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Guide and Walkthrough by noble23house

Updated: 03/03/2009


This is my first ever walkthrough guide and I thought I would do one for this
game because try as I might it is nearly
impossible to find one which cover every level.

This guide is split into two parts the first is a copy of the manual which
accompanies the game and the second is the 


You, the brave Cornelius, must rescue your girlfriend Elisa who has
been abducted by `Necrilous the Not Very Nice'. To do this you must
travel trough eight levels of Forest, Ruins, Lake, Swamp, Caves,
Mountains, and two halves of Castle. You must finally locate and
destroy the winching mechanism that are lowering your loved one
into a large bubbling vat and then do battle with Necrilous himself.
On your journey you will find many useful objects scattered about
the landscape. Use these to the best of your abilities. Herbs and
Pets, when collected, will allow you to purchase pieces of equipment
from the numerous shops.
    Slaying an end of level guardian will give you a green crystal
- use these to gain Necrilous' chamber.
Good luck Cornelius - you''re gonna need it!

                             -> CONTROLS <-

  This is a one player game.

 *Keys while waiting to play:
  Fire button                - Start game
  F1-F7                      - Load saved game from disk 1
  F9                         - Toggle music/fx
  F10                        - Death sequence on/off

 *In Game:
  Joystick up                - Jump
                             - Climb ladder
                             - Fly up
                             - Grab ladder while falling
                             - Enter shop when `in' is flashing
                             - Enter interaction when query
                               prompt is flashing.

  Joystick down              - Duck
                             - Down ladder
                             - Grab ladder while falling

  Joystick left              - Walk left
                             - Fly left

  Joystick right             - Walk right
                             - Fly right

  Space bar                  - Enter interactive panel (when no
                               `query' prompt is flashing)

  F                          - Force field on/off
  P                          - Pause on/off
  Escape                     - Exit game
  F1-F7                      - Save position on disk 1 when a level
                               is completed

                            -> SHOP CONTROLS <-

Whilst in the shop push the joystick in the appropriate direction
to move around.
Press FIRE once to get information on selected item (see reference
card for details.. so buy the original.. haha).
Press FIRE again to purchase the time.

                     -> INTERACTIVE PANEL CONTROLS <-

Push joystick UP and DOWN to select an action. Push joystick LEFT
or RIGHT to select an object. Press fire to perform an action.
When talking type in a keyword followed by RETURN.

                        -> STATUS AND SCORING <-

The status panel displays from left to right: Health, Pets,
Live and Score.
The collected Herb Count be found in the interaction Panel.

                         -> HIGH SCORE TABLE <-

The high score table displays your name, score and a cuteness
rating based upon the percentage of cute characters shot. The high
score table is automatically saved to disk 1 if this disk is
write enabled.
A bonus will be awarded at the end of each level calculated on
the number of bonus collected. Bonus objects are small tokens
dropped when monsters are shot. Handy health top-ups can also be
left behind.
An extra life is awarded every 100 000 points.

 *Level 1:
  Battle your way trough the enchanted forest and work out how to
  open the doors that let ya you into the next section.
  You must destroy the end of level baddie that lurks at the edge
  of the wood.

 *Level 2:
  The-Men-At-Arms are now trying to stop you in your quest. Can
  you avoid the various weapons or would a quick trip to the
  underground tunnels be of help? Watch out for the mummies and
  deadly rats.

 *Level 3:
  A serie of rickety walkways leads over a vast lake to a swamp
  jungle on the other side. Aquatic monsters of every description
  are out to get you. You will need to work out how to control
  the many flying platforms to continue.

 *Level 4:
  Jungle indians threaten your progress. Slime and water monsters
  attack when least suspected. Find the lost statue to complete
  the puzzle.

 *Level 5:
  Dwarfs mining rare crystals attack at every opportunity. Ore
  carts laden with gems thunder past. You must solve the
  interaction puzzles to progress through this maze. Could this
  level be your opportunity to buy some chain mail?

 *Level 6:
  Snow capped peaks and rock outcrops decorate this level.
  Snow and ice mosnters do not take kindly to your trespassing
  but you msut search everywhere to solve the puzzles. Your
  Firing is a bit lack-lustre. Perhaps a trip to the shop would
  be in order. Flying may also help you.

 *Level 7:
  You are now in the first part of the Castle. This dark edifice
  is home to countless demons and disturbed creatures. Solve
  the puzzles to progress to the second part of the castle.

 *Level 8:
  At last you have found your love, but Elisa is in great danger.
  Destroy the winching equipment and finally battle Necrilous to
  win the game.

 1) HELP and WANT are a good place to start when you are talking
    to a character.
 2) Watch the sides of the screen for flying enemies.
 3) Don't waste herbs or pets on frivolous items.
 4) Make a map before you get lost.
 5) If you can buy the flying machine do so!
 6) Don't drop litter in th countryside.


