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It's 1937. Air pirates roam the skies over a shattered America. You are Nathan Zachary - dashing air private and ace pilot. Lead a squadron of privateers in thrilling ground level missions. Along the way romance a bevy of dangerous femme fatales, but be warned - these beauties can turn on you faster than a Fairchild in a terminal tail spin.

Harrowing Low to the Ground Aerial Action - 11 tricked-up planes, 24 missions and a full cast of dangerous characters
Full Customizability - Choose your planes and outfit them with the latest in 1937 hi-tech aerial wizardry from 50 caliber machine guns, to nitro boosts, to flash rockets and more
You Can Do That in a Plane!?! - Snatch famed scientists out of lumbering zeppelins, steal secret prototypes, or barrel roll as you down the enemy
Gripping Multiplayer Combat - Go one on one with a (soon to be former) friend or pit squadron on squadron via the Internet on Zone.com, over a LAN or modem to modem
Your Own Personal Scrapbook - Capture your aerial exploits with hundreds of mementos to collect from your many adventures

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