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by Lanzz

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lanzz

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/03/12


Magicland Dizzy is a Platformer-Adventure game developed by Big Red Software, Codemasters, and The Oliver Twins (Philip and Andrew Oliver), and published by Codemasters. This game is the fourth adventure-based game in the Dizzy series. It was released in Disember 1990 for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amiga platforms. DOS, Atari ST, and Amstrad CPC versions was available in 1992.

The gameplay is same with the previous games; that involves collecting items, and moving to other locations where the item is required to solving puzzles (Dizzy can carry up to three items at once). You start the game with three lives and a health bar, which can be replenished by finding and collecting diamonds scattered throughout the maze.

In this game, Dizzy must exploring through a large maze in an attempt to rescue his six friends who are held captive under the influence of various magic spells. The locations are all located in the titular "Magicland" and are fantastical in nature, many inspired by fairy tales.

Versions History

  • Version 1.0 = WIP September 2012

This is a first version of this FAQ. It contains Introduction, Plot, Complete Walkthrough, Items Listing, Hazards Listing, Diamonds Location, and Credits.

The Evil Wizard Zaks is back! Like all Evil Wizards he had made certain arrangements against his premature demise...

He has exacted a terrible revenge by transporting the Yolkfolk to a strange Fairy-Tale World and casting evil spells on them to imprison them there forever.

Dylan the hippie, has become a talking bush, Denzil who thinks he's so cool, has been frozen in ice, Grand Dizzy who's gone a bit senile, is trapped in a backwards mirror world, Dora has been turned into a frog, Dozy's in an even deeper sleep than usual, and Daisy's grown too big to escape Zaks' dungeon.

Dizzy must free the 6 Yolkfolks by breaking the spells and then destroy Zaks once and for all before he can return home.


  • Enter = Pick up and drop item/ Talks.
  • Space = Jump.
  • Z = Walk left/ Select item up in inventory.
  • X = Walk right/ Select item down in inventory.
  • P = Pause.
  • Q = Exit.

Backdoor Key

You start the game at the Weirdhenge. Go left 1 screen, and pick up Backdoor Key and Diamond #1 there. Go left 3 screens; jump on the Sharks fin to across the water, and use the Key on Castle Back Door.

Empty Milk Bottle

When you use the key on the door, you'll accidentally pick up Empty Milk Bottle. Drop this bottle here because it is completely useless.

A Bag of Rubbish

At the same screen, you can found a Bag of Rubbish. Ignore it because it is also useless.

The Handle

Go left 1 screen, and pick up the Handle. Climb the staircase, go right through top-right path, and pick up Diamond #2.

The Power Pill

Go left 1 screen, up 1 screen, left 2 screens, and then up 1 screen. Pick up the Power Pill (an item to kill the ghost) and Diamond #3 there.

A Cloth Duster

Go down 1 screen, right 3 screens, and pick up Diamond #4. Stand on the window sill, and jump onto the cloud there while avoiding the bat. Jump right to the next screen, and go quickly onto the top of well. Pick up a Cloth Duster at the same screen (ignore the diamond there for now).

A Bucket

Go down 1 screen to the Ye Olde Well, and stay on the left side of well. Use the Handle to wind up the rope. Pick up a Bucket, and drop Duster here for now.

Dora Frog

Go right 4 screens, and pick up Diamond #5. Kill the ghosts there (you must have the power pill in your inventory), and pick up Dora that was turned into the frog (Dora Frog). Be careful because the lotus on the surface of water will sink if you stand on it too long. Go right 1 screen.

A Bucket of Hot Water

Pick up Diamond #6, talk To Glenda, and she will asks you to search for her cat, Gobolino. Drop the Power Pill here if you already kill both ghosts. Go right 2 screens, and pick up Diamond #7. Fill the Bucket with hot water geyser water to get a Bucket of Hot Water.

The 'Drink-me' Potion

Go left 1 screen, and pick up the 'Drink-me' Potion. Go left 9 screens to arrive at the Throne Room. Pick up Diamond #8, give Dora Frog to the Prince Charming, and Dora will turn back to normal after the Prince kissed her.

A Big Stick

Drop all items that you carry here. Then go right, up, right, and stand on the window sill there. Jump onto the cloud there (while avoiding the bat), and jump off to the right until you land on top of the well.

Jump onto bottom-left cloud, and jump off to the right 1 screen. Pick up Diamond # 9 and a Big Stick there.

