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FAQ/Walkthrough by Magic Knight

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/04/18

                             G.I. JOE: COBRA STRIKE

A non-official FAQ/Walkthrough for:
G.I. Joe Cobra Strike and Action Man: Action Force for Atari 2600.

Some legal notice:
This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web-
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Ver. 1.00 -- 4/4/2018
Ver. 1.01 -- 2/22/2019


A. Controls
B. Rules
C. General Tips
D. Game Facts
F. Special Thanks


A usual Atari 2600 joystick will do it, or with paddle controller.

Directional button to move the shield left or right. Note that the movement is
not very smooth, i.e. gliding around. Maybe it's better with paddle controller?

[Fire] button to fire something to the Cobra. Hold this button to fire further,
and you can control the fire's movement by pressing left or right button while
holding [Fire] button down.
When you press [Fire] button, the shield will stop gliding.


You need to do "critical strike" on the Cobra eight times to kill the enemy.
This is a shot done to the head part of the enemy (theoretically). In the game,
you need to do the shot to the upmost part of the enemy.
Score: 100

Sometimes, you will do an "instant kill strike" on the enemy, that I think is
just done randomly. You will get an instant 1-up for that.
Score: 10000

The shot to the other parts of the enemy won't do anything, but just only giving
you score: 10.

People will run randomly and continuously from the house on the right to the
house on the left, and it's your duty to protect them. 4 of them killed and the
game'll be over.

You will get an extra life for every 10000 pts.

Shielding Cobra's missile: 10 pts.

Shielding Cobra's fire: 10 pts.

Switching the difficulty will make you can't shoot when the shield does not
connect to the shooter, but you now can make the right shooter shoots something
by connecting the shield to the right shooter.
The right shooter can't shoot otherwise, but you can always shoot something with
the left shooter.


Just focus yourself to do "critical strike" rather than shooting other things.
It'll be a bonus if you can do the "instant kill strike".


First thing first, you need to reset the game (hardware) or do some "frying
cartridge" before you can play this game. The software is not named and the game
manufacturer is not introduced within the game like the other video games we
used to know.

It's just cobras that will come one by one, the next one will have slightly
faster missile going down and slightly faster movement (approximately).

Starting from the second, the cobra can fire something down from its mouth,
preceded by something like lightning. The later cobra will do it more often.

1st cobra: Red-Yellow.
2nd cobra: Light Green-Yellow.
3rd cobra: Purple-Yellow.
4th cobra: Gold-Yellow.
5th cobra: Blue-Yellow.
6th cobra: Light Green-Yellow.
7th cobra: Purple-Yellow.
8th cobra: Dark Blue-Yellow
9th cobra: Gold-Yellow.
10th cobra: Green-Yellow.
11th cobra: Orange-Yellow.
12th cobra: Brown-Yellow.
13th cobra: Grey-Yellow.
14th cobra: Red-Yellow.
15th cobra: Purple-Yellow.
16th cobra: Black-Yellow.

After the black cobra, the enemy recycles itself back to the 1st cobra.

Action Force will do the same, except only the color of cobras will be altered.
But, the last cobra will be black-yellow, the same, and it's also the 16th.


This game gets pretty many attentions for an old game, but nobody ask anything
about it.

Just got a notable comment that this game actually does not have anything to do
with G.I. Joe.

And, I'd like to add something that I will not know any detail about paddle
controller and driving controller. Sorry about that^^


1. GameFAQs. For posting this document.
2. Me. For making it.
3. No credit for the game developer. Because I don't know for sure who they are.

If you'd like to tell me about some errors that I've made in this
FAQ/Walkthrough or ask any questions, you may mail me at my contributor e-mail.

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