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Climb into the cockpit of the most menacing Battle Copter ever to prowl enemy skies: Tomahawk!
Tomahawk is a 3-D, real-time flight and combat simulator that accurately re-creates the U.S. Army's AH-64A Apache, the deadliest chopper in the world. This advanced attack helicopter was built to fight and survive, day or night, in the toughest air-war skirmishes.
Whether you're flying at tree-top level, pushing the twin General Electric turbo-shaft engines to almost 200 knots per hour, or pulverizing tanks and aircraft with your lethal arsenal, Tomahawk gives you one tracer-hot mission after another!
- 3-D, real-world display;
- Offensive and defensive flight maneuvers; ground attack and air-to-air interception;
- Day & Night vision systems; instrument-only flying for bad weather conditions;
- Selection of combat or training missions; four pilot-rating levels;
- Complete weapons system including rockets, guns, and laser-guided anti-armour missiles.

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