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Haku-Men by Dycro

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/17/09


            BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Haku-Men Character Guide

                           Copyright Alex Labins
                           Gamertag: "Ctrlaltwtf"




[A_00]...Guide Description

	[A_04]...Input Notation
        [A_05]...Update History

[0_00]...Character Description



[2_00]...Basic Moves


[3_00]...Special Moves

	[3_01]...Advanced Uses
	[3_02]...21478 Moves

[4_00]...Zanshin [God Slash]

[5_00]...Distortion Drives

	[5_01]...Kokuujin: Shippu [Judgement: Squall]
	[5_02]...Kokuujin: Yukikaze [Judgement: Snowstorm/Blizzard]
		[5_02_01]...Perfect Yukikaze
	[5_03]...Kokuujin Ougi: Mugen [Heavenly Judgement: Infinity]

[6_00]...Combos - Linking Instructions

	[6_01]...Ground Combos
	[6_02]...Air Combos
	[6_03]...Grip Combos
	[6_04]...Wall Combos
	[6_05]...Rapid Cancels
	[6_06]...Infinity Combos

[7_00]...Astral Heat: Kokuujin Ougi: Akumetsu [Heavenly Judgement: Perish Evil]

	[7_02]...Ideal Situations



  [A_00] Guide Description


Hello and welcome, I am Alex and this is my first GameFAQs guide. This guide 
is for people who want to learn to play "Haku-Men" in AKSYS Games newest 
addition (at time of writing), BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. You'll find your way
around this guide using the Find function like other guides. When you search in
Find, you should type the opening and ending brackets [ ] as well, I use the 
numerals as a referral device sometimes so if you just search for "9_02" you 
might find my referral, instead of the actual section. So search with "[9_02]",
not just "9_02".

The instructions in this guide assume that all players involved have already 
mastered their characters. If I tell you watch out for a certain character's
move, it's because I'm talking from experience fighting experts, and I expect
all enemies to be able to pull them off easily.

There is no commandant that says "Thou Shalt Always Obey This Guide." Guides
are intended to give *GOOD* advice on how to play a character. The choice is
ultimately up to you, the player. Don't be afraid to try different combinations
of tactics other than the ones in this guide.

This guide is very comprehensive, if I say I'm going to show you how to get off
a certain move, I'm going to show you a LOT of ways to do it.


  [A_01] Legal

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

This guide is in no-way intended to be used for profit or commercial use. This
guide may in no way be copied onto sites other than GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and

This guide is open for suggestion, but all edits and decisions are ultimately
decided by me, the writer. 

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Haku-Men, and all other characters, images,
backgrounds, and gameplay elements are copyrighted Aksys Games and ARC SYSTEM
WORKS Co. Ltd.


  [A_02] Glossary


There are a lot of things to talk about in this game, and I'm going to use a
lot of terms I made up myself, so I've included this Glossary to let you know
what I mean. If you ever find a word I use and think "Huh?" simply refer here
to see what I meant. This Glossary also includes some common BlazBlue terms.
|  WORD                 MEANING                                               \
  Counter               Hitting an enemy while they were trying to hit 
                        you/perform another action, this will make them freeze
                        longer, allowing combos not previously possible.

  Weak Hit              A hit performed by a relatively wimpy attack, these 
                        hardly freeze the enemy at all. The easiest example is
                        to simply hit someone with 5A. Observe the graphic.

  Heavy Hit             A hit performed by a stronger attack, these freeze the
                        enemy even when they're not counters. Most 5B and 5C
                        moves count as a heavy hit. Notice the difference in 
                        graphic and sound between Weak and Heavy.

  Delay                 Pretty self-explanatory, but I'll still spell it out. 
                        Delay is any pausing during a combo, rather than 
                        performing all your moves as soon as possible. Delay is
                        something that must be mastered to use Haku-Men's truly
                        powerful combos.

  #Zanshin              Zanshin is Haku-Men's Drive, and it does nothing by 
                        itself. It is the only true "Counter" move in this game
                        Bang's Burning Heart is really an attack with 
                        countering properties. Zanshin is just a Counter move,
                        it does not attack if it doesn't counter anything. The
                        numeral that precedes it is which direction I'm telling
                        you to use it with. An entire section of this guide is
                        dedicated to using Zanshin.

  Follow-Up             I use this to mean that there are multiple options 
                        after a certain move. So if I say 6A, follow-up. That 
                        means there's far too many options to list that you 
                        could do after 6A.

  Immunity              This means that a move has complete invulnerability to
                        the indicated direction, the enemy's attack will be 
                        completely ignored.

  Evasion               This means that a move has evasive properties against 
                        the indicated direction, it does NOT however, provide 
                        immunity. I abbreviate it with "Eva" usually, such as 
                        "LowEva" or "HighEva"

  Full Hold             I use this term to indicate that you should hold the 
                        button down for as long as the game lets you.

  Unblockable           Pretty straightforward, the attack can't be blocked. 
                        You block it, it still hits you, kapeesh?

  Unstoppable           This means that an attack cannot be interrupted until 
                        it goes off. This does NOT mean unblockable. Ragna's
                        AH is a prime example.

  Warm Up               This means the time it takes between when a move is 
                        started, and when it actually hits.

  Super Jump            Performed by pushing 2 before a jump. i.e. 27, 28, and
                        29. The super jump jumps far higher than a normal jump
                        and manipulates many combos.


  [A_03] Suggestions/Advice


This is my first guide, so I am very open to suggestions and improvements. I
thoroughly test every strategy and combo I suggest but there's no guarantee I
may have missed something.

Those wishing to make suggestions on improving the guide, such as new
strategies or typo/formatting errors should send their e-mails to
rated_d_for_dumb@yahoo.com with the subject line "[guide] Improvement", in
this case that would mean "BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Haku-Men Character
Guide Improvement"


  [A_04] Input Notation


The way I input things is something that I learned first from Soulcalibur IV.

I prefer this method because it outlines the exact directions that need to be

The numbers I will use to represent directions are in relation the numbers on
your numpad on your keyboard. (Unless you're on a tiny laptop of course, in
which case I suggest you google a picture of a numpad..)

A numpad is laid out like so:

7  8  9

4  5  6

1  2  3

So, for all direction inputs I give:

  8 is up
  2 is down
  6 is right
  4 is left
  5 is neutral
  9 is up-right
  7 is up-left
  1 is down-left
  3 is down-right

So for a basic example, doing a quarter-circle backwards then pushing the C
button would be "214C"

I use this method because there are some inputs that aren't included in the
more standard abbreviated method "qcb" "qcf" etc.

For instance, 21478 moves (3_02) are ways I use Tsubaki/Hotaru instantly from
the ground. 

As always in fighting game notation, the input assumes the character is on the
left side of the screen.


  [A_05] Update History

May 30th, 2010  - v1.5
  -Added Haku-men's life total to character description.
  -More Ground Combos and Grip combos.
  -Added 2C to the basic move chart, can't believe I completely forgot it.
  -Additional information about Renka.

January 31st, 2010  - v1.4
  -Changed "9-Tailed Fox" to "9-Tailed Wolf." Look at Haku-men's Coat-of-Arms,
   you'll see what I mean.
  -Typos/phrase fixes.

November 18th, 2009 - v1.3
  -Added "Sticky Fingers" to the Grip Combos section. 9116 damage, 4 magatama.

