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Terrorists have taken another hostage. Only, this time, it's the President of the United States and several other members of a top-secret economic summit. Your job: find them!
Your only hard evidence is a single audio cassette placed at the site of the abduction by the terrorists. This cassette contains the kidnappers' demands, and is loaded with clues and other information to get you started unraveling the mystery. You are led on a trail of espionage, secrecy and deception as you travel the shadowy, murky corridors of Middle Eastern intrigue.
You control the central computer of the Counter Terrorist branch of the C.I.A. With access to the massive Agency data banks, you search for clues which will help you identify suspects. The information you choose to evaluate and the decisions you make will affect the lives of the President and the other captive world leaders... and just maybe alter the future of the entire civilized world!
But... behind this outrageous kidnapping is an even more sinister plot... a plot so evil, so diabolical, that many who do solve this mystery may not dare comprehend its magnitude.

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