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Raw Thrills, Konami & Activision collaborate to bring one of the hottest entertainment
franchises to Coin-Op-Guitar Hero Arcade! This 2-player upright cabinet has been
developed & designed to draw fans & players out of their homes & into locations where a
commercial arcade version can be found. Guitar Hero Arcade offers players the chance to
select their favorite song from a library of 50 popular titles. Choose either lead or bass
guitar & rock with your favorite band. A 32" LCD monitor allows the player to join the
band on stage and the High-Def Graphics give the players an in-your-face experience,
unique to arcade play. Equipped with 2 Enduro-AX Industrial strength guitars, an 8
speaker sound system & over 400 LEDs Guitar Hero Arcade will turn any location into a
concert hall. With a little promotion, operators can increase weekly revenue by turning
any night at their locations into a profitable Guitar Hero Arcade competition night!

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