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The year is 2189, and you're on a journey of discovery into the farthest reaches of the universe, charting new courses into the unknown.
Ever since the Treaty of Mongthlian in 2110 ended intergalactic warfare and opened up space for trade and exploration by all creatures, one of the greatest problems with long voyages through space is dealing with boredom. The dull monotony of repeating the same routine day after day. Even life at light speed in deep space can get repetitive.
Exercise is also important, so "Zero Gravity" was developed. Similar to the game of Volley ball you once played back on Earth, in Zero-G one player is placed on each side of the cargo bay in the weightless environment of space.
To add to the complexity, the panels along the side can be struck to add or detract points from your score at different times. Watch for the right instant to send a ball slamming against the side walls for a quick bonus point, and hopefully, a wild, unplayable angle for your opponent. But don't get caught out of position! It's easy to fall far behind in points if you let the ball get past you.
Zero Gravity is joystick controlled by one player against a computer controlled opponent, or against a friend, and it features three levels of complexity.
The screen is divided to present the view point of each player. Player one uses the top half of the screen, while player two observes the action in the lower half of the screen.

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