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The year is 2084, and the Silicon Valley is enveloped in a conflict of the fiercest magnitude. The Silicon Warriors from the House of Peanut, the House of Apple, the House of Adam, and the House of Pong are competing for the most coveted prize--a completed computer program which will, for the victor, help unravel the mysteries of the Universe and will lead to eventual domination.
You are one of the Silicon Warriors, and your mission is to program five of the chips in a row--vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before any of your opponents can do the same. They will try to beat you to the task and steal the program or destroy you with laser fire, or you might even be swallowed up by a black hole "glitch" in the program that appears when you least expect it.
Use your joystick to teleport from one chip to another, programming it in your color. Adopt a defensive or offensive strategy. The battle intensifies through seven levels of play. Capture as many chips as you can in your quest for mastery of Silicon Valley.
- 4 Controllable or Computer-Controlled Warriors
- 7 Skill Levels
- 3 Game Speeds
- Teleporting Movement
- Randomly-Appearing Black Hole "Glitches"
- One to Four Players

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