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Reviewed: 06/03/13

The Snake Sheds Its Skinner

Warning! Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 is a pornographic video game and features pictures and animations of naked cartoon women! …You know what? Screw it. Do you really need a warning? You knew that this game was porn right when you clicked the link, didn’t you? Well, don’t play if you’re underage and don’t play if you get offended by cartoon girls taking their clothes off as humiliation.

Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 is a follow up to the first game and is a dramatic improvement over its predecessor. So, what exactly could make something so one-dimensional as a virtual pachinko machine good? Gameplay, that’s what! Unlike the first game, there is actual challenge in this game and it actually takes a little bit of skill to play! Unlike the first game, you can, in fact, get to the end of the game on one credit! The game in general takes on a dramatically different tone now that skill is involve. No more, is the whole game defined by how many credits you are willing to jam into this machine. You can actually play to play now, which does not necessarily make Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 good, but it does make it more than just a Skinner Box, and that’s good enough.

Story- You play as a girl in this game. She is trying to go about her day to day life, but cartoon women keep bothering her and are rude. She gets very angry and vindictive, so she gets out her magic pachinko machine. With her magic pachinko machine, she can complete challenges, force the women she hates to strip, and laugh at their misery and humiliation when everyone around them sees them indecent and without any clothes. The stripping girl is never happy to take her clothes off. She is always angry or embarrassed and the main character revels in all of the mental anguish she causes. Doesn’t the main character sound like such a nice person?

Having a main character that is not supposed to be a player cipher was a great move on Sammy’s part. She is a complete demon, as cruel and mean as they come. Making the player more of a spectator than the cause of all of the stuff that happens in this game works wonders for the storyline, if anything, because some of it is so funny. The writing is actually much better than in the first game and the game relies less on “Ha! Boobs are funny!” humor and more on characters and situations. A great example is the waitress at a fast food restaurant. She spills the main character’s drink and won’t give her a new one. The whole “get out the magic pachinko machine” thing is overreacting to something as minor as a spilled drink, isn’t it? Nonsense! No one is more petty than the main character of Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2!

Presentation- Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 is actually a huge step down in terms of visuals from its predecessor. There is a lot less animation and nothing moves as fluidly as it did in the first game. A few scenes have characters not even moving, just their mouths. If the first game’s cartoon sequences looked like really cheesy hentai, this game looks more like really cheap anime that had a budget of whatever the animators had at the time. Seriously, nothing says “no budget” more than a still picture and a moving mouth, or worse, a still picture and some jiggling breasts. The girl that lives in the desert is a good example. She talks, and her mouth doesn’t move, but her boobs do.

The actual pachinko machines are a bit more detailed this time. They have a lot more animation and even actual moving sprites for things like enemies that were not in the first game. There are still bright flashing lights and pleasant sounds, because at its heart, Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 is still a pachinko game and has its roots firmly planted in casino games. It presents itself as the kind of game you want to play, because it looks so fun just looking at it.

Gameplay- Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 adds some real gameplay that requires some skill. It is not particularly good gameplay and it does not require a lot of skill, but it’s something, isn’t it? The game is certainly trying, which is more to be said than its predecessor. Before, you could shoot your balls weak, but why would you? You had no reason to do that. It’s not like you had to have balls on the left side of the virtual pachinko machine. This game fixes that. When you put your pachinko ball in the slot and hit the jackpot, a challenge is activated and enemies start appearing.

Challenges vary from pachinko machine to pachinko machine. Sometimes it’s get your balls into a food tray while blasting food items like burgers and boxes of French fries away. Other times it’s hitting moles that try to pop out of holes in the machine. No matter what, the girl who has to strip is going to hate this and will try to sabotage you at every opportunity. Sometimes she will jump into the machine and sit on slot machine and block your balls from getting in and activating the slot. You can hit her in the head to make her stop. Other times she will do something crazy like get really close to the camera, block you from seeing anything and jiggle her breasts while insulting you. It’s actually pretty funny and makes the characters in this game feel a little more than just giant cartoon breasts that are too big for clothes like in the first game.

Even though this game is still an improvement over the first one, it is still not actually that good. If you absolutely must play a pornographic arcade pachinko game, this is pretty much your best bet. The game itself is pretty easy and can be beaten in only a few hours. It plays much more like an arcade game than a casino game and that’s what really counts here.

Cool Fact- You can find silly little in-jokes in the backgrounds. Read the menu on the waitress level. It’s funny.

Also Try- Some of Sammy’s non-pornographic games are really good and could use some more love. Try Change Air Blade. It’s fun, original, challenging, and is one hundred percent free of cartoon boobs.

Rating: 5

Product Release: Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 (JP, 12/31/99)

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