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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KRoper

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/24/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.0
    First Written on 9/24/00
    Written By Classic Girrrrl (aka Kristine Roper)
    E-mail: Kathara @ AOL.COM
    Copyright Stuff: The following FAQ is copyrighted by me, and cannot be sold, 
    modified, "borrowed," or included on another website, a CD, or in a magazine 
    without my permission. If you wish to include it on your own website, feel 
    free to e-mail me and ask (I'll probably say 'yes' 99% of the time anyway). 
    -	Introduction
    -	Game Overview
    -	Controls
    -	Scoring
    -	Bad Guys and Other Folks
    -	Items/Treasures/Obstacles
    -	Wounds and Thirst
    -	Temple Offerings
    -	Frequently Asked Questions
    -	Spoilers
    Hi there, and welcome to my second attempt at writing a FAQ. After the 
    overwhelming response I got after posting my Raiders of the Lost Ark FAQ, I 
    decided to take a crack at another puzzling 2600 game. Riddle of the Sphinx is 
    another one of those games that's almost impossible to play without the 
    instruction manual so this is written mainly for those folks. However, since 
    I'm going to give away the answers to the, um, "riddles" in the game others 
    might find a need for this FAQ as well. So enjoy, and if you have any 
    questions or have any more information to add please e-mail me at the above 
    Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, has put a curse on Pharaoh's desert 
    kingdom. It is up to you, son of Pharaoh, to cross the Valley of the Kings and 
    reach the Temple of Ra. Once there, you must then make an offering to Ra and 
    hope that he will lift the curse. Along the way you will fight thieves, 
    scorpions, and Anubis himself, and get help from merchants and the goddess 
    Isis. Your ultimate goal is to reach the Temple with as many points and 
    treasures as you can, in the quickest time possible. The game ends when the 
    Prince reaches the Temple of Ra or when he sustains too many wounds.
    Game 1: Get to the Temple as quickly as possible with as much treasure as you 
    can carry.
    Game 2: Same objective as above, but both the Sphinx and the Temple require an 
    offering (the Sphinx won't let you pass without it).
    Game 3: Same as Game 2, except now the Phoenix, Temple of Anubis, and Temple 
    of Isis also require offerings before you can pass.
    The following is a list of controls used in the game. NOTE: YOU NEED TWO 
    Move Prince/throw stones:              Use left joystick
    Select/use items:                               Use right joystick
    View how much time has passed:    Set the B&W/Color switch to Color and flip 
    the right
                                                              difficulty switch to 
    the A position
    View score:                                       Set the B&W/Color switch to 
    Color and flip the right
                                                              difficulty switch to 
    the B position
    View wound and thirst levels:           Set the B&W/Color switch to B&W
    Lots of fast-moving bad guys:           Set the left difficulty switch to the 
    A position
    Fewer and slower-moving bad guys: Set the left difficulty switch to the B 
    Your score is measured in "Inner Strength Points," which is basically a fancy 
    way of saying, um, points. :)  Anyway, you gain or lose points depending on 
    your actions, so keep the following chart in mind while you're playing the 
    Hitting a thief with a rock: 60 points
    Hitting a scorpion with a rock: 60 points
    Hitting a trader with a rock: -80 points (although that's never stopped me 
    from whacking one who had just stolen a hard-earned treasure of mine)
    Hitting Anubis or Isis with a rock: -77 points
    Touching Anubis: -20 points
    Touching a scorpion: -20 points
    Making a correct offering at a temple: 500 points
    Making an incorrect offering at a temple: -20 points
    Bringing treasures to the Temple of Ra: 700 points for each treasure
    The following list of characters is presented in this format:
    NAME: Name of person or creature
    DESCRIPTION: What it looks like
    FUNCTION: What his or her purpose of being in the game is
    POINTS: Points added or subtracted to your score when hit with a rock
    NAME: Thief
    DESCRIPTION: A man wearing black shorts that fires rocks at you
    FUNCTION: Basically to kill you and take your stuff. Thieves will throw rocks 
    at you, and if one happens to touch you you'll be wounded and have one of your 
    items (usually a treasure) taken away.
