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Strategy Guide by Larcen Tyler

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/11/2006

Ballblazer Atari 7800  FAQ/Strategy Guide
Version: 1.0
Author: Rob 'Larcen Tyler' Adair
Last Revision Date: 04/14/06

This document is electronically published work Copyrighted ¸2006 by Rob 
'Larcen Tyler' Adair.  Permission is granted to make a copy _ONLY_ as a 
personal reference copy, in which case the document _MUST_ remain in its 
original, unedited form.  Any other reproduction is strictly prohibited.  
This document may not be used as a promotional item or for profitable means of 
any kind (even if no profit is intended to be gained.)

This document is only allowed to appear on the GameFAQs website and no other
website whatsoever, nor may any part of this document appear on any website
for any reason whatsoever.

Ballblazer, Plasmorb, and Rotofoil are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm 

Atari 7800 and any accessories mentioned within are either registered 
trademarks or copyrighted materials owned by Atari Games.

GameFAQs is a registered trademark and copyrighted 1995-2006 by Jeff 'CJayC'

Any other names mentioned within not mentioned within this section are
registered trademarks and/or copyrighted materials of their respective owners.

Larcen Tyler is in no way affiliated with any of the companies listed above,
or their affiliates in any way.  No affiliation should be assumed for any
reason whatsoever.




Version 1.0:

04/14/06: Thought I'd write a guide for this futuristic sports game that is 
easy to learn yet challenging to master.

08/11/06: After resubmitting the guide with a new e-mail address (which I had
forgotten to note here) I noticed some formatting problems.  Those were fixed.


The year is 3097, and the biggest sport of the time is Ballblazer, a contest 
where two contestants battle it out on a grid of 1155 squares, with the goal to 
score more goals than your opponent within the time limit of three minutes.  
Each player has their own Rotofoil, a hovercraft-like vehicle that goes roughly 
fifty meters per second, and must get the Plasmorb to be able to score a goal.  
Once they have the Plasmorb, they must shoot it between the Goalbeams in order 
to score.  Think you can do it?


Set up your Atari 7800 ProSystem and plug a joystick (either ProLine or 2600 
joystick) into the left controller jack.  If you are playing against another 
player, plug a second joystick into the right controller jack.  Make sure the 
Ballblazer cartridge is inserted, and then power up the system.

After the game has loaded, you can either press the Reset switch to start a 
standard regulation game, which is two human players and three minutes.  Or, 
you can use the Game Select switch to choose how you wish to play the game.

The current option will be flashing on screen.  Move the joystick left and 
right to choose whether you want a certain side to be controlled by a human or 
the computer, as well as to choose how long you want the game to be played for.

By choosing HUMAN, that side will be controlled by a human player.  Choosing 
DROID 1 through DROID 9 will allow that side to be played by the computer.  
DROID 1 is the easiest computer opponent, and increases in difficulty up to 
DROID 9, which is the most difficult opponent.

You can adjust the game clock so you can play from one to nine minutes.

Once you are happy with the way the game is setup, press the button to start 
the game.

If you press the Select button while changing options, you will see a random 
pair of droids listed.  Don't touch anything, and you can watch a one minute 
demonstration of the game played by the computer.  Press the Reset button while 
at the Droid listing before the demo begins to return to the game setup screen, 
or press Select during a demonstration to return to the setup.

You can pause the game at any time by pressing the Pause key on the 7800.  
Resume by pressing it again.


When the game starts, you will hear a high-tempo song start to play, designed 
to get your mind set for the contest and ready to compete.  This is called the 
'Song of the Grid,' and when you hear it playing, it means that the game has 

The game starts with both Rotofoils at opposite ends of the playing field.

Player One's Rotofoil is purple, and their viewpoint is on the top half of the 
screen.  Player Two's Rotofoil is red, and their viewpoint is on the bottom 
half of the screen.

