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The Dark Lords have held sway over the formerly happy land of Haven for 20 years. Their power over the country is almost complete, but the defeated sorcerer High Vanish hid some powerful magic in the landscape. As Sador, the reptile warrior with the heart of a man, you come to liberate the countryside from the Dark Lords. You have to help using your own powerful body, your intelligence and the secrets High Vanish left behind for you. Explore the desert, the wild wood, the graveyard, the village, the castles, the land of the mystics and other areas hunting for High Vanish's secrets. Printed maps guide you in the early part of the game, but later you'll have to find your own way around. Fight off the beasts, the monsters, the avenging angels and swordsmen who attack and drain away your energy. If you survive, you'll learn how to reach the Dark Lords directly.

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