A Railing #1

Go down 1 screen, and pick up Diamond #10 behind second Railing #1 from the left. Drop this Railing.

A Black Cat

Go up 2 screens, stand on the left edge of bottom-left platform, and jump off to the left. You'll land on the cloud with Diamond #11 on it. Quickly pick it, and jump onto the top of the well.

From here; jump right 1 screen to return at the screen where you get a Big Stick. Go up 1 screen, and stay on the middle of top-right platform. Jump off to the right, and pick up a Black Cat.

A Dagger

Jump off to the right, and you'll land on top of the Stonehenge in the start location. Pick up Diamond # 12, and a Dagger there.

A Leaf

Jump to the left (to avoid damage from the flame there), and you will land on the cloud in the next screen. Go right 3 screens, and give the Cat to Glenda. She'll tell you that she can help Dylan. But she need fire to light up her cauldron, leaf from Dylan that was cursed into the bush, and something poisonous.

Go left 4 screens to arrive at Bushy Grove. Use Dagger on Dylan the Bush to cut a Leaf. Leave that Leaf there for now.

The "Eat-me" Cake

Go left 4 screens to return at the Throne Room. Pick up a Bucket of Hot Water, and go left 1 screen. Switch on the lever there to start the drawbridge.

You can found the "Eat-me" Cake in the middle of the drawbridge. This item will make the people that ate it grew bigger. Just ignore this item, because it is useless in your quest.

A Personal Stereo

Go left 3 screens, and cut the Goat's rope with your Dagger. Use Stick to hit that goat, and it will butts the Troll that blocking your way. Drop the Stick, pick up Diamond #13, and go left 2 screens. Use a Bucket of Hot Water on Denzil to defrost him. Denzil will give you a Personal Stereo as a reward. Pick it up.

A Lightning Rod

Go right 6 screens to return at the Throne Room, and drop the Stereo there. Pick up the Drink-me' Potion, go right 1 screen, up 1 screen, and the right once more. Stand on the window sill, and jump onto the top of bed there. Jump off to the left to land on the higher platform in the previous screen. Go up, pick up Diamond #14, go up once more, and pick up a Lightning Rod there.

The Gold Cross

Go down 2 screens, left 1 screen, and pick up the Gold Cross there. Go left, jump out of the window until you land at the Sword in the Stone. Go left 1 screen, and drop a Lightning Rod near Dozy.

A Burning Torch

Go left 4 screens, pick up Diamond #15, and go left once more (make sure you have the Gold Cross with you, to protect yourself from Zak's grandmother, Vampira). Go down 1 screen, pick up Diamond #16, go down once more quickly before Vampira bit and kill you. Pull the right torch to get a Burning Torch. Go right 1 screen, and use the "Drink-me" Potion on Daisy. Daisy drinks the potion, and shrinks to her normal size.

Note - If you gave her the "Eat-me" Cake instead of the Potion, she'll grew to the size of the screen and squashed you to dead.

A Poisoned Apple

Pick up Diamond #17, go left 1 screen, up 2 screens, and right 5 screens to return ay the Sleepy Hollow. Drop the Cross here because we don't need it anymore, and pick up a Poisoned Apple. Go right 7 screens to return at the Bushy Grove, and pick up a Leaf that you leave earlier.

Weedkiller Potion

From here; go right 4 screens, and give a Poisoned Apple, a Leaf, and a Burning Torch to the Good Witch Glenda (make sure you already pick up a diamond under the cauldron there. Glenda will make Weedkiller Potion for you with these items.

Return left 4 screens, and use the Weedkiller Potion on Dylan to freeing him from the Zak's curse.

A Railing #2

Go left 1 screen, and pick up a Cloth Duster that you leave earlier. Go left 3 more screen to return at the Throne Room, drop a Cloth Duster there, and pick up a Personal Stereo that you leave earlier. Go right 1 screen, up 1 screen, and left 2 screens. Stay at the left edge of window sill, and jump off to the left until you land on the tree platform in the next screen.

Go down 1 screen, and pick up the middle Railing on the platform there to uncover Diamond #18. Drop this Railing here.

Some Magic Pipes

From here; Jump off to the left until you land on the platform in the next screen. Go up 1 screen, and stand on the platform in the right. Jump right to the next screen, and then jump left to land at the higher platform in the previous screen. Give your Stereo to the Bard, and he'll give you Some Magic Pipes. Pick up Diamond # 19 there.

