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  • In 1982, Todd Rogers aka Mr. Activision submitted a world record time of 5.51 seconds. This record stood for over 35 years before new evidence emerged that a 5.51 is not achievable in normal play, as the fastest developers' simulated time is a 5.54, and the fastest tool-assisted speed run is a 5.57. The game's compiled code was disassembled and with this information a spreadsheet was created that shows all the possible times you can get. The fastest time that could be achieved, according to this information is a 5.57. Todd Rogers denied this information, claiming the numbers are inaccurate but did not comment further and has never agreed to an interview. There is no physical evidence of his original world record and it was later discovered that his record was a false entry in the Twin Galaxies database, entered by referee Ron Corcoran, a close friend of Rogers. This led to having his record and all of his other scores removed from Twin Galaxies, and Todd Rogers has since been blacklisted from playing competitively.

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  • Dragster holds the distinction of not only being the first video game released by Activision, but also the first third-party video game ever released. Up until the formation of Activision, all home consoles had their games released by the company that manufactured them.

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