• Song Modifiers

    These codes are modifiers to your song. They can be entered during the 60 seconds before you choose a song, and remain in effect (unless cancelled) until your game is over.

    The codes below are written in keypad format. On the machine, it translates to this:


    Here are descriptions to the codes:

    2x, 3x, 4x, 8x speed - increases the scroll rate of the arrows by the respective rate

    Random Velocity - The scroll rate will randomly change during the song

    Random Steps - The steps will be in the same places, but completely randomized

    Mirror - All arrows switch vertically (besides the middle)

    Vanish - Arrows disappear about 2/3 of the way to the top

    No Step - Arrows do not appear

    Dark - Stationary arrows at the top do not appear

    Quake - Arrows wave up and down as they scroll up

    Exceed Mode - Arrows move diagonally towards the top

    Cancel all codes - Speaks for itself. Cancels all of the other codes

    2x speed79795
    3x speed79795 x2
    4x speed79795 x3
    8x speed79795 x4
    Cancel all codes131313
    Exceed Mode191937375
    No Step79135 x2
    Random Steps797913135
    Random Velocity797979795

    Contributed By: jbond008.

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  • Unlock Canon-D full mix, Solitary 2

    This code does not have to be re-entered, once it's unlocked on the machine, it stays unlocked permanently. Enter this code during the song select in REMIX station.

    Codes is denoted as is on a numerical key pad (when facing the screen, 7 is up-left, 3 is down right, 5 is center):

    Unlocks Canon-D full mix in REMIX station797913137171939319371937
    Unlocks Solitary 2 in ARCADE station. Solitary 2 does NOT permanently stay unlocked and must be entered with every new game.195137535

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.

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  • Unlock Monkey Fingers, Oh Rosa (spanish), and First Love (spanish)

    This code can be entered at the same time song modifiers are. Once entered, the songs are permanently unlocked.

    Unlocks Monkey Fingers, Oh Rosa (spanish version), and First Love (spanish version)991739799

    Contributed By: jbond008.

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  • Play Raw

    Raw (as it's known) is the same song (and background movie) as the opening movie of Exceed 2. Auto-fail (Stage Break) is not on during this song, and the game will not stop if you get a 50+ miss combo. This song is not a selectable song (ever), and you cannot choose your modifiers or difficulties before this song, as the game will bleed into it after your last REMIX song and will start automatically after giving you a greeting screen for the song. It is set on DOUBLE (Nightmare?) mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Play RawAchieve the score of "S" all REMIX songs in REMIX station.

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.

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  • Unlock 2nd Hidden NM Remix

    This code only works for REMIX station.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    2nd Hidden Remix NMPass Diva Remix on FREESTYLE with an S

    Contributed By: MrPopoBH.

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  • Unlock Canon-D Nightmare

    This can only be done with one person playing in the arcade station, and must be re-unlocked each time you play. Since it will be your bonus stage, auto-fail will most likely be on, so be sure to have that turned off (unless you have alot of skill).

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Canon-D nightmareA any 2 songs, and play Il Give You All My Love as your 3rd song on crazy. You must not only get an A, but also get less than 10 misses.

    Contributed By: jbond008.

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  • Unlocking new difficulties for REMIX Station

    These codes can only be done on REMIX STATION only.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Banya Classic Remix NMPass Deux Remix on FREESTYLE with an S
    Dignity Remix CZPass Banya Classic Remix on HARD difficulty with an S ranking (full combo)
    Treme Vook of the War Another StepPass Treme Vook of the War on CRAZY with an A
    Turbo Remix NMPass Diva Remix on CRAZY with an S, no goods or bads

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.

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