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Noel Vermillion by Mikadok

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/11/10

BlazBlue for Xbox360 - Noel Vermillion Guide
Version 1.0 by Joshua Vaughn, a.k.a. Mikadok on GameFAQs/GameSpot and  
YouTube and I Kei I on Xbox Live and Shoryuken.com
YouTube page - http://www.youtube.com/user/Mikadok

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Copyright info
= = = = = = = =

Copyright 2010 Joshua Vaughn

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Why'd you make this guide?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

When BlazBlue first dropped, I was drawn to using Litchi Faye-Ling. I 
did everything I could to learn her as well as I could, as well as the 
other characters, but Noel remained beneath my radar until a much later 
point in time, during which I finally began to understand everything 
that she had at her disposal, which I'll do my best to detail in this 

This guide assumes that the general notations for BlazBlue are known to
whomever uses it. If you need clarification on any of them, this will 
try to straighten that out, but if it fails in that regard, feel free 
check into other guides concerning BlazBlue around GameFAQs.

= = = =
= = = =

U = Up
D = Down
F = Forward
B = Back
u/f = up/forward
d/f = down/forward
d/b = down/back
u/b = up/back
qcf = quarter-circle forward, or d, d/f, f
qcb = quarter-circle back, or d, d/b, b
hcf = half-circle forward, or b, d/b, d, d/f, f
hcb = half-circle back, or f, d/f, d, d/b, b
dp = Dragon Punch motion, or f, d, d/f
360 = full circular motion
j. = jumping
s. = standing
c. = crouching
dj. = double jumping
IAD = instant air dash
(A) = Light Attack (X button)
(B) = Medium Attack (Y button)
(C) = Strong Attack (B button)
(D) = Drive Attack (A button)

B+C (RB) = Throw. There are two normal throws for each, done with A+S 
neturally or with the direction opposite your opponent held with a 
press of the button, respectively. For most, if not all, of the 
characters, at least one of the throws in question can be chained at 
some point or another into a special move or Distortion Drive. Each 
character also has an air throw, also performed with B+C when near an 
opponent in midair.

Barrier Defense = A+B while guarding. Barrier defending allows you to 
guard without worry of taking damage while doing so, at the cost of 
some of your barrier meter. While guarding with an active barrier, your 
opponent will be pushed farther away from you than usual when you guard 
their attacks, so it can be useful to keep in mind against rushdown 
happy people. What's interesting is that your Burst is affected by how 
much meter you have remaining in your barrier gauge.

A+B+C+D = Burst. Much like in Guilty Gear, the Burst is used to force 
an attacking opponent away from you. Much unlike Guilty Gear, however, 
Bursting is something you don't want to do recklessly, as you only have 
one per round. Also, bursting in BlazBlue takes away your Barrier Gauge 
for that round permanently, which in turn drops your defense straight 
to hell. On the flipside, however, a positive effect that it has aside 
from providing some much needed distance between you and your opponent 
is that it gives you a brief moment of invulnerability, which can be 
just long enough to weather a burst of offense from your opponent, save 
you from a Distortion Drive, etc. There's another positive effect 
though in that if your Burst is blocked, it can push the Guard Libra in 
your favor. As noted above, the strength of your Burst is tied to your 
Barrier gauge; if it's less than halfway full and red, and your 
opponent guards your Burst, it won't do anything to the Guard Libra 
whatsoever. If it's over halfway full and yellow, it'll push the gauge 
over a decent chunk. Finally, if you happen to have a full Barrier 
gauge and you Burst, and your opponent guards, then regardless of where 
the Guard Libra is, you'll crush your opponent's guard, giving you a 
chance to launch an offensive. If an opponent's guard is crushed in 
midair, they'll be left suspended in place for a moment, allowing you 
to go for an air combo.

RC = Rapid Cancel. Press A+B+C just as any attack either lands or 
is guarded. This will allow you to cancel the animation of a move, 
similar to Roman Canceling from the Guilty Gear series. It will consume 
50% of your Heat gauge, but it is useful to know due to the fact that 
it can save you from taking punishment at the end of an attack that 
would otherwise leave you open to retaliation, or will allow you to 
continue an assault that you have going on with only the slightest, if 
any, break in between actions.

