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TRANSARCTICA, a giant steam-engine, a monster of wind and fire, belching out huge clouds of smoke and steam across an ice-locked landscape, searching for the Earth's lost Sun...
Welcome to the world of Transarctica, a new and exciting concept in strategy and adventure gameplaying.
- Plan and build your own train with more than 40 different classes of wagon. - Realistic depiction and handling of a leviathan, 1000 ton steam engine capable of pulling a hundred carriages. - Tense wargame element, battles between trains feature sabotage, missiles, cannons, mines, infantry... - Game unfolds in real time; you must constantly plan and update your strategy to outwit the war-trains of the Viking Union.
- Trade between towns for mammoths, machinery slaves etc., and manage natural resources such as coal and lignite.
- Frighteningly realistic scenario of a possible future for our planet, 256 colours on PC VGA and 32 colours on ST and Amiga. Game and manual in English.

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