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You're at the controls of your spaceship. Your mission? To qualify for The Halley Project, a top-secret exploration that only the most elite star pilots will be asked to join. To prove you qualify, P.L.A.N.E.T. requires you to use your knowledge of the Solar System to locate and land on planets and moons, which move across your computer screen in much the same way that they move across our Solar System.
Mindscape, Inc., is a subsidiary of SFN, one of the nation's leading educational publishers for close to a hundred years. The Alert product line illustrates Mindscape's dedication to producing challenging computer software that combines the best in entertainment and educational value.
- Advanced computer technology that creates a real-time simulation of our Solar System
- An accurate model for learning facts about our Solar System, including:
atmospheric conditions
orbital motion
relative size, position and orbits of planets and moons
location of constellations
how eclipses work
Halley's Comet and its orbit
- Record of pilots' progress and fastest times
- High resolution graphics

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