Something Sticky

Jump down to the left, and you'll land in the Trollbridge. From here; go right 7 screen to return at Ye Olde Well. Stay on the left side of well, and jump down into the well. Under the well, jump left to land near the mouse there. Jump right, pick up Diamond #20, and play your Pipes. After a few seconds, the mouse will come to you and fall down into the bottom of well. Go left 1 screen; then pick up Diamond #21 and Something Sticky there.

An Ancient Lamp

Go left 1 screen, and pick up an Ancient Lamp while avoiding the water drop. Go up (through upper-left path, and you'll appear at the Grand Hall.

Drop your Pipes here, and go left 1 screen. Pick up a Cloth Duster that you leave earlier, and go left 3 screens.

Drop Lamp near Dozy, and use your Duster to rub the Lamp to summon the Genie. When the Genie appear, the Lightning Rod will produce a shock wave that will awaken Dozy from his sleep curse.


Drop your Duster here, and go right 1 screen. Pull the Excalibur from the stone with your sticky glove, and you now become King Dizzy.

Go left 5 screens to arrive at Ice Castle Entrance Hall. Jump left to the higher platform, Go up 2 screens, and stay on the top-left ledge. Jump off to the left, and pick up Diamond #22 there.

Go down 1 screen, and enter the mirror there (on the bottom-left wall) to arrive at the Chessboard. Inside the mirror; you must press X to walk left, and press Z to walk right. Touch the Queen to make it disappear, and pick up Diamond 23.

Go left 1 screen, pick up Diamond 24, and rescue Grand-Dizzy from this place. Now you already rescued all Yolkfolk, and it makes Zaks angry. He'll tell you that he won't let you leaving Magicland as long as he lives.

A Railing #3

Go right 2 screens to leave the mirror world, and pick up Diamond #25. Now, make your way back to the start location (at Weirdhenge). From here; go right 4 screens, up 1 screen, and then right 1 more screen. Jump across On clouds to cross the lava (If you jump up on the clouds, you will eventually get into the Harpy's Eyrie. When you reach the top, The Harpy goes after you and you lose a life).

Go right 1 screen, and pick up Diamond #26 there. Go down 2 screens, avoid the Flame Spirits, and go left through top-left path. Pick up the third Railing from the left to uncover Diamond #27.

Wizardslayer Trident

Return right, and pick up Diamond #28. Go left through bottom path, and pick up Diamond #29 there. Return right to previous screen, and talk to the Devil there.

He will give you the Wizardslayer Trident, and asks you to kill Zaks and bring him Zaks' ring, because Zaks betrayed and imprisoned him there. Go up 2 screens, left 2 screens, down 1 screen, and left 4 more screens to return at the start location.

From here; go left 13 screens to return at Ice Castle Entrance Hall. Go up 3 screens, avoid Zak's lightning attack, and use the Trident to kill Zaks.

Zaks' ring

Pick up Zaks' ring and Diamond #30; and make your way back to the Devil in Hades. Talk to the Devil, and he'll ask you to cast that ring into the Crack of Gahenna.

Go left 1 screen, stay at the middle stone, and cast Zaks' Ring into the lava to destroy his soul forever. Return right 1 screen, and talk to the Devil. He say that he can help you to go home. But he need 30 Diamonds to cast the spell.

30 Diamonds

Talk To the Devil again and give him 30 Diamond. The Devil then cast a spell to send you home.


Dizzy and his friends are safely home! The evil wizard Zaks is dead at last, and the Yolkfolk are safe once again... For now!

Well done!

Items Listing

Listing of items in this game, it purpose, and it location.