Tech Recover = A, B, or C after being knocked down, as you hit the 
ground, or during a strong aerial knockback. BlazBlue is unique in this 
feature in that you can actually perform a roll recovery after being 
completely grounded, as well as while you're airborne. You can perform 
a neutral recovery by pressing one of the three buttons with no 
direction, a forward recovery by pressing toward your opponent, or a 
backward roll recovery by pressing away from your opponent. It is 
imperative to note that neutral tech recoveries have the most 
invulnerability when you're grounded, and that not all moves allow an 
aerial tech recovery.

+ = Means to press any noted directions and buttons simultaneously, 
such as in f+A
* = Means that a move can be executed in the air as well.

When buttons are noted together without separation, such as in ABC, it 
means to press noted attack buttons simultaneously.

= = = = = = = = =
Other notations
= = = = = = = = =

When explaining combos later in the guide, the number notation normally 
seen in reference to games such as the Guilty Gear and Soul Calibur 
series may be used. For those unfamiliar, here is a small explanation 
that will hopefully clarify it.

The notation in question coincides with the numberpad on your computer 

7 8 9

4 5 6

1 2 3

So in short, 8 would be up, 2 would be down, 4 would be left, and 6 
would be right, with the other numbers representing the diagonal 
directions. In other words, the motion qcf+A would be abbreviated 
through the number system as 236A.

= = = =
= = = =

OTG = Off The Ground. Basically means that a move can pick up or hit a 
knocked down opponent, so long as they don't tech roll.
TK = Tiger Knee
(SC) = Move can be Super Cancelled into a special move or Distortion 
(CH) = Counter Hit
xx = cancel into

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
A few notes about Noel Vermillion
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Noel is a very agile character. She has really good running speed and 
mobility in general, and to make matters better for her, she has a very 
small profile, making catching her a pain for anyone that doesn't 
exactly know how to deal with one that can move about and defend 
relatively well in the process. Also, she fires her guns during some of 
her attacks, and the bursts from her guns can cancel projectile attacks 
(that aren't multihitters, mind you; you need to use a Distortion for 
those) and she covers herself fairly well with some of them to boot. 
Add to this the fact that some of her drive attacks give her enough 
invincibility to push through most anything if timed correctly, and you 
have a character that can be formidable against most anyone she comes 

= = =
= = =

+ Easy to learn, hard to master.
+ Some Drive attacks give her really good invulnerability.
+ Good mobility.
+ Small profile.

= = =
= = =

- Easy to learn, hard to master.
- Points during certain parts of her Chain Revolver strings where she's 
wide open.
- Best (and only "true") anti-air attack can only be done during Chain 
- Despite obvious advantages, Distortions can be difficult to hit 
outside of combos, causing damage scaling to ruin their overall damage 

Normal Throws

B+C or 4+B+C (Throw) = In each of these throws, Noel steps onto the 
enemy, stunning them before proceeding to knock them down by either 
giving them a knee to the face, or by flipping up and stomping on them. 
Regardless of which throw you do, this is important to know because 
both of Noel's throws can be cancelled into special moves or even 
Distortion Drives after the initial hit connects.

B+C in midair = Noel uses her legs to flip the enemy and send them 
straight down onto the ground. If this is done low enough to the 
ground, you can then follow up before the opponent can recover.

Command Moves

6A: A solid roundhouse that sends the opponent flying. Like the 6P 
attacks in the Guilty Gear games, Noel's 6A gives her a measure of 
upper body invulnerability when she uses it, making this move ideal to 
catch people that air dash in recklessly. You can follow this up in a 
variety of ways, depending on whether or not you hit it on counter hit, 
thought hat will be explained later on. Regardless of whether or not 
you do, you can follow up with an air combo upon landing it.

6B: Noel turns and brings her gun down hard on the opponent's head. 
This is her normal overhead attack. It can be chained into from a few 
different normals, or from her 6A. This is her best combo starter as 
well, since it puts your opponent into a crouch stun automatically when 
it hits and can be cgained into other command moves directly afterward 
to start a combo. It also allows you to chain into other attacks that 
make it harder for your opponent to retaliate in general. As such, it 
should be kept in mind.

6C: Noel twirls her guns, then fires a shot towards the air. Good for 
stopping people from airdashing in with proper timing, and the first 
hit where she twirls her guns can be cancelled into special moves or 
her throw, which is key for performing some of her lengthier combos.

