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Sneak 'n Peek is a 1 or 2 player hide and seek game, with 4 variations of the basic game and 2 levels of difficulty to increase your enjoyment and test your skill. Sneak 'n Peek is played in and around a spooky old house with a large yard and 3 weird rooms. Each room, including the yard, is a separate scene, and contains up to 5 hiding places. Some of them are in really strange places, and some of the locations can change depending on the game you select. The game always begins in the living room with player 1 standing in the corner and covering his eyes. Player 2 may sneak to any of the 5 hiding places in the living room or exit through the door to another scene. A timer keeps track of how long it takes the player to hide. If a friend isn't available to play, the computer will be happy to hide from you. It knows all of the hiding places and is very sneaky.

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