    POINTS: 60 points
    NAME: Scorpion
    DESCRIPTION: A black and purple striped scorpion
    FUNCTION: It wants to kill you too. They don't shoot and they don't steal, but 
    they hurt like hell when they touch you. :)
    POINTS: 60 points
    NAME: Trader
    DESCRIPTION: A fat man (fat compared to the thieves anyway) wearing purple 
    shorts. Traders may or may not be moving.
    FUNCTION: To give items and to take them away. Great friends in the beginning 
    when you have little items, a pain in the butt later in the game when you've 
    got armfuls of treasure.
    POINTS: -80 points
    NAME: Anubis
    DESCRIPTION: A jackal-headed man holding a staff
    FUNCTION: You're his enemy, and he wants you dead. If he touches you, you are 
    severely wounded AND lose points, and yet you can't fire back at him because 
    you're supposed to respect the gods. Doesn't sound fair to me.
    POINTS: -77 points
    NAME: Isis
    DESCRIPTION: A woman wearing a blue dress
    FUNCTION: Ah, your only friend. Touching Isis' feet will instantly return your 
    wound and thirst levels back to zero, and sometimes she'll give you some 
    treasure as well.
    POINTS: -77 points
    To use items, use the right joystick to move the black box over the item you 
    wish to use and push the right joystick button. To drop an item, highlight it, 
    hold the right joystick down, and push the right joystick button.
    The following list of things you're likely to encounter during the game are 
    presented in the following format:
    NAME: Name of object
    DESCRIPTION: What it looks like, either on the screen or in your inventory
    TYPE: Either an item, a useful item, a treasure, a useful treasure, an 
    obstacle, or a useful
    USE: What you can use it for, if anything
    FOUND: Where you can find it
    NAME: Shield
    DESCRIPTION: It pretty much looks like a shield
    TYPE: Useful item
    USE: When highlighted, the Prince is immune to the thieves' rocks. However, it 
    can only absorb a limited amount of "hits" before it disappears.
    FOUND: Traders, and you start Game 1 with one
    NAME: Scroll
    DESCRIPTION: Looks like a square with long "handles" on the top and bottom of 
    TYPE: Item
    USE: None
    FOUND: Traders
    NAME: Spade
    DESCRIPTION: An upside-down arrow
    TYPE: Useful item
    USE: Highlight it and hold the right joystick button. You should hear a 
    constant "ding-ding-ding" sound that will make you want to throw the Atari out 
    the window. Eventually you'll find a treasure in the dirt and it'll replace 
    the spade. 
    FOUND: Traders, and you start games 2 and 3 with one
    NAME: Tannis Leaf
    DESCRIPTION: Um, it kinda looks like a jalepeno pepper to me (hey, I've got a 
    wild imagination)
    TYPE: Useful item
    USE: It'll heal all your wounds, but it's good for one use only
    FOUND: Traders
    NAME: Jug
    DESCRIPTION: Looks like a jug
    TYPE: Useful Item
    USE: Resets your thirst level back to zero, but it's good for one use only
    FOUND: Traders
    NAME: Staff
    DESCRIPTION: A curved staff
    TYPE: Item
    USE: None
    FOUND: See "Frequently Asked Questions"
    NAME: Crown
    DESCRIPTION: A fancy-looking crown
    TYPE: Treasure
    USE: None
    FOUND: Digging or Isis
    NAME: Ankh
    DESCRIPTION: A cross with a loop at the top
    TYPE: Treasure
    USE: None
    FOUND: Digging or Isis
    NAME: Key
    DESCRIPTION: It's a key
    TYPE: Item
    USE: None
    FOUND: See "Spoilers"
    NAME: Tablet
    DESCRIPTION: There are three of them…each looks like a square with an animal 
    drawn inside
    TYPE: Treasure
    USE: None
    FOUND: See "Spoilers"
    NAME: Necklace
    DESCRIPTION: A circular pearl necklace
    TYPE: Useful treasure
    USE: As long as it is highlighted the Prince is immune to wounds
    FOUND: Digging or Isis
    NAME: Scepter
    DESCRIPTION: Kinda looks like a stick with wings coming out of the top
    TYPE: Useful treasure
    USE:  My favorite. As long as it's highlighted the Prince will move twice as 
    fast and will feel no effects from wounds or thirst (he can still die from 
    wounds though)
    FOUND: Digging or Isis
    NAME: Disk of Ra
    DESCRIPTION: A circle filled with a lot of lines and other markings
    TYPE: Useful treasure
    USE: Heals wounds with no limit to its use. Pretty rare though.
