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So that was the game. They tried to kill you--and when that failed, they stuck you in a private hospital with enough drugs to keep you out cold for the rest of your life.
Well, almost enough drugs. At the moment you're awake. And none too soon. A burly attendant is about to give you your next shot.
That is, until you jump him and start your escape. But where are you going? And who put you in this hospital? And who--
And then it hits you. You've forgotten everything.
Even your own name.
All you've got is an address of some sister you don't remember. And she's the one who put you here. You suddenly, dimly remember that you never could trust her. Or the rest of your crazy family back in, where was it? Something like...
Amber! That was it! The one true, perfect world, of which all others are imperfect shadows. And you, you are a prince of Amber, fighting for the throne against your eight brothers and four sisters--all of them treacherous. Yet you must gain the support of some of them if you are to succeed.
And that will be as complex and tricky a game of politics as you ever hope to play. Especially without your memory.
But, as you never doubted, it is a challenge you will meet.
To do anything else just isn't your style.
Nine Princes in Amber, the first computer game to be produced with Roger Zelazny, represents a major breakthrough in interactive fiction. A game of negotiation, politics and alliances, its detailed play is almost entirely determined by your interactions with your numerous siblings and friends. There are forty possible final endings and over 40,000 different game variations. As in real life, there are many strategies for success--and every action has its consequences. Nine Princes in Amber features full-color graphics and original music.
ROGER ZELAZNY is a leading figure in American new-wave science fiction. Author of such renowned titles as Lord of Light, The Dream Master and A Rose for Ecclesiastes, he has been honored repeatedly with awards for his writing, including several Hugo and Nebula awards. His Amber series is currently comprised of six books, including the two on which this game is based: Nine Princes in Amber and The Guns of Avalon.
The adventure game Nine Princes in Amber was written in SAL by Telarium Corp.

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