3C: Noel slides forward, shooting her gun at floor level as she stops. 
You can combo into this, and it's crucial for her 22C loop (which will 
be explained further down). Just as importantly, this makes Noel's 
already small profile even smaller. As an example, if Ragna does a 
Hell's Fang, she can use this to slide under his fist and land it 
without trading. She can also pass beneath some characters' low A 
attacks and projectiles.

- - - - - -

= = = = = =

5A (or s.A): A quick elbow. This is her best poke by far, despite not 
having much range to it. It can beat out most any other pokes most 
characters can throw out and keeps Noel within range to throw her 
opponent after landing it, if she so chooses to.

5B (or s.B): A spinning strike with gun in hand. This has more wind up 
than her 5A and less priority. You'd be better off sticking to her 5A 
in this case.

5C (or s.C): Noel leans forward and fires each gun, one in front and 
the other behind her. Both of these shots can hit an opponent and can 
disperse projectiles in the process, but it has about as much wind up 
as her 5B and can't be followed up on without landing it on counter hit 
unless you rapid cancel or use a Distortion Drive.

2A (or c.A): A poke with her gun at a low height. This isn't as fast as 
her 5A, despite being a weak strike as well. It also doesn't have as 
much priority. Still, it has its uses, what with you being able to use 
it to OTG some opponents. All the same, you're better off using...

2B (or c.B): ...this quick sweep. It gets lower than her 2A, has better 
priority and is about as fast, so it's all around better to use, 
especially since it can OTG any opponent after a knockdown regardless 
of who it is, setting them up for a 6C into launch combo.

2C (or c.C ):  Noel spins in her crouching position, firing her guns in 
a loop around her. It's a quick low strike that hits twice, but you 
can't combo from it unless it's on counter hit or you hit someone 
that's crouching, so if you hit someone with a 6B, you should usually 
follow up with 6C, then go into this from there, which can in turn go 
into a 3C.

j.A: Noel does a quick poke in midair with her gun. Fast to happen and 
it can be done in succession, though that isn't exactly recommended 
since performing air combos with this can be difficult due to the fact 
that it doesn't give much hitstun. Hitting it repeatedly can also cause 
damage scaling to take away from the damage possible in your air combo 
in total, as well as making it extremely easy for your opponent to tech 

j.B: Noel swipes at her foe with her gun. A better move than her j.A, 
it comes out about as quickly and has better priority, despite having 
more recovery time normally. If it either hits or is guarded, you can 
either jump cancel or go into her j.C from there.

j.C: Noel fires her guns in a curving swath in front of her. Like her 
grounded attacks where she fires her guns, these shots are capable of 
getting rid of single hit projectiles. This can't be jump cancelled, 
but it can go into her j.B, which can be, so this is a valid move to 
use to end your normal string during an air combo before ending it with 
a Revolver Blast or Bullet Rain, provided your opponent isn't too high 
in the air.

- - - - - - - -

Noel's Chain Revolver
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chain Revolver: 5D, 4D, or 6D, then A, B, C, or D in succession

This gets a section all its own for a reason, that being because of the 
fact that Noel's Chain Revolver differs in steps depending on which 
button is pressed when. They differ not only in priority, but in the 
fact that some of the steps of her Chain Revolver give her absolutely 
nutty invulnerability frames, allowing her to push through most attacks 
from her opponent, even some Distortions.

I'll do my best to explain how her strikes during her Chain Revolver 
work for her.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chain Revolver starters
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

5D: Begins Noel's Chain Revolver with a straightforward step-in shot 
from her gun. It's her quickest starter and gives her just enough 
invulnerability to pass through quick strikes or fast moving 
projectiles with proper timing. It will stun your opponent if it hits, 
making it easier to follow up with other steps in the Chain Revolver. 
One notable thing about this is that you can utilize it to get through 
certain strikes that most other characters are known for, like Ragna's 
5B, Taokaka's 5C, the beginning attack to Ragna's Hell's Fang, etc, so 
if you see any of these coming, and you can time it properly, you can 
push through to hit with this to go for a combo.

j.D: Noel flips upside down, firing a blast from her guns. This can 
give her a little extra heght, as well as delay her descent to the 
ground if she's high in the air. She can follow up with anything else 
pertaining to the Chain Revolver once she touches ground as well, so if 
your opponent isn't quick enough to catch you before you touch the 
ground, you can continue your assault or use an ender when you touch 

4D: Noel begins with a backstep followed by a shot that hits the ground 
and ricochets up to cover a decent enough vertical distance to halt  an 
airborne advance from someone who has air dashed in without super 
jumping beforehand, or, to be more precise, it about covers enough 
height to stop at Ragna's head level. Despite the step back naturally 
making this an evasive move, it has an impressive amount of 
invincibility to it, as you can push through some Distortions unscathed 
by doing it if you're cornered.