    FOUND: Digging or Isis
    NAME: Goblet
    DESCRIPTION: Looks like a goblet or chalice, or maybe even a wine glass ;)
    TYPE: Useful treasure
    USE: Resets thirst level to zero with no limit to its use
    FOUND: Digging or Isis
    NAME: Obelisk
    DESCRIPTION: A wide brown pole sitting on a stand
    TYPE: Obstacle
    USE: Blocks the Prince's movement and rocks (as well as the thieves' rocks)
    FOUND: All over the desert
    NAME: Palm tree
    DESCRIPTION: It's a palm tree
    TYPE: Obstacle
    USE: See Obelisk above
    FOUND: All over the place
    NAME: Oasis
    DESCRIPTION: A small patch of water between two trees
    TYPE: Useful obstacle
    USE: Touching it instantly quenches your thirst
    FOUND: Sporadically throughout the desert
    As if worrying about thieves and a god of death coming after you isn't bad 
    enough, you also have to keep track of your wound and thirst levels. If you 
    ever receive ten wounds your game is over, although you cannot die from thirst 
    (ironically enough). In both cases, the higher your level, the slower the 
    Prince moves, and the shorter the rocks can be thrown.  (As an experiment, I 
    once wounded the Prince to level 9 and waited until his thirst level was 99. I 
    was barely able to move the poor guy.)
    Wounds are received from the following:
    Getting hit by a thief's rock: 1 or 2 wounds, depending on the difficulty 
    Getting touched by a thief: 1 wound
    Getting touched by a scorpion: 2 wounds
    Getting touched by Anubis: 3 wounds (ouch)
    You can heal wounds by using a Tannis Leaf, the Disk of Ra, or by touching 
    Isis. Prevent wounds by using a Shield or a Necklace.
    Thirst slowly accumulates as the game progresses, whether or not you're 
    actually moving (therefore, don't go to the bathroom and expect everything to 
    be the same when you come back). You cannot die from thirst, but it will 
    eventually make your movements slow enough where you can't dodge rocks or 
    scorpions. You can quench your thirst by touching an oasis, by using a Jug or 
    a Goblet, or by touching Isis.
    The effects of wounds and thirst are ignored while the Scepter is highlighted, 
    but you can still die if you get ten wounds.
    Now we get to the fun stuff. :)  Depending what game level you are playing, 
    you may or may not need to make offerings to the various temples in order for 
    them to let you pass. If you're just happy with playing Game 1, then you can 
    skip this entire section. If you're playing Game 2, then check out the Sphinx 
    and the Temple of Ra areas. If you're playing Game 3, you'd better read this 
    whole thing. You'll thank me for it.
    First thing you need to do is learn how to offer something. All you need to do 
    is highlight whatever it is you wish to offer and then touch the temple. If 
    you give the correct item, you'll hear a high-pitched sound, get bonus points, 
    and either be given permission to pass or be given a treasure to replace the 
    offered item. If you give the wrong offering, you'll hear a buzzer and will 
    have to try again with a new item. You can probably stumble across the correct 
    offerings on your own through trial-and-error, but it'll cost you a lot of 
    points and a lot of time. So keep reading. :)
    The second thing you need to do is figure out which temple is which. The three 
    Pyramids are grey and look almost like UFOs (?!), Phoenix is a large purplish 
    bird, the Temple of Isis is mostly blue, the Temple of Anubis has black and 
    tan colors, the Sphinx is solid brown and resembles the Sphinx of Egypt, and 
    the Temple of Ra has a large sun-like object sitting on top of it. You come 
    across them in the desert in this order: Phoenix, Isis, Anubis, Sphinx, Ra. 
    The Pyramids are scattered between them.
    The third thing you need to do is figure out which temples want which items. 
