What is the Best way to Reload and shake of enemys?

  1. I been to some arcade with House of the dead 4 in it with people playing!

    How hard do you have to shake to reload the gun?

    What is the easiest way to push zombies off if they grab you, Down/Upwards or Sideways?

    User Info: helltop12

    helltop12 - 11 years ago


  1. Sideways. It just seems to register better.

    User Info: NemesisLaw

    NemesisLaw - 11 years ago 1   1
  2. I think down upwards i use what the guide said (the one here on gfaqs) and grab the spine and shake up and down fast. and when i do this fast to reload i just point off the top of the screen just like the old games.

    User Info: ninto55

    ninto55 - 11 years ago 0   0

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