November 16th, 2009 - v1.2
  -More typo fixing.
  -Fixed some "walls of text"
  -Added a few more lines to some moves' descriptions.
  -Reduced some of my OVERZEALOUS emphasization because I only now realized how
   ANNOYING it could BE.
  -Fixed the description for Kishuu, as it does not provide exactly 100%
   projectile immunity.
  -Added a guide describing how I notate input directions in reponse to
   numerous emails. It's A_04 now.

October 30th, 2009 - v1.1
  -Added High Evasion to 6C, 2A, and 2B.
  -*IMPROVED* Barrier Burster, has less hits, more damage, and is slightly 
    easier. (6_06)
  -Changed a few combos to include 21478 moves.
  -Fixed a few typos.
  -Added "21478 Moves" (3_02)

October 4th, 2009  - v1.0
  -Guide up.


  [0_00] Character Description

#Non-Spoiler#: Haku-Men is an incredibly powerful cyborg with wolf-like
characteristics, mainly his claws, "tail" (his hair), and the ear-like features
on his mask. He has a strong sense of justice and mercilessly puts down anyone
who enters his forbidden domain. When left idle during a match, Haku-Men lets
out an eery vacuum-like noise (granted he's not fighting Ragna). We can only
assume this is his version of "breathing".

Haku-Men has 12,000 life, 2,000 above the "average" life total and 500 below
the highest life total in the game, Tager's.

This is my own uneducated guess about what his name means:

  "Haku" can mean to affix a weapon to oneself, to arm oneself or something 
  (i.e. stringing a bow).

  "Men" can refer to a mask, a face-guard etc.

  I believe the two combined are supposed to suggest "An armed masked one."

  So, for example "Masked Swordsman". 

Haku-Men goes into battle with incredibly powerful attacks and ferocious
special attacks that consume "Magatama" from his heat gauge to use.

His voice actor is (opinions incoming..) awesome in Japanese and really
terrible in English.

#Spoiler description at the bottom of this Guide.#


  [1_00] Advantages/Disadvantages


Haku-Men is an extreme character, he is not all-around in the slightest. Below
are the most notable advantages and disadvantages he has over other characters.


  [1_01] Advantages/Disadvantages - Advantages


Power. His damage output is through the roof, there's even an achievement for
finishing a 10,000+ damage combo without using his Astral Heat (in case you are
wondering, most characters have around 9.5k~ life.) His C attacks have
incredible stopping power and range, and a single 6C does 1640 damage, 1940 if

That's more damage than some characters do in an entire combo. Tager is the
second runner-up but his damage comes from painful combos and crazy powerful
throws. Haku-Men can do massive amounts of pain in just *one* swing.

Haku-Men has an excellent jump and air-dash, and will prove to be your main
method of movement. However be advised that relying on jumps too much makes him
very vulnerable to anti-air attacks.

Hakum-men's C attacks are his trademark bread-and-butter. They all usually have
very long range and massive damage output. Almost all of your C attacks can be
used to start a combo on someone on/off counter. Counter is still preferable.

This is where Haku-Men's uniqueness starts, and this is his style of play:

ALMOST** all of Haku-Men's moves can be interrupted by his Special Moves, and
all Special Moves can be interrupted by other Special Moves once per combo.

Remember that all Special Moves consume Magatama.

**THE EXCEPTION to this is 6C and 3C. 6C does not allow any special move to
interrupt it EXCEPT Distortion Drives. Astral Heat is NOT allowed.

3C does not allow anything at all.


  [1_02] Advantages/Disadvantages - Disadvantages


Haku-Men pays dearly for this immense power with also being very punishable.
Pretty much every single move he has besides 5A, 2A, 5B, and 6B are punishable.
Haku-Men is not a character for people who always want a sure-fire method for
defeating the enemy, his slow moves simply do not allow for one strategy alone.
You must adapt to whatever enemy you're fighting.

Haku-Men has the worst ground mobility in the game. Most people would argue 
that Tager takes that (dis)award, but I'm putting Haku-Men higher on the list
for one very specific reason:

Haku-Men's backstep does NOT grant invulnerability, unlike other characters in
the game and especially unlike Tager, who has the best backstep.

Many people accuse Haku-Men of "C spamming", and while I can easily see where
they get this impression, it's mainly poor sportsmanship in response to
Haku-Men using his range to his advantage. Put bluntly, Haku-Men frequently
uses C instead because his A or B moves simply can't cut it in the given
situation. In exchange for excellent C moves, his A and B Moves are very
situational and not suited for general combat.

**REMEMBER**: Haku-Men's C moves are one of the(the most?) punishable moves in
this entire game.


  [2_00] Basic Moves


|.|  Term  |.| Meaning                                                       |
| MID          Mid-hit, blockable by either stance.                          |
| LOW          Low-hit, blockable only when crouching.                       |
| HIGH         High-hit, blockable only when standing.                       |
| All          Usually vertical attacks, blocked in either stance. Cannot be |
|              avoided by evasion.                                           |
|                                                                            |
| MIDL         Mid-low hit, blockable in either stance but can be avoided by |
|              low-evasive moves.                                            |
|                                                                            |
| MIDH         Mid-high hit, blockable in either stance but can be avoided   |
|              by crouching.                                                 |
|                                                                            |
| LEva         Has low evasion.                                              |
|                                                                            |
| HEva         Has high evasion.                                             |
|                                                                            |
| LHEva        Has both high and low evasion.                                |

|.|  POSITION  |.|  INPUT  |.|  HIT  |.|  DMG   |.|  IMMUNE?  |.|    SPEED   |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   5_A   |.|  MIDH |.|  180   |.|   NONE    |.|  Fast      |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   2_A   |.|  MIDL |.|  160   |.|   NONE    |.|  Fast      |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   6_A   |.|  ALL  |.|  620   |.|   HIGH    |.|  Medium    |
|.|   MIDAIR   |.|    A    |.|  HIGH |.|  220   |.|   NONE    |.|  Fast      |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   5_B   |.|  MIDH |.|  620   |.|   LHEva   |.|  Fast      |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   6_B   |.|  LOW  |.|  930   |.|   LOW     |.|  Medium    |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   2_B   |.|  LOW  |.|  600   |.|   HEva    |.|  Fast      |
|.|   MIDAIR   |.|    B    |.|  HIGH |.|  590   |.|   HEva    |.|  Fast      |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   5_C   |.|  All  |.|  1110  |.|   NONE    |.|  Medium    |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   2_C   |.|  All  |.|  1030  |.|   None    |.|  Medium    |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   6_C   |.|  All  |.|  1640  |.|   HEva    |.|  Slow      |
|.|   GROUND   |.|  6_[C]  |.|  All  |.|  1940  |.|   HEva    |.|  Very Slow |
|.|   GROUND   |.|   3_C   |.|  Low  |.|  1200  |.|   HEva    |.|  Fast      |
|.|   MIDAIR   |.|   5_C*  |.|  HIGH |.|  1070  |.|   None    |.|  Fast      |
|.|   MIDAIR   |.|   2_C   |.|  HIGH |.|  980   |.|   None    |.|  Fast      |
* Midair 5_C is really any direction besides 2.


