks to:
Seth Able for making LORD ,the coolest door game on the planet.

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