#Item NamepurposeLocation
1Backdoor KeyOpen the Castle Back Door.The Mysterious Monolith.
2Empty Milk BottleUseless.Castle Back Door.
3A Bag of RubbishUseless.Castle Back Door.
4The HandleTo wind up the rope in the well.The Grand Hall.
5The Power PillTo kill the ghosts.The Watch Tower.
6A Cloth DusterTo rub the Lamp when you want to summon the Genie.In the Clouds (top of well).
7A BucketTo fill hot water geyser water inside it.Ye Olde Well
8Dora FrogCursed Dora. Give her to the Prince Charming to undo the curse.The Haunted Swamp (first screen).
9A Bucket of Hot WaterTo defrost Denzil.The Hot Water Geyser.
10The 'Drink-me' PotionTo shrink Daisy back to her normal size.The Haunted Swamp (second screen).
11A Big StickTo hit goat so that it'll run away and butts the Troll.Up a Tree.
12A Railing #1Hides Diamond #10.Bushy Grove - upper platform (second Railing from the left).
13A Black CatGlenda missing cat. Return this cat to her.Top of Monolith.
14A DaggerTo cut a Leaf and goat's rope.Weirdhenge (on top of the Stonehenge).
15A LeafOne of ingredient to make Weedkiller Potion.Bushy Grove (cut it from cursed Dylan).
16The "Eat-me" CakeMake the people that ate it grew bigger.The Drawbridge.
17A Personal StereoGive it to the Bard for Flute.Ice Castle Entrance.
18A Lightning RodProducing shock wave to wake up Dozy.The Tallest Tower (second screen).
19The Gold CrossTo protect yourself from Zak's grandmother, Vampira.The Chapel.
19A Burning TorchTo light up the Grenda's cauldron.Ice Castle - The Deepest Dungeon.
20A Poisoned AppleOne of ingredient to make Weedkiller PotionSleepy Hollow.
21Weedkiller PotionUndo the curse from Dylan.Good Witch Glenda's Isle (after you give her all ingredient).
22A Railing #2Hides Diamond #18.The Sword in the Stone - upper platform (third railing from the left).
23Some Magic PipesPlay it near mouse to make it fall into the bottom of well.The Bard's Treehouse (after you give him Stereo).
24Something StickyMake your glove sticky so that you can pull the Excalibur from stone.The Secret Passage.
25An Ancient LampTo summon the Genie to wake up Dozy.The Forgotten Dungeon.
26ExcaliburTo remove the Queen chess piece inside the mirror.The Sword in the Stone.
27A Railing #3Hides Diamond #27.The Crack of Gahenna (third Railing from the left).
28Wizardslayer TridentTo kill Zaks.Hades.
29Zaks' ringCast it into the Crack of Gahenna to destroy Zaks' soul foreverZaks' tower (after you kill him).


  • Flame
  • Deep Water
  • Bat
  • Ghost
  • Hot Water Geyser
  • Monkey
  • Troll
  • Vampira
  • Water Drop
  • Spiked Floor
  • Chess Piece
  • Harpy
  • Flame Spirit
  • Lightning

Diamonds Locations

There are 30 Diamonds that you can found in this game. You cannot complete this game without finding all 30 Diamonds.

1The Mysterious Monolith.
2Castle Back Door (upper floor).
3The Watch Tower.
4A Tower with a View.
5The Haunted Swamp (first screen).
6Good Witch Glenda's Isle.
7The Hot Water Geyser.
8The Throne Room.
9Up a Tree.
10Bushy Grove - upper platform (behind second Railing from the left).
11In the Clouds (top of well).
12Weirdhenge (on top of the Stonehenge).
13The Trollbridge.
14The Tallest Tower (first screen).
15Ice Castle - Entrance Hall.
16Ice Castle - The Crypt.
17Ice Castle - The Oubliette.
18The Sword in the Stone - upper platform (behind third railing from the left).
19The Bard's Treehouse.
20Down the Well.
21The Secret Passage.
22Ice Castle - West Tower.
23The Chessboard.
24Curiouser and Curiouser.
25Ice Castle - Main Hall
27The Crack of Gahenna (behind third Railing from the left).
29The Crack of Gahenna.
30Zaks' Tower.


  • Big Red Software, Codemasters, and The Oliver Twins (Philip and Andrew Oliver) - For creating this amazing game.
  • Leigh Chirstian - For graphic of this game.
  • David Whittaker - For music and sound fx of this game.
  • Codemasters - For publishing this game.
  • Lanzz - Author of this walkthrough.
  • GameFAQs - For posting my walkthrough.


This FAQ is Copyright 2012 by Lanzz. All rights reserved.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without my permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you wish to host this FAQ, please e-mail me at lancer_black.knight@yahoo.com.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Final Words

  • I'm sorry if I misspelled words or make wrong sentences. English is not my native language.
  • Feel free to ask me any questions or give comment on this FAQ.
  • If I have forgotten something or you know any secret, then please contact me so that i can updating this FAQ. I will credit any help given to improve this FAQ.
  • If you could, rate this FAQ so I can get some feedback.
  • Thanks for reading. I hope you'll enjoy this classic game. Bye!