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For three years programmer Paul Cuisset has been quietly working on a new type of computer game.
Starting from the premise that many people would enjoy playing adventure games but are put off by having to type in text, Paul has worked on a completely new system that uses the adventure style within an animated game. The result is revolutionary and is called CINEMATIQUE.
What sets CINEMATIQUE games apart from previous adventures is their friendliness and ease of play, combined with intriguing plots, compulsive problem-solving, fantastic graphics, animation and sound.
The first CINEMATIQUE is finally ready and is called...
In the 43rd century Earth is under attack from an alien race. The planet is well protected by a formidable SDI defence which the aliens cannot penetrate.....until they hit on a plan.....sabotage the defences BEFORE they are built by travelling back in time to plant delayed-action bombs at strategic places!
Your adventure starts in the present day when, innocently attempting to avoid your boss at work you stumble across a secret passage that transports you back in time to the start of a quest that takes you into the Middle Ages, Prehistoric Times, and the distant future.

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