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Enter a Brave New World in the LEGEND OF FAERGHAIL. The shadow of death is cast upon a once peaceful land. The genial elves have sold their souls to evil and are raging through the land of Faerghail slaughtering and plundering all their path. Without an army or the will to fight, a defenseless people appear destined to exist at the will of evil. In a small country northwest of Faerghail, remains a glimmer of hope amongst these days of darkness - a magician's will, a spell cast, a warrior chosen.

As the warrior, your quest is to free Faerghail from condemnation to eternal misery and release the tormented souls of the elf civilization.

- 8 dungeons with different graphics
- Each dungeon with over 4 levels with more than 1000 rooms
- Defeat more than 80 intelligent adversaries
- Graphics and sound effects of the highest standard (Amiga/ST)
- Mouse or keyboard control

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