6D: Noel slides forward, quickly lowering herself to deliver a hard 
sweep. This one's a favorite of mine, despite the wind up, as two of 
the finishers to the Chain Revolver can hit after this with no problem, 
one of which can be followed up easily enough (or any of the three can 
connect if this lands on counter hit), or it can be followed up by 
other steps in the Chain Revolver loop, or even her Fenrir Distortion 
if you like.

2D: This seems to be a favorite among new Noel players, and with good 
reason. This is Noel's other overhead. While it isn't as quick as her 
standard one, it can be done either in the middle of her Chain Revolver 
or as the starter for it. The suddenness with which she leaves the 
ground and comes down firing tends to catch most people off guard. 
Don't overuse it, however, as it yields no invulnerability bonus, and 
worse off, you leave yourself wide open if you become predictable with 
it, as most people can hit her quickly enough to catch her before the 
actual attack takes place.

**Each of these with the exception of j.D can also be used in place of 
other steps in the Chain Revolver. Any that have invulnerability retain 
it in this case.**

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chain Revolver steps/attacks
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Like her normals, the moves Noel does during her Chain Revolver differ 
depending on the strength of the button pressed. None of these have any 
invulnerability to them but most have decent speed, priority, or both. 
Finally, you can follow with three of these after any of the above 
listed starters before needing to do an ender unless you cancel into an 
ender or special move at an earlier step.

5A or 6A after starter: I lumped these two together because both of 
them are about the same, both in effect and in speed. Noel steps 
forward and fires a quick shot from her guns. This is her quickest 
follow up after a 5D amd 5A and 6A can be alternated to combo up to 
three more hits. You can go into other Chain Revolver steps from here, 
but it's more difficult to combo into enders unless you're close, in 
which case a Bloom Trigger or Spring Raid should hit.

5B after starter: Noel kicks, extending her leg as far forward as she 
can, firing a shot fromher gun at the same time. Thisgets two hits as a 
result and it'll push the opponent back.  Much like the 5A and 6A, 
there isn't much in the way of hitstun after hitting an opponent with 
this, and because it pushes the opponent farther away, you can't hit 
any of her other enders after this, so unless you're close enough to 
hit a Spring Raid, it'll be difficult to follow up unless you RC. If it 
hits an airborne opponent, it'll send them a good distance away from 

6B after starter: A heel kick that comes down on the opponent hard. 
This is her third overhead. This leaves your opponent in more hitstun 
than any of her previous Chain Revolver steps, even moreso if it hits 
as an overhead, and since it brings her closer to her opponent, it's 
easier to follow up with other steps or an ender. If this hits an 
airborne opponent, it causes them to bounce, opening up more combo 

5C after starter: Noel turns and leans in hard as she fires a straight 
shot forward. If it hits a standing opponent, it puts them in a crumple 
stun, though not as long as her 5D does. If it hits an airborne 
opponent, it's harder to recover from than her 5A or 6A, allowing her 
to follow up with a 6B, after which you can follow with another of 
these before hitting an ender. Of course, being a Strong attack 
variant, this is harder to combo with on a standing opponent. These, 
however, add a decent chunk to your opponent's side of the Guard Libra 

6C after starter:  Noel tosses her gun forth, somehow making it return 
to her like a boomerang. While the gun is out and spinning, it can stop 
projectiles; even some multihitters. It goes without saying that this 
is a multihitting move itself, and it pulls them nearer to her, whether 
it gets guarded or not. If you hit a 5D, this should be your usual 
follow up, as it can be followed by a 214A, which can lead to more 
mayhem. If it's guarded and you can still continue into other steps, 
that'd be your best bet. This pushes the Libra gauge towards your 
opponent's side a good bit as well.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chain Revolver enders
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

These can be done either directly after a 5D or after any of the Chain 
Revolver steps afterward.