  [2_01] Basic Moves - Descriptions


A moves being the most common moves in the game, I will take the opportunity to
explain the unique way that Haku-Men's A attacks work. For most other
characters, mashing A as fast as you can will make them attack as fast as you
can. With Haku-Men, this is not the case. All his A moves are more effective if
you precisely push A at the right moment. This can easily make the difference
between a combo starter and an embarassing failure. A good way to see this in
action is to make sure the training dummy is set to escape everything as fast
as possible in training, force counter hits, then do 3C 6A 6A. If you are
spamming, there's a very high chance it won't combo. Precisely timing it
however, will produce a combo (This is a very extreme example, don't worry, his
normal A moves aren't nearly this difficult). Mastering the timing to all his A
moves is key to starting combos.


5A       - This is your straight-forward slapper. Very fast but people who are 
**         crouching won't be hit by it and can punish you if they have good 
           reflexes or you accidentally use it too many times.

6A       - Anti-air, hands down. Large high-immunity and has a huge stun on 
****       hit. If you manage to get this off on the ground, you better not 
           waste the combo opportunity. Oddly enough, this attack also hits 
           anyone crouching and it even hits people who are downed. And it 
           re-launches downed people. Can begin almost any combo with or 
           without counter due to stun.

2A       - This move is a tiny bit faster than 5A, and combos on itself easier.
****       More importantly, it cannot be avoided by crouching, It is not, 
           however, a "low" move. This is one of the best moves to use on 
           landing to prevent people punishing you, use it immediately when you
           touch the ground and there's a good chance you'll score a counter or
           at least force them to block, preventing punish.

           Also has a bit of high evasion.

Midair A - Standard super-quick midair poke. Not useful for much as Haku-Men 
**         except stopping pesky midair spam. You can use Hotaru or Tsubaki off
           of it, however they will be scaled.

5B       - A very quick kick to the head-area. This move is very unique in that
***        it has both High Evasion AND Low Evasion, more so Low. A perfectly
           timed 5B can stop a midair assailant in his tracks, as well dodge
           most low hits. However, as it hits MidHigh, crouching enemies will
           dodge it. Most low hits also make the enemy crouch, so if you dodge
           a low hit with this move, there's a good chance you WON'T score a 
           counter. Block or use 2A to prevent punish if you dodge a low with
           this and miss.

6B       - A move so epic it even has a T-Shirt made in its honor 
********   (http://www.aksysgames.com/wp-content/gallery/merch/bb_6b_shirt.jpg)
           And yes, I do happily own that T-Shirt. Anyways, this move is 
           extremely Low-Immune. The immunity covers everything the game has to
           offer in the form of low attacks and on top of that you will always
           score a combo off of it. Counter or not. The way Haku-Men will yell
           "OSOI!!" ("SLOW!!") and stomp on their head is extremely satisfying
           too. (Again, see the T-shirt).

2B       - This is a good little low poke that combos on counter hits. You are
***        high-evasive during this attack. The real thing worthy of not is 
           that this move is not punishable, something very rare for Haku-Men.
           It's a little slow to actually hit though. This relaunches downed 

           Haku-Men ducks very low during this, very high evasive.

Midair B - A surprisingly good kick in midair. I've used this frequently 
****       instead of Midair A to take priority against fast air spammers. 
           This move can be used on itself twice in midair via jumps. (Jump B 
           Jump B) It also opens up an air combo off of Kishuu Enma. I also
           believe this move has some High-Evasion, something VERY rare for a
           midair attack. This means that if an enemy uses a hit on you from 
           the ground, you can avoid it and hit them instead with this move on
           landing. I believe this is because the attack's hit box comes before
           YOUR hit box. (Very similar to Ragna's "Hell's Fang") Don't think 
           that means it will do squat against High-Immune moves though. That's
           not its job.

5C       - A standard slash downward vertically. This is the standard variation
****       of Haku-Men's infamous C moves. It boasts 1110 damage and has great 
           anti-air properties as well. On counter this move starts just about
           any combo you have. This move shoves enemies into the ground when 
           you intercept someone in midair with it, making them downed but 
           unable to recover for a split second, allowing combos.

2C       - This is the exact opposite of 5C, this one slashes upward vertically
****       The focus is more on anti-air this time instead of anti-ground. A
           job that this move performs excellently. A lot of Air Combos come
           out of this move, and will be discussed more in-depth in the Combos
           section. This move seems to be a tiny bit faster then neutral C, as
           well, but with less damage.

           Relaunches downed enemies.

6C       - This move is what symbolizes Haku-Men in every way. Very slow, but
*****      so absurdly powerful. Just one of these will do 1640 damage, and it
           can be held down to do 1740-1940 damage, depending on how long you
           hold it, this increases its delay. This is very frequently your
           last-hitter that end a ground combo on for a nice chunk of damage.
           It is also a very good long-range deterrent and can be very 
           irritating if spammed at range. Keep in mind that enemies that have
           quick ground approach (i.e. Hell's Fang) can punish this move so
           easily it's almost not funny.

           Despite the fact that it does not allow special moves to interrupt
           it apart from Distortion (that excludes Astral Heat!), this move
           actually combos on counter only, with Gurren right after it.

           Something else worth mention is that if you immediately do this
           after you do it once, some people will try to jump out of the way,
           and get hit again. The damage adds up amazingly fast.

           This move has high evasion only after he enters the final stage of
           his swing. During the beginning he has no evasion.

3C       - For a C move, this move is amazingly fast. It swipes low very
****       quickly and combos on counter hits. The combos can be difficult
           however, more in-depth in the Combos section. If you don't feel
           like being risky, simply use this move twice on counter hit. All
           people aspiring to play as Haku-Men must know that this move does
           not allow ANYTHING to interrupt it! It doesn't even allow Astral

Midair C - Probably the most infamous move in Haku-Men's arsenal, Midair C
****       takes priority over most of the other midair moves out there and
           has great range. Timing is everything, make sure to use it quick
           enough that you will use its range to your advantage, but not so
           quick that the hit box disappears. This move is punishable if you
           miss, so make sure to time it right. High-immune moves will ignore
           it, so know your opponent. Also, 2C is a different move, be aware.

           I do not believe you are allowed to act after using this in midair
           if you miss, similar to 5Zanshin. You can only jump/combo if you
           land a hit on your opponent. This may really be due to the fact
           that it is incredibly slow to return to the idle though.

Midair 2C- This is what I like to call "The Pogo-stick". Haku-Men will smack
****       his opponent squarely in the face and send them flying away from him
           He also bounces off them backwards and upwards a little bit when he
           does this. Midair 2C is used for his air combo, but better used for
           his crazy wall-rape combo. I explain it in more detail in the Combos
           section, but all you really need to know is that he can get this
           move off five times when wall-raping. Boing! Boing!


  [3_00] Special Moves


Unlike all other characters, Haku-Men's special moves are very unique. Every
single special move can interrupt almost anything he does, and they can even
interrupt each other.

However, each special move may only be used once per combo. They are very few
special exceptions to this rule, mostly dealing with Kokuujin: Shippu and
Kishuu Enma. To start you off though, just assume you can only use each move

All Special Moves require Magatama, Haku-Men's equivalent of Heat. Unlike
everyone else though (you'll hear that phrase a lot) Haku-Men's "heat" always
gradually charges over time.

Comboing with Haku-Men is borderline impossible without using Special Moves.
The most you will ever get off is 3 or so crappy hits. While other characters
use a lot of basic moves, and finish with a powerful special move, Haku-Men is
constantly expending Heat and using Special Moves to BUILD his combos, rather
than finish them. 

