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The First Galactic Games are about to start. Athletes, unsurpassed from each World, assemble in the arena for a superlative display of gamesmanship. Flags whirl high above the stadium while the crowd roars in anticipation.
PHOEBUS, the sun God, smiles as he prepares to ignite the olympic flame. Then....A messenger, panting, desperately climbs the ancient stairs. PHOEBUS pauses, waiting for the bearer of bad tidings to approach.
The legendary 6 PHOENIX TABLETS without which the games cannot start, have been stolen. A jealous act of vengeance by the TETROIDS who were not invited to compete.
The TETROIDS have a challenge of their own. They have split each PHOENIX TABLET into 64 pieces and cunningly hidden each one in the six provinces of their world.
PHOEBUS lowers his head. A millenium ago, as a young Demi-God, he battled in TETRADOME. He remembers each section of every quadrant; each quadrant in every tablet that make up the 384 sections, he remembers the SPITTERS, those dreaded pits which generate the deadly ALIENS from the very heart of TETRADOME; the ACID and OIL slicks, the MUTATING DEFLECTORS, THE fiendish JOYSTICKS which...
He also remembers how the TETROIDS, with their impish sporting instinct, devised obstacles that could be twisted into advantages.
With bated breath, the crowd awaits as PHOEBUS delivers the challenge.
"I will Bestow my POWER on whoever makes the TETRAQUEST. Who becomes the TETRAQUESTRIAN and accepts this CHALLENGE must know no trepidation, must dive and swoop and dodge like the Mighty PHOENIX. Indeed, HE will actually have the POWER to become a PHOENIX and soar above that fiendish four-ply world. USE THE POWER WISELY. Remember always, TETRADOME has many SECTIONS and you must conserve your STRENGTH.
Now. Who will rise from the ashes of these, my GAMES, and bring to me the PHOENIX MEDALLIONS???"
For a moment YOU are blinded by a flash from his Golden eyes. Then you walk towards him.........

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