Type II - Bloom Trigger: 236+D (or qcf+D)

Noel thrusts her gun forward, firing a shot from her gun. This move 
gets two hits--once when she thrusts the gun forward, and again when 
she fires--and each of them have surprising range to them. The first 
impact point has good priority, being able to stop moves like the first 
part of Ragna's Hell's Fang or Jin's Musou Senshouzan (or the "Ice 
Car", if you will). This is a good ender to use if you're wanting to 
gain ground against an opponent.

Type III - Spring Raid: 2, 8+D (or d, u+D)

Noel pulls off the classic Flash Kick with this one, though hers has 
*amazing* vertical reach to it. Much like the move in reference, this 
has very good startup invulnerability, enough to push through special 
moves and Distortions. Really, the only drawback to this attack is that 
it has to be done during a Chain Revolver string, unless you use the 
"shortcut" method, which is to do a midair 5D *just* before touching 
the ground, then immediately inputting 2, 8+D. If this connects, be it 
on counter hit or not, you can follow up with a juggle into an air 
combo. This will usually be your ender when you have an opponent 
cornered so that you can go into her 6C loop from there.

Type V - Assault Through: 214+D (qcb+D)

Noel passes by the enemy quickly, then immediately rams them with a 
hard shoulder, sending them sliding across the ground. Due to the 
nature of the move, what with her having to pass by the enemy before 
attacking, there are very few instances where this can actually combo 
from anything else, and such instances are also, as a result, quite 
situational. The speed of the move, however, is good for confusing an 
opponent with a quick cross-up if their defense is on point. As a HUGE 
plus, however, this can get you through quite a few things unharmed, 
including Distortions.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Noel's Special Moves
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Type XI - Optic Barrel: 236+A, B, or C (or qcf+A, B, or C)

Noel fires a shot which manifests in the air as her symbol bearing her 
two pistols, which then blows up, damging the opponent if they're near 
it when it does. The strength of the button pressed determines where 
the shot will be. While the delay before the shot explodes makes it 
hard to utilize, if it is used properly, it can aid in keeping pressure 
on an opponent. Also, if it hits on counter hit, the opponent can't do 
an aerial tech recovery, which means that you can follow up, even from 
across the screen, if you're quick enough.

Type XIII - Revolver Blast: 236+C in midair (or qcf+C)

Noel flips and rotates in midair, firing both her guns as she does so. 
This move hits multiple times and covers her well enough to clash with 
most moves at most any point in the rotation if need be. She rises a 
bit when she does this, so, like her aerial D, it can delay her descent 
as well. Its main use, though, is as an air combo ender.

Type IX - Muzzle Flitter: 214+A (or qcb+A)

Noel flips forward, latching onto her opponent to execute an almost 
luchador-like spinning move about the opponent's head before bouncing 
off of them and landing behind them. This is an inescapable command 
grab that immediately gives you a knock down and can be followed up by 
2B then 6C to go into a combo or the 2,2+C loop. This is easiest to 
land after hitting your opponent with a 5D then 6C, or immediately 
after the first hit in a throw.

Silencer: 2, 2+B or C (or d, d+C) while the opponent is down

Noel fires at her fallen opponent. The B version can be rapid fired, 
but leaves the opponent in a downed state, while the C version pops the 
opponent into the air. You can also go from rapid firing the B version 
into a C version shot by pressing C during a B barrage. Bearing this in 
mind, some rather impressive combos are possible when utilizing this. 
The C version will be the one you'll want to use primarily as you'll 
get the most damage out of combos in that manner.

- - - - - -

**Distortion Drives**

Zero-gun - Fenrir: 236236+D (or qcf, qcf+D)

Noel summons forth a huge gun, firing off a barrage of shots that 
gradually lift in an upward arc in front of her. There are actually two 
parts to this move; if the initial hit where she summons the gun and 
thrusts it forward connects, then after the shots are fired, Noel 
finishes it off by summoning yet another gun and firing a focused shot 
that sends the opponent skyward. This can be the ender to a Chain 
Revolver loop if you so desire, but holding it for emergency situations 
isn't a bad idea, as it has a decent bit of invulnerability to it--
enough to override a few other Distortions, in fact. If this move is 
blocked, but the shots connect, the last sequence won't occur.