All of his special moves have a name and ranking that you can hear when he uses
them (much better in Japanese). This can really make you feel like some martial
arts badass when you pull off a huge combo. He alternately says the moves' name
or ranking depending on which character he is fighting, I personally prefer
when he says the names.

NAME      INPUT    Magatama  Damage    DESCRIPTION									
Rating    	   Cost

Gurren    236A     1          560      A rapid straight-forward dash that rams
(Crimson)                              the enemy with Haku-Men's sword hilt.
***                                    This is used to start a lot of combos as
                                       it counts as a Heavy-Hit.

Kishuu    623A     1          0        Haku-Men dashes forward rapidly, he
(Demon Leg)                            becomes high-immune and 95% projectile
*****                                  immune during this. Can be continued
                                       with Enma for another 1 Magatama. This
                                       move is invaluable for Haku-Men.

                                       That other 5% of none-projectile
                                       immunity is, annoyingly enough, V-13.

                                       Projectiles that are really low to the
                                       ground hit him as well.
                                       I've tested this with Spark Bolt and
                                       can confirm that it works however.

Enma      A        1          860      Performed by pushing A immediately after
(Hades)                                using Kishuu. It is so fast it's best to
*****                                  consider  them one move with an input of

Renka     214B     2          1573     An incredibly fast low hit followed
(Lotus)                                immediately by a kick to the gut. It
*****                                  also has an awesome ink graphic for it's

                                       Renka is very special due to its
                                       ability to negate combo scaling. Attacks
                                       performed after Renka will be less
                                       reduced by combo scaling. This is an
                                       extremely good move to use before

Zantetsu  41236C   3          2865     This is the powerhouse move. It delivers
(Rending Steel)                        a high-only hit followed immediately by
****                                   a low-only hit. Both hits do immense
                                       damage. The only way you're going to get
                                       it off without combo is by surprise, it
                                       is very slow.

Hotaru    MA 214B  2          1250     A sudden kick diagonally upwards in
(Firefly)                              midair. You are invulnerable during this
*****                                  attack! This has been my final hit in
                                       many matches when the enemy is acting
                                       skiddish. It also has the awesome ink

Tsubaki   MA 214C  3          2200     A sudden slash downwards in midair. You
(Camellia)                             are not exactly invulnerable during this
*****                                  but it has very high priority over other
                                       attacks. It is an excellent last hitter.


  [3_01] Special Moves - Advanced Uses


While Haku-Men's Special Movelist is easily one of the best in the game, bear
in mind they all require heat. That means you certainly aren't going to be able
to just go in gung-ho and spam the crap out of them. Listed below are some more
tactful uses of these special moves.

Tactic Name               INPUT(S)  Magatama  DESCRIPTION
Rating (1-5)                        Cost

"Low-High Zantetsu Mix"   2B        3/5       This involves badgering the enemy
 ***                      3C                  with low-attacks frequently 
                          214B                throughout the game, get them
                          41236C              used to blocking low. Surprise
                                              them with a sudden Zantetsu which
                                              starts with a high-only hit.
                                              Renka can be used for immediate
                                              pressure, but that's 2 magatama
                                              for no damage. It's hardly the
                                              fastest mix-up out there however,
                                              and will probably only catch
                                              inexperienced players off-guard.

"214 Floating"            Midair    2/3       You may have noticed when you
 ****                     214B                first used either Hotaru or
                          214C                Tsubaki, but they compeletely
                                              stop your "falling" animation.
                                              This can be used to avoid enemy
                                              land-camping. The most common
                                              thing I use this for is to deny
                                              Tager's Distortion grip that
                                              does 5500'ish damage.

"Kishuu Grip"             623A      1         I have used this many times to
 ****                     B+C                 great effect. However, for it to
                        follow-up             work right, you need to first get
                                              the enemy used to the entire
                                              "Kisshu->Enma" combination. Once
                                              they see that a few times, they
                                              will probably start blocking the
                                              moment you use Kishuu. So instead
                                              of finishing with Enma let Kishuu
                                              carry you right next to them, and
                                              grip. If they are the type of
                                              player who Barrier Blocks a lot,
                                              they probably won't react in time

"Kishuu Quickstep"        623A      varies    This is simply using Kishuu over
 *****                    Repeat              and over. It covers ground very
                                              quickly, but the real reason for
                                              doing this is projectile immunity
                                              I have turned a match completely
                                              on its head by using this against
                                              Rachel/V-13- and other projectile
                                              spammers. Haku-Men simply	runs
                                              through them all and closes in.
                                              It can be hard on your magatama

"Gurren Grip-Bounce"      B+C       1         This is something you must know.
 ******                   236A                It's even featured on the DVD.
                        follow-up             This involves following ground
                                              grip up with Gurren immediately.
                                              This will bounce them off the
                                              wall. The most common follow up
                                              for this is simply 6C. However,
                                              you can also use Kokuujin: Shippu
                                              after it immediately. The nice
                                              thing is, you can hold Shippu the
                                              entire time. The enemy will
                                              likely try to block immediately
                                              on recovery. 

                                              Unfortunately for them, a fully
                                              charged Shippu is unblockable. It
                                              also does a whopping 5500 damage.

"Hotaru Third Jump"       9         2         This is a neat little trick I 
 ****                     9                   discovered only recently, Hotaru
                          214B                actually enables you to use a
                          9                   midair jump after using it, even
                        follow-up             if you've already jumped twice.
                                              Note that you have to hit the
                                              enemy with it (hitting a block
                                              still counts). You can air-grip
                                              after this or follow it up with

"Renka Cancel"            214B      2         We know that Renka is 2 hits
 ******                  one hit              right? Well that second hit
                        follow-up             inconveniently sends your enemy
                                              flying out of range. So instead,
                                              interrupt Renka immediately after
                                              it's first hit with either Shippu
                                              or Zantetsu. This also massively
                                              reduces damage scaling, resulting
                                              in a lot more bang out of your

"Shippu Intimidation"     63216C    4         The way this one works is if you
 *****                     vary               manage to get a fully-charged
                          holding             Shippu on an opponent. They will
                                              likely be very pissed that it's
                                              unblockable, and have made a
                                              personal vow never to fall for it

                                              So, this time around, let's hold
                                              Shippu for only a LITTLE bit,
                                              then let go. They will likely
                                              immediately try to jump backwards
                                              or backstep this time...Eating
                                              our quick-release Shippu in the

                                              As you become more skilled, you
                                              may even be able to watch your
                                              opponent for signs of letting
                                              their guard down, and releasing
                                              Shippu precisely.

"Yukikaze Save"           63216C    8         This is a desperate tactic that
 *****                    blocked             usually yields very good results,
                          236236D             especially when in Infinity. If
                                              you happen to release Shippu and
                                              the enemy blocks it, and they're
                                              relatively close to you, I can
                                              guarantee they will want to
                                              punish you.

                                              So, instead, the moment you
                                              realize Shippu was blocked, use

                                              Remember: Haku-Men can interupt
                                              special moves with others. Shippu
                                              is no exception.


  [3_02] Special Moves - 21478 Moves

  Description                                                                 |

21478 is used when you want to perform Tsubaki or Hotaru instantly. You are
actually inputting the 214 part of the move before the jump. Hotaru is tricky,
as it will default to "Renka" instead unless you give it a tiny smidge of
delay before inputting B. Tsubaki does not have this issue as there is no 214C
equivalent on the ground.

