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OK, let me try to explain this. You see, Heads (he's the one with arms) can glide and jump and shoot, but he can't carry anything. And Heels, the one with the feet, can carry things, but he can't shoot. And if you get them together then they can do all sorts of things...Let me try again. There's this evil Emperor, see, called Blacktooth, and he's enslaved all these different planets. So Head and Heels are trying to liberate the Five Crowns and...well there are these doughnuts, and some fish and bunny rabbits, and...well, it's really sort of...unique.
- Dynamite, detailed 3D graphics
- Hilarious characters and situations
- Cunning puzzles and problems
- Unique two-characters-for-the-price-of-one control system
- Doughnut guns, reincarnation fish, cuddly stuffed white rabbits, crowns, springs, hush puppies, and British royalty
- Five different planets to explore and liberate
- Laughs, logic, and lots of fun

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