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When Ingrid the Sloane Gnome is banished to the wilderness by her exasperated family, the monsters don't know what's hit them!

Gnome Ranger is a magical 3-part adventure from Level 9, using their KAOS adventure system and featuring:

* 48-page Gnome diary in the box, and masses of amusing text squeezed into the game.
* New multi-player puzzles, needing co-operation to solve.
* Characters with their own goals and lives. Once recruited, they can carry out complex orders while you get on with other things. Eg, NYMPH, FIND THISTLE AND PICK IT, GO TO HILL, PICK SHOOT THEN PUT THE INGREDIENTS IN THE POT.
* High level commands to make your life easier: e.g RUN TO place, FIND something, FOLLOW and WAIT FOR someone.
* RAM SAVE/RESTORE and UNDO (not 48K Spectrum).
* Superb quality digitized pictures on Amiga, ST, IBM, Mac, CBM64 disk and Amstrad disk versions.

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