In case you didn't realize, 21478 is a vertical semi-circle on the left side
of the D-pad.

Just remember, 21478C for an instant Tsubaki. 21478(delay)B for an instant

It is extremely effective for dealing with Tager's backsteps.


  [4_00] Zanshin


You may have noticed that I didn't include any D attacks in Haku-Men's Basic or
Special moves. This is because Haku-Men's Drive does absolutely nothing by
itself. Haku-Men summons a protective circle in front of him that blocks
anything except grips. If a hit is blocked by Zanshin, and the enemy is within
range, Haku-Men will counter with a heavily damaging throw, which can also be
followed up.

I'm not going to beat around the bush here, Zanshin's counter-box is tiny. It
is also easily punishable.

Basically, the moment the circle reaches it's peak opacity (brightness), the
counter box ends. Even though you can still seet he circle fade away, the
counter-box has long since disappeared. You are punishable the entire time it
takes to return to idle. If you need a more visual example, go into training
and push D, then hold Barrier Block and see how long it takes for it to
actually appear.

I am in no way telling you that shouldn't bother with Zanshin, it is EASILY
Haku-Men's #1 most powerful asset. I am simply telling you to make sure you
really have the timing down before trying to use it in real battle. Once a
Haku-Men player masters Zanshin, crap-tactics like spamming the icicle on Jin
can be completely reversed and turned against them. I even have a replay of me
winning vs Jin with nothing but D counters.

  Key Things to Remember:                                                     |

1. There are 4 variations: 5D, 6D, 2D, and Midair D. Technically, 236236D
   (Yukikaze) and 720degrees D (Astral heat) are also forms of Zanshin, though.

2. Zanshin never counters grips. The exception is your Astral Heat, which
   counters everything in the game except projectiles.

3. 5D has around 2x the counter box then that of 6D or 2D. And deals the most

4. 6D Works only on people who are on the ground. And it does ZERO damage! Why
   use it? Because instead it makes your enemy vulnerable to any combo.

5. 2D Counters lows and mids, but doesn't counter highs. As I said before
   though, 2D/6D's counter boxes are even smaller!

6. Midair D has no follow-up. It has around the same time-frame as 5D but
   there is nothing you can do after it, so don't worry about it. It's great
   damage anyway.

7. All of your ground Ds can be followed up! 6C or Shippu work very well. You
   can even get 6C->Shippu off with good timing!

8. All your counters negate projectiles. If the enemy is near you when you
   block the projectile, he will still grab them!

9. Basic Zanshin never counters anything that is unblockable.
   Yukikaze counters basic unblockables, but not distortion drive/AHs.
   Astral Heat doesn't care.

10. And finally, Zanshin can counter Barrier Burst! 

    If you manage to miraculously counter Barrier Burst, and have 4 magatama,
    6C->Shippu does a whopping 7465 damage! That's more than likely to 1-shot
    them if they were in a situation where they wanted to Barrier Burst. Don't
    rely on this tactic at all! It's only ever going to happen by chance but
    you should act immediately if it works!

    The only way you'll ever get this off on purpose is extremely risky. You
    must stop doing a combo right before you think they will barrier burst, and
    use Zanshin instead. This is very unlikely to work because Barrier Burst's
    explode-delay varies greatly depending on the situation. Sometimes it's
    instantaneous. Sometimes it has an entire second of delay.


  [5_00] Distortion Drives


Haku-Men's distortion drives are extremely difficult to use compared to others.
Shippu is incredibly slow. Yukikaze has a very small hit-box and doesn't get
grips or lows. Infinity is tricky to get off without being punished if you
don't first use a combo to delay the enemy.

Any aspiring Haku-Men must know when and where to use these moves properly.
It's extremely frustrating to use Infinity and then immediately get punished
and KO'd.


  [5_01] Kokuujin: Shippu - [Judgment: Squall]


*Judgement can also be translated as "Retribution". Either way,	
the Japanese always means "To make one atone for past sins."

Description                                                                   |

Input: 632146C

This is actually Haku-Men's only direct-damage distortion drive, the other is a
counter and the last is Infinity. If you want damage, you're doing Shippu.

Haku-Men raises his mighty Zanbato directly above his head, covering the entire
vertical space of the screen. He then brings it down in a mighty arc, dealing
4000 damage at melee range and sending out a shockwave that travels on the
ground. Enemies only take 1500 if only the shockwave hits them. The most
important aspect to remember about Shippu is that it can be held down. Also, if
you delay it for the entire time allowed, around 3 seconds, the *sword* attack
becomes completely unblockable and deals 5500 damage instead.

Even if you hold it fully, the shockwave does not become unblockable, and still
does its normal 1500 damage.


  [5_02] Kokuujin: Yukikaze - [Judgement: Snowstorm/Blizzard]


Description                                                                   |

Input: 236236D

Summons a powerful warding circle. When an unlucky enemy strikes this circle,
Haku-Men reacts so fast that they aren't even able to respond. Haku-Men
performs an powerful 3800 damage running slash through his enemy, completely
unblockable. He cannot be interrupted or countered in any way once he gets this
off. When Yukikaze counters a melee hit performed by an enemy character, they
will be entirely frozen, unable to do ANYTHING, not even Barrier Burst, until
it hits them. If Haku-Men counters a projectile with this, he will still
perform it, even if the enemy is on the other side of the field, unlike Zanshin

If Yukikaze counters a projectile, or any other attack not performed
specifically by your enemy (i.e. Carl's Nirvana), the enemy will NOT be frozen!
This allows them the chance to dodge Yukikaze. Yukikaze hits the entire
horizontal field of the screen. It also hits fairly high vertically but not so
high that it cannot be jumped over.

Think of this as nothing more than an insanely powerful, long-range 5Zanshin.
It counters everything 5Zanshin will counter. Specifically, highs, mids, and
projectiles. Lows and throws are no good. The timing is very close to 5Zanshin,
although slightly smaller. Remember that Distortion Drives will freeze the game
for a split second, so as long as you input the move and get it off, you cannot
be stopped from using it. You can still be countered though.

Yukikaze cannot counter unblockable *distortion drives*. The best example is
Haku-Men's full-charge Shippu or Jin's Astral Heat. It *does* counter
non-distortion unblockable attacks, however. The best example is Jin's 623D
hold move.

  The Best Use                                                                |

What's the #1 without-a-doubt BEST use of Yukikaze? That's easily answered, and
the answer is particularly evil at that:

     Countering other people's Distortion Drives and Astral Heats. Bear in mind
     that some of those moves are unblockable, therefore not counterable.

When an enemy performs a DD or AH, the screen freezes. Use this moment's pause
to immediately perform Yukikaze. Some DD's require more specific timing
depending on distance (i.e. Carnage Scissors) or warm-up (most Astral Heats).
Also, this doesn't counter Grip DDs/AHs such as Tager's or Nu's.

  The Worst (But Still Plausible) Use                                         |

Countering projectiles or attacks performed by something other than the enemy

When you counter one of the aforementioned attacks, Yukikaze does not freeze
the enemy. This allows them to jump over it with some specific timing. They
can also time Barrier Burst at the precise moment to avoid it. This can still
work sometimes in a pinch if your enemy gets themselves stuck in delay, or they
panic and mess up their dodge. But if they do dodge it, you're very punishable.

Use it only when you're annihilating your enemy or they're owning you and
you're desperate.