To move your Rotofoil, press the joystick up to move forward, pull down to move 
backwards, or tilt it to the left or right to move sideways in the respective 
direction.  Your Rotofoil will automatically turn to face the direction of the 
Plasmorb, meaning that you do not need to worry about turning to face the right 

The gamefield is the 1155 squares that make up the Grid, and gameplay may not 
go outside of it at any time.  The red area surrounding the Grid is surrounded 
by an invisible forcefield which will cause anything that touches it to bounce 
off of it.

When you get close enough to the Plasmorb, simply move into it to gain 
posession of it.  Once you are in posession, you must look for the Goalbeams 
that are at the end of the grid.  Again, your Rotofoil will automatically face 
the right direction.  The Goalbeams move sideways from one edge of the grid to 
the other, so you must actively move your Rotofoil to find them.

When you see the Goalbeams, you can press the button on the joystick to shoot 
the Plasmorb.  If it goes between the Goalbeams, you will have earned a score 
for yourself.  The game will then restart with both Rotofoils at opposite ends 
of the grid.

If you see an opponent in posession of the Plasmorb, get close to them and 
press the button to attempt to strip them of the Plasmorb.  This doesn't always 
work, and may take a few tries.  Make sure you aren't too close, otherwise you 
may end up getting knocked backwards.


Unlike most sports game, a goal doesn't always equal one point.  Instead, 
points are awarded as follows:

OVER THE HORIZON SHOT (scoring after the Goalbeams have disappeared): 3 Points

There are ten circles in the middle of the screen, five on the left and five on 
the right.  When someone scores, one circle for each point earned will light up 
in their color.  If a player scores ten points, they automatically win by shut-

If not, the winner is declared by the player who has earned the most points at 
the end of the match.

If all the score circles are filled, a player can steal points from their 
opponent by scoring more points.  For example, Droid4 has 8 points, and the 
player has two points.  If the player scores a medium-long range goal, then two 
of Droid4's points will be taken away and replaced with two points for the 


-Take the time to practice with the controls by playing a game against a low-
level droid, or against a human player who is left idle while setting the clock 
to a high setting.  Learn how to shoot and steal the Plasmorb.

-Over The Horizon (OTH) shots are difficult to pull off at first, but they can 
be done.  One suggestion is to aim at them and then pull backwards untill they 
disappear offscreen, then shoot.

-If you've got an opponent on your tail trying to steal the Plasmorb, shoot the 
Plasmorb away from you.  The force will knock you backwards into your opponent, 
while sending the Plasmorb away from you, all while giving you the opportunity 
to recover it while giving you some breathing room against your opponent.

-And the golden rule of all Ballblazer champions in every universe, HAVE FUN!



The following types of E-Mail I will _NOT_ accept under any circumstances:

-Mail that contains flaming (insults) or offensive content within.  If you
don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything!

-Spam/Advertisements of any kind.  This is against the law, and will not be
taken lightly.

-Asking if you can use this on your website/in your FAQ/Magazine/anything
like that will not be tolerated.  In case you missed it, I specifically
stated that I won't allow it in the disclaimer section at the beginning.

-Asking where to find this game in a ROM format, or any other illegal
software requests will be ignored.

-Asking me where to find this cartridge.
(Honestly, I wish I knew where to find Atari games, but I have as much of
a hard time finding them as you probably do! Your best bet is to check

The following types of E-Mail I will accept:

-Suggestions and/or constructive criticism.
-Strategies of your own.
-Any information I may have left out in this version.
-Generally, anything that will help me improve this guide in future revisions!
(Make sure you put "Ballblazer Guide" as your subject line.)

You can reach me at: larcentyler7650 (AT) yahoo (dot) com


This guide for being a Ballblazer champion is made possible because of those 
who made it possible to begin with:

-My mother, for passing her love for Atari onto me, which inspired me to get an 
Atari 7800.
-The programmers at Lucasfilm Games, who did a great job on the Atari 7800 
version of this game.
-Atari, for putting out the Atari 7800 and for publishing the game.
-Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey, for providing us FAQ authors for a place to publish our 
-AtariAge (www.atariage.com), which provided me with the information I needed 
to finish this guide.
-And, of course, the person who provides the final and most important part, 
YOU, for reading my guide!

¸2006 Rob 'Larcen Tyler' Adair  All rights reserved.

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