Bullet Rain -> Zero-gun - Thor: 236236+D in midair (or qcf, qcf+D in 

Noel unleashes a hail of bullets down onto her opponent before forming 
a Rocket Launcher and firing it at her opponent. Unlike her other 
Distortion, this one will finish regardless of whether or not the 
inital hit connects. Interestingly enough, if this is done while Noel 
is in a state where her double jump is still possible, then she can 
either double jump or air dash after the move, giving her a very good 
escape option. Regardless of whether you choose to use it as such or 
not, bear in mind that after the move, you're completely free to do 
attacks afterward.

Astral Heat - Valkyrie Veil: 2 (charge), then 8+C repeatedly (or d, 
then u+C repeatedly)

This can be a confusing input to some people. To be more precise about 
what the input is asking of you, you have to charge 2, then press 8+C, 
then repeatedly and rapidly press C. This, of course, means that it can 
be a difficult move to input manually. There is, however, a workaround, 
as the input can be done as you hit an opponent with Noel's 6C during a 
Chain Revolver string. After hitting the move where she throws her gun 
forth, this will combo. You must be in the last round of a fight with 
your opponent's health at about 20-25%, and you must have a full Heat 
gauge to pull this off. Yeah, you won't be seeing this one all too 

- - - - - -

= = = = = = = = = =
Noel's 6C cancel
= = = = = = = = = =

Noel's 6C has a unique use when compared to the same move in other 
characters' arsenal. As is the case with other normals and some other 
command moves, this too can be canceled with a throw. Noel's, however, 
is unique because the animation she goes through as she misses the 
throw happens so quickly that you can follow up with ANOTHER 6C or in 
some cases, other moves entirely. This means that if you can catch your 
opponent during a juggle near a corner, for example, you can bounce 
them for a bit with repeated 6C attacks. This follows the pattern of...

6C, B+C, 6C, B+C, 6C, B+C....

...in rapid sucession, thus opening the door for Noel to give her some 
very effective juggles and combos in general.

Some of the combos possible will be explained further below.

= = = = = = = = = = =
Noel's 2,2+C loop
= = = = = = = = = = =

When Noel knocks an opponent down, she can follow up by hitting them 
with her C version Silencer (2,2+C), which will pop them into the air. 
The best time to hit an opponent with this is, as mentioned above, 
after a 3C. However, once you have put your opponent into a knockdown 
state once, it's possible to use the Silencer again, despite them being 
airborne. Keeping this in mind, you can hit an opponent with 3C, follow 
up with 2,2+C, then perform 6C (twice if you can do her 6C cancel 
consistently), then follow up with another 2,2+C to bounce an opponent 
again to set them up for even more damage. Possibilities to follow up 
after this point are numerous if positioning is correct.

- - - - - - - -

= = = = = =
= = = = = = 

This will cover some of the combos Noel is capable of both with and 
without use of the Chain Revolver during them. 

Before all that, though, I'll cover various ways to combo with the 
Chain Revolver without normals and command moves mixed in, so if you 
get an opportunity to strike using said strings, you don't miss it.

Chain Revolver strings
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

5D, 6A, 6A, 6A, 236+D or 2, 8+D - The ender to this one in particular 
depends entirely on how close you are to your opponent and how much 
distance, if any, you want to put between yourself and them. The Bloom 
Trigger will blow them back, while the Spring Raid will knock them up 
and give you more juggle opportunity.

6D, 6B, 5C, 6B, 5C, 236+D or 2, 8+D - This one is a timing based combo. 
If you proceed through it too hastily as you bounce your opponent, you 
might miss subsequent attacks.

5D, 6C, 214A - This combo is a noteworthy one due to the fact that it's 
more or less the only way Noel has to combo into her command grab. 
Keeping it in mind, however, you can use this, then pick your opponent 
up for more punishment after recovering from the grab.

Combos without the Chain Revolver
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

6B, 3C, 2,2+C - From this point, you can pursue for an air combo if you 
wish, or you can stretch it out a number of ways, such as...

6B, 3C, 2,2+C, dash forward just a bit, then 6C xx B+C, 6C - ...this 
one. From this point, much like the ender of the first one, you can 
follow up for more damage, but since you landed more hits, the number 
of ways you can add on is shortened since the opponent can recover more 
quickly. This doesn't mean, however, that Noel's combos are short. 
Quite the contrary, as the following combo....