  Honing Your Reflexes                                                        |

One way to train yourself to react properly with Yukikaze is to mute your
television set, now select someone with a really quick Distortion Drive (Jin's
632146C is excellent).

Now push the Memory hotkey for the training dummy, once you see that it's
recording, close your eyes. (Trust your feelings, Luke!)

At a completely random time, use his Distortion, make sure you didn't get to
see what the number on the recording was. Don't take too long though, the
maximum is 1000 frames.

Unmute your TV, now go stand right next to Jin, tell Jin to replay, try to
block his attack with Yukikaze and nothing else. Do this over and over and
increasingly random times. Try not to think about when you performed Jin's
attack, otherwise you'll unconciously try to remember the timing.

*If you want to try on an even harder level, use Tager's spark bolt instead.


  [5_02_01] Perfect Yukikaze


  Description                                                                 |

Input: 236236D (just frame)

This is my nickname for inputting Yukikaze with almost same-frame perfect

Usually, when you score Yukikaze, Haku-Men has a big delay between when he
starts his animation and when he actually hits his enemy, this opens up the
opportunity to dodge it at a distance.

When you score a Perfect Yukikaze, however, he has almost zero delay between
when he counters and when he attacks, the enemy is also frozen for a tiny
little bit at the start of the move (on projectiles/non-enemy attacks), making
it (basically) impossible to dodge, no matter what range. It still does the
same 3800 damage.

For an example, make a Training Dummy Jin use his 632146C move over and over.
Counter it with Yukikaze til you get perfect timing, you'll see what I mean.
When I performed usual Yukikaze, he returned to idle and sat there a bit before
I hit them. With a perfect Yukikaze, he didn't even have time to sheathe his
sword fully. 

The best indicator that you got it is the visual cues. If you perform a
standard one, the blast from his attack will seem to pass right through you. On
a perfect one, it seems to be frozen "on" you for a split second, then you

Don't even think about trying to do this on purpose, it'll happen by accident
sometimes though. When it does, it's awesome.

  What's "Actually Happening"                                                 |

The enemy is actually getting frozen here due to you using Yukikaze. The
default "Distortion Drives freeze game" game mechanic is making it impossible
to dodge Yukikaze because your enemy is frozen a tiny bit while you're
performing it.

This only happens if you get Yukikaze off on like, the same exact frame that
the attack hit you give or take 1 or 2 frames.


  [5_03] Kokuujin Ougi: Mugen - [Heavenly Judgement: Infinity]


"Ougi" is used in Japanese to indicate a hidden power of sort. A mysterious
technique. It's often used to represent the secret techniques of a martial arts
style. I personally think "Heavenly Judgement" fits best.

  Description                                                                 |

Input: 214214B

Drawing from the power of the 9-Tailed Wolf, Haku-Men enters a state of pure
concentration, allowing him access to his most powerful techniques.

It's go time. That pretty much sums up Infinity. This move requires all 8
magatama. Once activated, your heat gauge will begin to drain rapidly back
down from 8. During this time, you may use all your special moves without using
any magatama. Also, the rule of "only use each special move once each combo"
gets bent a little bit now. Remember the key factors.

  Key Factors                                                                 |

1. Special Moves should just be considered moves now, don't even care how much
   they cost.

2. It's usually a good idea to never let your 2-hit moves hit two times. There
   are some combos that use two hits, though.

3. Kishuu lets you use Shippu again. Shippu -> Kishuu -> Shippu is possible.

4. Unless your enemy is a newbie, they're going to Barrier Burst the moment you
   get a combo on them in Infinity, provided they are able.

5. If your enemy is in DANGER, and you score a hit in Infinity, the round is
   usually over. If you can't end it, it's a failure on your part.

6. Infinity wall rape = instant death from max HP (provided your not playing
   Unlimited) for most characters. They have to Barrier Burst or die.

7. Tsubaki can be used over and over and over as many times as you can stay in
   the air. This does not apply to Hotaru.

8. Tsubaki now has a "smash" effect that delays the enemy greatly when they hit
   the ground. Allows combos.

9. Standard ground combo always begins with a hit with Renka or a comboable
   move followed by Renka.

10. Standard ground combo continuation is almost always: Renka (one hit) ->
    Zantetsu (one hit) -> Kishuu Enma -> Continuation.
    (Discussed more in-depth in "Infinity Combos")

11. The enemy can ALWAYS escape anything EXCEPT Renka or Gurren after a two-hit
    Zantetsu during Infinity.

12. Gurren is a good way to crapify your damage.

13. Infinity takes forever to return to idle, you are very punishable the
    moment you use it. A good tactic is to do a grip then do it.

14. One extremely finicky way to get this off, is 6A -> Infinity -> Gurren or
    Renka. It does indeed combo them right into Infinity but the timing is very
    picky and the Infinity needs to come out as fast as you can possibly input


  [6_00] Combos - Linking Instructions


The thing you really came to this guide for, Combos. Haku-Men basically
requires Magatama (which is technically Heat) to perform combos. His basic
attacks aren't even allowed to interrupt each, so they don't even link together
in a standard ABC. It's all about Special Moves and tieing them together
in-between basic attacks to continue combos. So, now that we've learned all our
moves, let's figure out how we can slap 'em together.

Bear in mind that Haku-Men has an absurb number of possibilities when put next
to other characters, therefore I'm not going to waste my time listing EVERY
tiny little variation. Instead, I'm going to tell you what links off of what,
as well as list some of my favorite combos.

  LINKING - What Special Moves can successfully link off of what              |
Gurren        - Basic Moves:
               -Independant:   Any basic move ground hit besides 3C and 6C.
               -Counter Only:  6C
              - Grips:
                               Either ground throw, 4B+C must be canceled for a
                               hit. Carl Clover does not get hit by this!

              - Special Moves:
               -Independant:   Zantetsu, Renka(1 hit)*, Yukikaze.
               -Counter Only:  Shippu (counter, Shippu is first hit of combo)

              Renka works with 2 hits but requires some very specific timing.
              Good chance it will miss some small characters (namely, Carl).

Kishuu Enma   - Basic Moves:
               -Independant:   6A, 5B, 6B, 5C, and 2C.
               -Counter Only:  Any ground hit besides 6C, 3C, and 2A.

              - Grips:        
                               4B+C, must be canceled for a hit. B+C works but
                               follow-up is a bit tricky.

              - Special Moves:
               -Independant:   Gurren, Renka, Zantetsu (only 1 hit during
                               Infinity), Shippu, Yukikaze (both require
                               super-jump to continue combo).

Renka         - Basic Moves:
               -Indepedant:    Any ground hit besides 3C and 6C.
               -Counter Only:  6C and 3C, both require close range

              - Special Moves:
               -Independant:   Gurren, Zantetsu (only 1 hit during Infinity)
               -Counter Only:  Shippu (counter, Shippu is first hit of combo).

              Some moves require specific delay.

Zantetsu      - Basic Moves:
               -Independant:   6A, 6B.
               -Counter Only:  5B, 5C, 2C.

              - Special Moves:
               -Independant:   Gurren, Renka (1 hit), Kishuu Enma (delay after)
                               Yukikaze (fast input, requires medium+ range for
                               both hits to land)
               -Counter Only:  5C, 2C

              Works off Shippu, but only one hit lands so it's a waste.

Hotaru        - Basic Moves:
               -Independant:   Any midair hit.
               -Counter Only:  None.