    Again, in Game 1 you can just blow through the desert until you reach the 
    Temple of Ra and be done with it. However, in games 2 and 3, you need to make 
    offerings or else you can't reach the Temple of Ra at all.  Without spoiling 
    it too much (that's what the "Spoilers" section below is for), you basically 
    need to make a "round-robin" of offerings. What I mean is that you first make 
    an offering to one temple, which will give you an item to give at another 
    temple, and so on and so forth. The "Spoilers" section below makes it clearer 
    to understand.
    The instruction manual gives clues as to what each of the temples require, and 
    they are listed below.
    Pyramids: "Rare gifts awaits he who unlocks the age-old mystery of the 
    Phoenix: "The fire bird, newly risen from its ancient ashes, can provide you 
    with a key to the riddle you seek to solve. You will know what gift to offer 
    if you unroll and read the writing on your heart."
    Temple of Isis: "Gentle Isis, goddess of all that is good, her Temple in the 
    desert is as a precious jewel in Egypt's crown. Offer her a gift worthy of an 
    Temple of Anubis: "Temple like a tomb, vaulted home of Death. You will have 
    found its key in the circle that does not end, the sign of life's eternal 
    Sphinx: "Inscrutable marvel! Find the offering it seeks and  you will have 
    solved its riddle. A bird can fly over, a scarab crawl past or a lion stalk by 
    – Son of Egypt, turn to these! It is written in stone."
    Temple of Ra: "Ra has all. What need has Ra of wealth? Offer instead that 
    which stands yet cannot stand; that which journeys far yet has no legs; that 
    companion you rely and lean upon, yet never think to call friend."
    NOTE: In Game 3 you need to make two offerings at Phoenix, the Temple of Isis, 
    and the Temple of Anubis. These second offerings are the ones that will allow 
    you to pass, and the manual gives this as a clue:
    "The first is rooted in relief; the next you'll find well-found; the last of 
    three is a cloak you wield when enemies abound."
    Shouldn't be too hard to figure out, eh? ;) If you're still having trouble, 
    see the "Spoilers" section below.
     "What's the maximum level of thirst you can reach?"
    You can go all the way up to 99, although I don't recommend it.
    "Where's the #*&$# staff?"
    Ok, if you don't want to know stop reading right now. Otherwise do the 
    following: When the game begins, immediately move down until you can't go any 
    further. You should see an oasis nearby. Drink from it, and you'll get the 
    staff. That's it.
    "Are some items rarer than others?"
    I believe so, yes. Here's a chart based on what I myself have discovered.
    Common Items/Treasures: Tannis Leaf, Jug, Crown, Ankh, Necklace
    Uncommon Items/Treasures: Spade, Scroll, Shield, Scepter
    Rare Items/Treasures: Disk of Ra, Goblet
    "Do thieves/traders tend to steal certain items more than others?"
    I've noticed that they really seem to enjoy taking my Shield and my Scepter 
    more than anything else. As a general rule, useful treasures are taken first, 
    then normal treasures, then useful items, than regular items. The staff is 
    NEVER stolen unless that's the only item you have.
    "Do Isis and Anubis appear in any kind of a pattern?"
    No, their appearance is purely random. You may see Isis ten times in a single 
    game, or not even once. You may even see three or for Anubises (is that even a 
    word?) on the screen at the same time. Just depends on how lucky you are that 
    "I'm wearing a Necklace and yet I'm still slowing down. What's wrong?"
    The Necklace (and the Shield) gives you immunity to wounds, but not to thirst. 
    Check your thirst level and see if you need a drink.
    "Are there any cheats or Easter Eggs?"
    None that I know of, sorry. :(
    Okay, here we go:
    Pyramids: Offer a Key to get one of three Tablets. Each Pyramid has its own 
    unique Tablet.
    Phoenix: Offer the Scroll to get a Key, and offer the Tannis Leaf to get past 
    Temple of Isis: Offer the Crown to get a Key, and offer the Jug to get past 
    Temple of Anubis: Offer the Ankh to get a Key, and offer the Shield to get 
    past it.
    Sphinx: Offer one of the three Tablets. It'll only accept one, and it changes 
    with every game.
    Temple of Ra: Offer the Staff.
    Congratulations, you've just won the game. :)

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