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Walkthrough by CrystalShard

Updated: 01/14/18

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter

This is for the EGA version of Space Quest I, with the text parser.
I bet you haven't played Space Quest this way before! Follow the instructions
between (parentheses) on where to go, then enter every command exactly as
printed here. You'll get full score if you complete the game like this.
Weird Walkthrough by Radiant.

Part one: Arcada
First, please clock me in, sir.
I guess Scott is flashing me now.
(in older versions, you can type 'ken' here for an easter egg)
(left, right, left; wait for the scientist to walk in)
Please care for every dude from now on.
Look out to read out, is it out?
Sir Astral, Corpse
Get down into the cart, it is little.
(press alt-D for debug mode. Repeatedly type 'tp' and '4' to teleport to the
 room you are in now, until a bunch of guards appear; a dummied out easter egg!)
I guess I grab at the lint with you.
Swipe every credit card.
(you can type 'kick body' to LOSE one point! Even when you're not near one.)
(right, down elevator, right, down elevator, right)
Off the press, open me from the inside.
Fill credit card from the slot machine.
(enter elevator, move to the panel at the bottom)
Push all of these out of the airlock.
The press is all that is left now.
A little push for me, old sir, right?
Rob is flashing another sarien uniform.
A little swipe now at the translator.
To turn you on a little, dial me now!
Push for third base now, I guess.
I stand now under the little rocket.
Push me over to the second power.
First from the press, autopilot is in.
Shut up, out of the door with you!
The buckle is flashing on that belt.
Move now to throttle me for a second.
(score is now 34)

Part two: Kerona
Will you pick me for a little survival.
Another open second, out of supplies.
(in older versions, you can repeat the first line again for an extra 2 points)
Get down, for the belt will please you.
Get off first, craft a little for you.
(stand to the lower right of the pod)
I pick up that hunk from the mirror.
(right, right, right, up, right)
Toss at that little sir, for you can!
Pick another, for you part at first.
(for an easter egg, go left, up, right; then wait in the middle of the screen)
(left, down, take the path up, left)
I guess sir is a push over, it rocks.
(left, up, right, right, walk through the arch)
Get up please, rock me now!
(left, stick to the top wall to walk past the grate)
Fill the old boulder to steam it off.
(up, left)
A second set of glass is light for me.
(on the upper path go right, right, right)
(walk straight past the acid drops, you have a 2/3rd chance of making it)
You put these on to please that hunk.
Now flashing: a plug for the cart!
Take off in cart for flashing slots
Stand up, the bike is a little off now.
Turn off every switch, it is out now.
(play the arcade sequence)
(score is now 110)

Part three: Ulence Flats
Get out into sand, skimmer is with you.
That is for you now, sir I.A.N.
Rob me now? This key is a little old.
(that had only a 34% chance of being necessary)
(up, walk behind the building)
Climb in these to fuck off now
Grab another buck from the inside
Little is up with you, I guess, yes?
(enter bar, walk up to the barkeeper)
At present, little is under the coupon.
Inside the drink is some swill for me.
All the beer is out of me now.
Inside the drink is some swill for me.
That old ale is over in a second.
Inside the drink is some swill for me.
(play the slot machine)
Holy shit.
(left, up, right, up)
I give up, this old coupon is over now.
Buy all robots, all those for me now!
(down, left, down, left, up)
I buy you out. Craft another for me.
The old scale is through inside ladder.
Some of that is the third load now.
I guess that into HH it is, sir.
(score is now 153)

Part four: Deltaur
First in!put: on the jet, pack it all.
Get out of all this in the escape pod.
Turn off now, I will handle it for you.
(enter; wait for the robot to appear, then dodge around him and go up)
Open  up from inside the chest.
Enter up from inside the chest.
Open  up from inside the chest.
Shut  up from inside the chest.
Jump  up from inside the chest.
Get down from this to vent to you sir
Get in   from this to vent to you sir
(leave the vent immediately)
Jump supercalifragilistic.
Open  second cartridge retrieval unit.
Enter second cartridge retrieval unit.
Open  second cartridge retrieval unit.
Look for the space suit inside of me.
I will kiss up to this old scientist.
You speak little of the second people.
(repeat the above until he asks if you own King's Quest II)
Another first for me, yes is up to you.
(take the left elevator, left, enter elevator, right, right, right)
Redeem it in I: id is in it, is in I.
Grab the first, second, third bombs.
(left, stand above the Sarien)
Is the cast off? The grenade is inside.
A present for you: another id card.
Take a smoke, bomb is over for now.
(left, left, enter elevator; from now on, press F6 whenever you enter a room, in
 case a guard shows up; you must shoot at least one of them; right, right)
Explore with me for a second, dude.
The press is off; switch it on now.
This is view control, panel is inside.
(press the buttons 6, 8, 5, 8, ENTER)
(left, enter elevator, enter the other elevator)
You stand out from every vessel.
Another sir will launch with you.
(score is now 205)


Debug mode can be enabled by pressing alt-D.
Type 'object' for information on any moving thing.
Type 'pos' to change Roger's X,Y coordinates.
Type 'get object' to obtain an item, such as:
    0 - Cartridge      6 - Glass          15 - Pulseray
    2 - Rock           9 - Jetpack        16 - Gas Grenade
    3 - Gadget        11 - Deh. Water     17 - Remote Control
    4 - Orat Part     12 - Army Knife     21 - Survival kit 
    5 - Keycard       14 - Sarien ID 

Type 'tp' to teleport to a different room such as:
    1 - Computer room
    9 - Airlock
   14 - Crashed on Kerona
   25 - Orat's cave
   29 - Hologram room
   31 - Alien base
   35 - Ulence Flats
   43 - Deltaur
   50 - Star Generator
   53 - Washing room
   62 - Escape pods

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