              - Grips:         Midair grip -> C -> Hotaru. You must be at a
                               decent height to do this, but not too high.

              - Special Moves:
               -Independant:   Kishuu Enma.
               -Counter Only:  None.

              Tsubaki can be linked off of this, but not the reverse.

Tsubaki       - Basic Moves:
               -Independant:   Any midair hit.
               -Counter Only:  None.

              - Grips:         Midair grip -> C -> Tsubaki. You must be at a
                               decent height to do this, but not too high.

              - Special Moves:
               -Independant:   Hotaru and Kishuu Enma.
               -Counter Only:  None.

              Tsubaki misses Carl a LOT.

Kokuujin:     - Basic Moves:
Shippu         -Independant:   6A, 6B, 6C
               -Counter Only:  5B, 5C, 2C

              - Grips:         B+C -> Gurren -> Shippu. 4+BC is the same except
                               it must be canceled.

              - Special Moves:
               -Independant:   Gurren, Kishuu Enma, Renka (1 hit), Zantetsu
                              (2 hits. Does not work during Infinity), Yukikaze
               -Counter Only:  Zantetsu (1 hit. Only 1 hit during Infinity.)

              Renka is actually possible with both hits you do it with fastest
              input. However, it does less damage, so why would you want to? 



  [6_01] Combos - Ground Combos


These are the ground combos. Note that some combos also performed on the ground
won't be listed here. For instance they may be combos I deem to be "wall rape"
or "grip" style combos. Make sure to read the other combo sections too.

Unless I put "(counter)" in the input, assume all these combos work regardless
of counters.

  Arranged Top to Bottom: Lowest Magatama Cost to Highest                     |

1.  6B(counter), 6[C] full hold

2.  3C(counter), 6A, (delay)236A, 6C

3.  2A, 214B

4.  2A, 214B, (delay)236A, 6C

5.  6C, 632146C

6.  214B(one hit), 41236C

    "Sudden End"
7.  214678C, 214B, 9, (delay)5C, (land)2C, 29, 2C, 665C
    *Does not work on Carl, Jin, Rachel, 

    "Standard Stopper"
8.  6C(counter), 5C, 214B(one hit), 623146C
    *This is an amazing combo, stupid easy to use and does huge damage.
    *To top it all off, only uses 6 magatama.

9.  6C(counter), (delay)236A, 214B(one hit), 41236C, 623AA, 9, B, 9, C

10. 6A(counter), 214214B, (delay)214B, ????*

*See Infinity Combos for more info.

    Damage    Hits       Magatama Cost      Difficulty    Rating
1.  1923      2          0                  *             *****

2.  2223      4          1                  *****         *****

3.  1232      3          2                  *             ***

4.  2278      5          3                  **            ****

5.  4684      2          4                  **            ****

6.  3653      3          5                  ***           ***

7.  4673      6          5                  ****          *****

8.  6143~6444 4          6                  **            *****

9.  6445      8          8                  ****          ***

10. ????*     ?*         8                  *****         *****

*See Infinity Combos for more info.


  [6_02] Combos - Air Combos


Air combos are what I describe as combos that take their main "oomf" from
midair attacks. They can still start on the ground however.

Unless I put "(counter)" in the input, assume all these combos work regardless
of counters.

  Arranged Top to Bottom: Lowest Magatama Cost to Highest                     |

1. 5C, 623AA, 9, B, 9, C

2. 5C, 623AA, 9, (delay)5C, 2C, 29, 2C, 66, 5C

3. (midair)2C, 66, 5C, 214C

4. (midair)5C, 214B, 9, 5C, 214C

5. 5C, 623AA, 9, (delay)5C, 2C, 29, 2C, 66, 5C, 214B, 9, C, 214C

6. 5C, 623AA, (delay)29, B, 9, C, 214B, 9, C, 214C

*See Wall Combos for more info.

    Damage    Hits       Magatama Cost      Difficulty    Rating
1.  2422      4          2                  **            ***

2.  3333      6          2                  *****         *****

3.  2411      3          3                  **            ***

4.  3432      4          5                  ***           ****

5.  4345      9          7                  *****         ****

6.  4010      7          7                  ****          ***


  [6_03] Combos - Grip Combos


A grip combo is a combo that always includes a grip at some point. This means
they are ALWAYS breakable and not guaranteed.

However, grips are not affected by damage scaling at all, and Haku-Men's air
grip especially deals a LOT of damage.

A major downside to grip combos is that double-pink grips are usually useless
against a skilled player. They can totally decimate noobies though.

Unless I put "(counter)" in the input, assume all these combos work regardless
of counters.

  Arranged Top to Bottom: Lowest Magatama Cost to Highest                     |


1.  B+C, 236A, 6C	

2.  5C(counter), 623A, B+C, 236A, 6C

3.  5C, 623AA, 9, B+C, 5C, 2C, 29, B+C, 5C, 214B, 9, 5C

4.  5C, 623AA, (delay), 29, B, 9, 5C, 214B, 9, B+C

    "Bass Ackwards"
5.  B+C, 214B(one hit), 623AA, 7, 2C, 44, 2C, 5C*
    *Does not work on Carl, Taokaka, Rachel, Ragna, or V-13.
    **Tager requires a delay on 623AA due to his hugeness. 

    "Bass Forwards - (Bass Ackwards Alternative, Higher Damage/Difficulty)"
6.   B+C, 214B(one hit), (delay)623AA, 9, (delay)5C, (land)2C, 29, 2C, 66, 2C

    *Does not work on Carl or Rachel
    **Has very very specific delays on it.
    ***This combo often makes you end up against a wall, 5C is only possible
       when stuck next to a wall.

7.  "Sticky Fingers"
    B+C, 623AA, 9, (delay), 66, B+C, 5C, 2C, 29, B+C, 5C, 214B, 9, B+C, 5C

8.  4B+C (cancel), 236A, 623A, 5C, 41236C, 3C

9.  B+C, 236A, 623A, 5C, 41236C, 3C

10. B+C, 236A, 623A, 5C, 214B(one hit), 41236C, 236A, 6C

    Damage    Hits       Magatama Cost      Difficulty    Rating
1.  3068      3          1                  *             ****

2.  4178      5          2                  **            ****

3.  6435      13         4                  ****          ****

4.  4919      8          4                  ****          ****

5.  4125      7          4                  ****          ****

6.  4589~811  9~10       4                  *****         *****

7.  9116      17         4                  ****          *****        
8.  3335      7          5                  ***           ***

9.  4245      7          5                  **            ****

10. 5339     9           8                  ***           ***


  [6_04] Combos - Wall Combos


Wall combos are only possible when you are shoved in a corner with your
opponent, with your opponent's back to the wall. They are usually very damaging
and repetitive, and gave rise to the term "wall rape."

  Arranged Top to Bottom: Lowest Magatama Cost to Highest                     |

1. 5C, 623AA, 9, (delay)5C, 2C, 29, 2C, 2C, 66, 2C, 2C, 5C

2. 5C, 214B(one hit), 41236C, 623AA, 9, (delay)5C, 2C, 29, 2C, 2C, 66, 2C, 2C,

See "Infinity Combos" for more info.

