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Robbo is tangled in the ultimate nightmare. Can you help him make the great escape?
After pulling one too many mischievous pranks, Robbo found himself destined to life in a horrid maze... a maze designed to prevent the intelligent little robot from ever escaping. It is up to you to help put an end to Robbo's frustration and torture and find the way to freedom.
Beware! Along the way, you will encounter giant spiders blocking the corridors, powerful cannons shooting missiles in random directions, and deadly electromagnets designed to destroy all metal objects, including Robbo! That is just the beginning.
Do not give up. Tricky Robbo managed to swipe a handy laser gun that, when charged, can be very effective in combat with his many enemies.
With 15 solar systems and 60 planets to journey through, Robbo is hours of fantasy, frustration and fun!

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