6B, 6C, 2C, 3C, 2,2+C, dash forward then 6C xx B+C, 6C, j.B, dj.B, j.C 
xx Revolver Blast - ...happens to be a favorite of mine. This one in 
particular takes some timing to execute, and is harder to do on some 
characters than others due to size issues, but it does pretty good 
damage overall.

- - - - - -

Combos with the Chain Revolver
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

These sorts of combos are usually just variations on her standard ones, 
like the ones listed above, except that at certain points, you can do 
certain Chain Revolver strings and combo with them.

6B, 6C, 2C, 3C, 2,2+C, dash forward then 6C xx 5D, 6B, 236+D or 2,8+D - 
Seeing a trend with the Chain Revolver enders? You don't usually want 
to end with an Assault Through. That being said, you can actually 
stretch this one out much longer if you make it to the second 6C, as 
the next one shows.

6B, 3C, 2,2+C, dash forward then 6C xx 2,2+C, 6C xx 5D, 6B, 5C, 6B, 5C, 
236+D or 2,8+D - An odd amalgamation of two of the above combos, this 
one is actually valid, though it's quite stringent on timing, as you 
have to be careful as far as how high the opponent is when you hit the 
second 6C. Too high, and they can recover as you do your 5B. Too low 
and they can touch ground and recover.

= = = = = =

= = = = = = = = =
Unlimited Noel
= = = = = = = = =

With the newest patch to BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger comes new 
downloadable content, and part of that content comes in the form of 
Unlimited versions of everyone else on the roster that didn't get one 

A question that I'm sure springs to many Noel players' minds off the 
bat is "Can Unlimited Noel beat Unlimited Ragna/Rachel soundly?" With 
everything that she's been given, I'd say that the answer is a 
resounding yes, if she's utilized properly.

I'll do my best in this section to note the changes that Unlimited Noel 
has that diffrentiates her from her normal self.

+ Movement speed is GREATLY increased.
+ Triple jump.
+ Double air dash.
+ Optic Barrel can be fired three consecutive times by pressing either 
A, B, or C two more times after starting the move. Distance can be 
changed as well between shots by pressing the appropriate button.
+ Noel now has eight steps to her Chain Revolver after the starter 
before she has to do a finisher.
+  D Chain Revolver steps can be cancelled in mid-attack by other 
steps. (Example: You can do 2D, then do her midair 5D during the jump.)
+ Chain Revolver steps can be repeated in succession now.
+ Leap distance on 214A has been increased.
+ When doing the Spring Raid, it can be repeated two more times by 
pressing 2,8+D as you land each time.
+ Revolver Blast can be jump cancelled.
+ When you land the initial hit of Zero-gun: Fenrir and the finishing 
shot is done, Noel fires three concentrated blasts instead of one.
+ When you execute Bullet Rain -> Zero-gun: Thor, a volley of rocket 
launcher shots are fired instead of bullets. In my opinion, this makes 
it worse, because the missiles are slower, but it'd be fun to catch 
someone by surprise with it. =P

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Summary/General playstyle
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

To play Noel effectively, you have to be able to put some heavy 
pressure on your opponent while keeping them mixed up as best you can. 
In the process, make use of the invincibility that Noel gains in some 
of her D drives if you know what your opponent is going to do and you 
know you can use said attacks to capitalize on their actions as such.

Try your best to use her small frame to your advantage as well, keeping 
mind her 3C, which will allow her to get beneath quite a few attacks 
while still sticking one out of her own. Just don't get too predictable 
with it.

On that note, don't go blindly spmming her Drive attacks like mad 
hoping that the points of invulnerability in the few D attacks that 
have them will save you forever, as the opponent will simply read you, 
then nail you when you're open if you aren't careful.

Keep her moving as much as you can and don't let up if you can help it 
while giving out the best high/low mixup game you possibly can and you 
should do fine.

= = = = = =

I hope that my guide is helpful. I never claimed to be the authority on 
Noel, but I like to think that I'm fairly efficient with her, 

= = = = = = = = =
Special Thanks
= = = = = = = = =

- To my mom, for constantly putting up with my BS.

- To my brother for getting me this game, and for giving me so many 
heated matches, and the same goes for anyone else...and you know who 
you are. =P

- To all my other friends, for being my encouragement to do this.

- To Arc System Works, for making BlazBlue. Definitely looking forward 
to Continuum Shift. =)

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