Damage       Hits       Magatama Cost      Difficulty    Rating
1. 3812      9          2                  *****         *****

2. 6412      5          7, refunds 1       *****         *****


  [6_05] Combos - Rapid Cancels


Ok I'm gonna be straight with you: I haven't found a single real use for Rapid
Cancels on Haku-Men. Just about every single time I could use a RC to do
something, that 4 Magatama could've been used for SOOO much more. You are not
allowed to Rapid Cancel during Infinity either. (Or that'd be broken) Haku-Men
basically "rapid cancels" every time he uses a special move to interrupt 

Some say you can use RC to deny punshing on Haku-Men, but if you can rapid
cancel, you can Yukikaze, which does almost the same exact thing...


  [6_06] Combos - Infinity Combos


Heheheh, here we are at last. The Infinity Combos, or as I like to call them,
"The Game Enders."

Be sure to know all the Key Factors about Infinity before you try to attempt
these. It's in the Infinity section under Distortion Drives. When I type
"Magatama Cost" in this section, I really just mean it uses that much magatama,
even though isn't technically any cost at all.

A "type" column is now added that specifies what sub-type of combo it is, all
these combos of course require Infinity.

  Arranged Top to Bottom: Lowest Magatama Cost to Highest                     |

1. "Racket Ball"
    B+C, 236A, 236A, 236A, etc. etc. when close enough 623A, 5c*	

2. "Standard Ground"
    5C, 214B(one hit), 41236C(both hits), 236A, (delay) 623AA, 632146C**

3. "Standard Air"
    5C, 214B(one hit), 41236C(both hits), 236A, (delay) 623AA, 29, B, 9, C, 9,
    214B, 9, C, 214C

4. "Frostbite"
    236236D(success), 41236C(both hits), 236A, 632146C(delay release)

5. "2A Spammer's Demise"
    21478C, on landing 214B(one hit), 41236C(two hits), 326A, 623A, 5C,
    214B(one hit), 41236C(one hit), 632146C.

6. "Barrier Burster"
    6C, 632146C, 623A, 214B(one hit), 41236C(one hit), 632146C, 623A,
    5C, 214B(one hit), 41236C(one hit), 632146C

*Use this to move people next to the wall to set them up for Barrier Burster.
 Or you can use it if it'll kill them and you feel like being funny. They will
 likely Barrier Burst right after the 2nd or 3rd Gurren.

    Damage    Hits       Magatama  Difficulty    Rating   Type
1.  ????      ??         ?         *             ***      Mover
2.  6205      7          12        ***           ****     Ground

3.  6439      11         15        ****          *****    Air

4.  7002      5          12        ***           *****    Counter

5.  8937      10         21        *****         *****    Air

6.  10661     9          24        *****         *****    Wall


  [7_00]...Astral Heat: Kokuujin Ougi: Akumetsu 
                        Heavenly Judgement: Perish Evil


  Description                                                                 |
Haku-Men's ultimate Zanshin technique. Haku-Men taps into the power of the 
Nine-Tails to produce a Zanshin powerful enough to counter any attack in the
game apart from projectiles. Should an enemy trigger this counter, Haku-Men's
Astral Heat triggers and he slashes his enemy many times at a speed beyond
perception, ending the game.


  [7_01]...Astral Heat: Kokuujin Ougi: Akumetsu - Input


Input: Final Round of the Match, Enemy is Below 20% HP, 720 degree rotation D.

As I'm sure you've noticed, Akumetsu's input is a little bit tricky. 720 degree
moves will make your character jump twice if you simply perform them, and this
AH cannot be performed in midair. The trick is to use a different move, and
input 720 degrees while that move is animating.

Below are the best moves I use to delay my character while I input 720 degrees.

  Delay-Moves for Astral Heat: Sorted Quickest to Slowest                     |

1. 5B - Very quick, only experts will be able to get the AH off in time without

2. 6A - Little bit slower, the one I use most often.

3. 5C - Getting a little too slow now, really easy.

4. 8B - 9B or 7B work too, this makes you jump once, you perform AH on landing,
        by performing an attack, it makes it so you don't double-jump. You can
        use this to jump near the opponent too, baiting them to hit you.

        Be aware that if you accidentally hit them with this he'll double-jump.

5. 5D - This is the slowest, however, it works very well because your enemy
        usually goes "I can punish him now!" just in time for you to AH.


  [7_02]...Astral Heat: Kokuujin Ougi: Akumetsu - Ideal Situations


These are the ideal times to use your Astral Heat, sorted from best to worst:

 1. Your enemy just performed a none-projectile DD or AH that is going to hit
    you, perform Akumetsu during the screen freeze.

 2. When you and your enemy are both landing near each other, use the AH the
    moment you hit the ground.

 3. An enemy is running towards you after knocking you down, roll away from
    them in the direction that they're running and perform your AH during the

    This is especially effective against people who are using dash-cancel






Spoiler Description:
The main spoiler regarding Haku-Men is his origin, I've listed all the hints I
gathered in my travels as I encountered them within the game.

  HINTS                                                                       |

Credits Roll:
Jin Kisaragi and Haku-Men have the same voice actor.

Haku-Men never says anything when he's fighting Jin Kisaragi. During the
beginning intro, Jin will say something like "Who the hell are you?!" and
Haku-Men will simply assume his battle stance. During a victory for Haku-Men
when he fought Jin he will also say nothing.

Jin's Story:
There's a scene where the three girls are talking to Jin, he then walks away,
and Noel seems slightly distracted by something. As he his walking away, we see
a back-view of Haku-Men walking away flash briefly before disappearing, and
Noel mutters "A white soldier..." 

On one of the endings, Jin fails to save Ragna from V-13, and is teleported
away by Rachel. He is dismayed and seems on the edge of hopelessness. Then
Rachel appears to him and says "Don't you wish to become a true hero?"

Haku-Men's Story:
There are plenty of scenes where Haku-Men says "When I used to be human" or
something of the sort. While trying to re-establish himself in reality, he has
to defeat apparitions of his mind. As he begins his last fight, he says
something akin to "If I am to become justice, then I must relentlessly strike
down all who oppose it, without bias. My past incarnation is no exception!!"

He then finishes his story arc fighting Jin Kisaragi. After this fight, he
takes off his mask in front of the Ragna-apparition he had previously defeated
(of course, his face is not shown in the illustration). The incarnation of
Ragna says "Hehh...so the cry-baby's acting all grown up."

The conclusion? Haku-Men IS Jin Kisaragi, or rather, he was.

It is revealed that Haku-Men is fully aware that he used to be human, and that
he used to be Jin Kisaragi. However, he does not seem to inherit too many of
Jin Kisaragi's traits, and seems to regard him as more as a "past incarnation"
rather than himself in his entirety.

Rachel transported Jin back in time using the Boundary through unknown means.
He was then merged with a SUSANO'O unit. (Incidentally, Haku-Men's theme song).
It's a little similar to the process of how V-13 merging with Ragna becomes the
Black Beast. Susano'o is a term sometimes used in mythology to refer to a snake
god or snake demon of some sort. This can help shed light on the many reptilic
snake-like eyes seen on Haku-Men's suit.

When Haku-Men is electrified by Rachel, you can see his X-Ray by pausing the

This is by no means to be taken as fact, but from the way I see it, it
looks as though Haku-Men possess a jaw much like a wolf, and has four eyes.
(his Coat of Arms shows a wolf with four eyes as well). He seems to still
possess some organic muscle as well as veins. Interestingly, we see 2
circle-like devices on his chest and near his midriff, both of them look akin
to a Crescent Moon.

They are both opposites of each other.

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