Find the uncooked chicken and the bowl of bird seed in the first area. Give
the seed to the owl who will drop a feather down to you in return. Take
the feather to the Indian and give it to him for his headdress - in return
he'll give you a piece of old paper. Now take this to the man in the
toilet, who has been stranded after a puppy ran off with his loo roll! Take
the matches that he gives you and light the fire. Cook the chicken and then
bribe the old sage near the door. This will allow you to pass into the next
  Go to the far right, collecting the apple pip and the blunt axe on the way.
Shoot down the magical book and give this, along with the pip, to the old
wizard. He'll turn the pip into an apple.
Take this to the ferocious guard and use it to pass by him into the third
  Go down and collect the money bag. Go up and give this to the tool
sharpener, together with the blunt axe. Give the newly-sharpened axe to the
queer-looking lumberjack. He'll give you a magical spell in return. Attack
the smiling monster with this, and steel his teeth while he's stunned. Give
the gnashers to the old granny, who'll will give you a clothes peg in
retern. Where this on your nose and you can pass the smelly troll into the
last area. This is your final chance to buy some goodies before battling
the evil spider Belbob. Always keep away from the side of the screen that
she is on, and make sure that you kill the little monsters she releases
when she touches the ground.

This level is longer than the last and is inhabited by a fearsome set of
guards. Get the small key and window handle from the first set of
underground caves. Unlock the steel cage in the top right hand corner and
take the cog. Fit the cog and the handle to the window mechanism and wind
the magic bridge out. Cross over and pick up the boots. Take these and give
them to the prisoner, who'll will reward you for saving his neck with a
sliver flute. Give the flute to the jester BEFORE you open the cage with a
larger key which is found outside, on the right. Make sure to take the stick 
of dynamite with you to blow the wall to the left. He'll kill the deadly rats
so you can travel to the oil well and fill up the oil can lying on the left
of the map. On the way, make sure you kill the jester when you see him
again, as you'll need the flute for Level Five. Now use the oil on the
stiff handle for the chain bridge. You can now pull the lever using activate 
and hop across the gap. Go down and enter the final Guard Captain's room.
This is a highly intelligent opponent who'll dodge your shots if you're slow
on the trigger. He also as a nasty habit of jumping on your head if you stay
still. The trick is to fire rapidly and pressure him into a corner. Get
ready to move sharply if he begins to jump!

A nice gentle stroll from one side of the lake to the other - or so it may
seem! The trick is to flick the platform switches in the correct sequence
after FIRST turning on the power at the beginning by shooting the box with
the lever which says 'power'. 
Here's the sequence:

Flick 8 and leave 3:

1 Flick, 2 Flick, 3 Flick, 4 Flick, 5 Leave, 6 Flick, 7 Leave, 8 FlicK,
9 Flick, 10 Flick, 11 Leave

Make sure you jump over all the monsters that spring out of the water, and
watch out for the killer plants!

The lake now turns into a marsh which is patrolled by the swamp indians
under there great leader. Collect the dagger from out of the dead
explorer's back, together with the boxing glove. You should pass a single
switch on the way - DO NOT flick this one or later you'll come to an
abrupt halt.
  Bop the first guard on the nose with the glove and take the piece of
paper with the password written on it. Cut the rope holding the cage in
the air. Go down and collect the gold icon that has fallen out of it. Give
the password to the second guard and then battle your way to the Indian
chief at the far end of the map, if you give him the icon, you can pass
into the temple to meet the Indian god.
  The monster has a long tentacle arm that spits fire, plus a large mouth
that shoots ball of power. Remember to keep firing while the mouth is
opening, and to jump or duck all incoming shots. A useful tip (If you can
aford it) is to buy the force shield and rush the monster - but if you
choose the tactic, make sure you get him!

The twisting labyrinth of dwarf caves will really tax your mapping tips to
the full. Thirty interconnected zones with multiple entrances and exits
will have you in serious trouble if your map isn't accurate - you have
been warned. Make sure you kill all the pesky dwarves, as there are highly
intelligent and will come straight for you give half a chance, jumping gaps
and climbing ladders to do so.
  First, find the bone and give this to large flapping monster. Walk to the
edge of the chasm in front of the HALT sign and stand still. The monster
will fly over, pick you up and drop you on the other side. Go through the
door and collect the belt. Come back by waiting at the other HALT sign.
Give the belt and the flute to the blacksmith who'll turn the flute into a
cross, with this you can pass the deadly bats who would otherwise kill you.
Collect the machine part lying on the other side. Collect all the other five
machine parts and give all six to the machine mechanic who is building his 
time machine. He'll give you a piece of paper to give to the dwarf guard,
who'll then let you in to see the King. To get past the King you'll need to
find the three jewels. Once done you can do battle with Henry.
  Henry is very good at blocking your shots with his shield so wait for him
to make his move before attacking. Try to keep Henry away from you by
keeping him under pressure, because otherwise he'll make a charge straight
for you. Under no circumstances let him start firing, as you'll end up
having to jump the balls he rolls on the ground instead of trying to kill


So you have beaten the cave and are now in the cold outside. This is a level
a lot of people get stuck on but there is one piece of information which
makes it fairly straight forward. What is the secret? I hear you ask. Well
the secret is - FLYING MACHINE. Yep that's it! You cannot complete this level
without the flying machine obtained from the shop. It actually makes this
level much more fun now because you do not need to perform anymore
frustrating jumps and getting from one end of the level to the other is now
much quicker. There are two areas high up which can only be reached with the
flying machine one to the left and another more central. 

Firstly get the ear-muffs and give them to the eskimo to get a lump of ice
in return. Get the blow-torch (up high) and free the ice-sculpter who has
been cryogenically frozen. Give him the lump of ice and the toolkit and he
carves an ice crown for you. Collect the pieces of paper with the rune
inscriptions on and when you have them all  use it to attack the ice wizard.
You will then steal his amulet. Give this amulet and the  ice crown to the
ice king and he will give you an icicle. Now use this icicle to again attack
but this time attack the friendly eskimo! (go figure!). You rummage around
his unconscious 
body and find a set of wheels. Give the set of wheels to the old man, Albert
and he gives you the key you need to exit the door at the end of the level.
The boss is much like all the other bosses but takes a little longer to beat.
Watch out for him coming up from the floor and fire when he is not covered
in ice.

Your objective is in sight - you've entered Necrilous' castle! It's
inhabited by a weird collection of servants who are bent on killing you.
Make sure you time your jumps well as there are many floating platforms
hovering over boiling pits of green slime. Keep an eye on the faces in the
wall who spit fireballs, and also the rotating ball spikes. Collect the
pork pie after shooting the glass container behind it. Give this to Teedle
Dee (the one in the red and green shell suit). He'll give you his smelly
socks, which turns out to be a useful weapon against the old mother. After
fainting from the smell, take her stick and insert it into the wheel of the
bike the Reptilian cyclist is riding. This will eject him over the handle
bars and stop him generating the power that surrounds the control panel
later on in the level. You can now press the large red button that starts
the rotating platform moving. Time your jump well and head for the door.

This is it - the last lap. You've got a big decision here - are you
actually going to save Elisa or get the hell out as quickly as possible.
If you want to save her, you have to find the ten parts to the window
mechanism and destroy them before entering the final door where Necrilous
lurks. You do this by inserting the green crystal (which you will
automatically have after killing all the previous guardians) into the slot
next door.
  Necrilous will now descend to attack you. As he hurtles around on the
magic carpet, make sure you keep moving as he will throw shot down at you
when he is above your head. Kill him with rapid shots and sit back to watch
the end sequence - but which one will it be?

Extra Info

It pays to know which items to buy. The WOLF SPELL allows you to fall any
height and is particularly useful on levels Two and Five. However, for the
best all-round protection, go for the HERO SPELL with cool sunglasses and
watch those shots bounce of your muscular chest!

Each level has at least two secret rooms and you'll know when your in them
because they'll be full of goodies like herbs, pets and extra lives, and
the screen will turn into a lovely set of grays. If you want to find them,
remember that not all walls are solid, and you might be able to stand on
some clouds.

Herbs can usually be found in great abundance but it pays not to waste the
pets that you find, especially on frivolous items like advice! The five pets
are snails, bees, red jumpies, egg-heads and bobbers!

Wandering around the landscape are truly cuddly characters. Shooting one of
these harmless creatures will result ot words like these BOO, HISS and
SHAME floating up the screen, plus and increase in your "nasty" rating.
This will eventually effect the three end sequences you see. If you do not
shoot all the cogs in Level Eight, and you have a rating of PLEASANT or
nicer, then you'll see a scene of stomach-churning loveliness. Otherwise,
the end result is not quite so pretty!

Dotted around the landscape are various items that can be of use. Health
can be found as well as the autofire potion - very useful, that. Watch out
though, for the negative health spell and the stun potion. Both should be
  Keep an eye out for the green chests, as once shot these will release a
1UP bottle. The monster holding cards with 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X and 10X are
worth 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 10,000 points respectively.

EXTRA LIVES should only be bought when the cash can be spared, and the
FLYING CONTRAPTION is a definite buy on levels one and six as it saves a lot
of time. SHOT POWERS are also very useful - the best all-round combination is
the three-way split with shot speed three. The BOMB can do more damage but
only within a confined space. HEALTH is always readily available, often quite
cheaply, while the FORCE SHIELD - through expensive - is very helpful for
talking on the level guardians. The ANTIFREEZE is a must on the subzero level
six, as the magic ring is inaccurate without it.
Also, the CHAIN MAIL on Level Five should be bought, as it cuts body damage
in half. If you've got any pets left over after all that lot, buy some
ADVICE - it won't do you any good by at least you'll get a laugh out of it.

Hope this walkthrough has helped!

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