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Hauzer by SaGa_Journeyman

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/21/05



*version 1.1*

by SaGa_Journeyman

1a Disclaimer and Contact
2a Hauzer's Overview
3a Hauzer's Moves
3b Hauzer's Combos
4a Hauzer vs World
5a Credits

1a Disclaimer and Contact

Don't steal from this guide. If you want to post this guide on your site, email
me first.

This guide was written for the PS2 version of CFE. I don't know what the
differences between the home and arcade versions are, so I don't know if or how
techniques will change. I expect everything here applies directly to the XBOX

This guide uses the correct (Japanese) names of the characters when they differ
from what Capcom USA has used.

I can be reached at travincal <at) prodigy <dot) net

This is a work in progress. As I will explain later, there's no human
competition for me, but everything is as correct as I can make it now. I will
add more information as it becomes available.

2a Hauzer's Overview

Hauzer reminds me of Blackheart from the Marvel vs series. His normal moves are
great but his specials get him killed. His pokes are strong and fast, so he can
be very effective at stuffing the target. His combos are very limited, and most
of the strong ones rely on jump-ins, but his priority makes them a little
easier to land than some other characters.

3a Hauzer's Moves

These were all tested against Ryu on the 2 star (default) damage setting at
level 1.
The first number listed is the damage, the second stun, and if there is a third
number, it's the number of hits.

light punch=LP
medium punch=MP
hard punch=HP
light kick=LK
medium kick=MK
hard kick=HK
QCF=down, down-forward, forward or D,DF,F
charge= hold the stick/pad in that direction for 2 seconds
P=any punch
K=any kick
Medium=either MP or MK


LP 789 3 3

Not much use for this move. Can't be cancelled, but it does link into sMK.

MP 1260 12

You'll be using this move a lot. The speed and damage makes it an excellent
attack for jamming enemy moves. It's not as fast as sMK, but it is better anit

HP 1440 14

The range on this moves makes it good for trading hits. Too bad it doesn't eat
fireballs. The flame should override any non-projectile it hits, just make sure
Hauzer's body doesn't also get hit.

LK 540 4

Almost useless. Stick with the crouching verison.

MK 1170 11

This his probably Hauzer's best normal poke. It's as fast as a jab and the
recovery is so low you can link a cLK after it. This is also a good meter
builder. Very good for pressure, you can throw these out in relative saftey.

HK 1440 14

This is your primary long range poke. It stuffs a lot of attacks due to its
speed, and when you don't stuff the enemy, you'll trade hits. Hauzer loves
trading hits because 90% of the time it's in his favor.
Against fireballs, standing Fierce may be better, but only when close.


LP 360 2

This attack is cancelable and super cancelable, but it should never be used
because crouching short does more damage and stun and must be blocked low.

MP 1170 11

Teach the enemy to never jump at you again. You can clear the sky with this
move. Avoid using this move against a grounded opponent, since even if hit,
they may recover before you do.

FP 1331 9 3

Showy, but there's not much else to it. The range is very small and the target
is not likely to be hit all three times unless they are very close.

SK 450 4

This is a very important move since it's cancelable and super cancelable. Most
of Hauzer's important jump-ins use this on the ground.

MK 1080 10

Crouching medium kick won't see a lot of use. The range is too small to use it
out of the blue as you would crouching strong. Doesn't cancel or link.

RK 1350 13

Basically the same as the standing roundhouse, but it knocks down. Of course,
this means the opponent has more time to recover from their stun damage.


LP 810 7

It won't see much use. Jumping light kick is better.

MP 1260 12

It's an air version of crouching strong. Use this when you feel too close for
the roundhouse. You can bat the enemy out of the sky all day long with this.
Might have more priority than jMK, but doesn't cross up.

FP 1350 13

Jumping hard punch is most useful when you need to add more air time to your
jump. It's sometimes better than jumping roundhouse for reaching over
fireballers and pegging them. If you want to start an air to ground combo,
always use hard kick over fierce. Against characters whose projectiles don't
disappear when they get hit, be careful that this move does not push you
backward onto the attack you just avoided. Overall, a decent mixup in his
poking game.

SK 630 5

It stays out a long time and the range is not bad. This is too weak to start
combos with, but it can be done. You'd have to use it very deep.

MK 1260 12

You may find jumping SP is a better move against air opponent, but jMK still
swings a lot of lead. Very fast, the hitbox stays out a long time, and best of
all, it's a great crossup. When the opponent is under you jMK's hitbox is
better for making sure you don't miss. Any combo that starts with jMP or jHK
can also start with jMK.

RK 1440 14

This is a primary poke. The range and speed combined with the damage makes it
one of Hauzer's best. It's his strongest jump-in starter and it's sure to do
more than annoy the target.


F+MP 1260 12

This must be blocked standing. It takes a long time to come out and it cannot
be followed by anything. Use sparingly, if at all.


LP+LK 1800

You should always follow this up with pursuit in the corner. I've heard you can
combo the enemy while they are in the air, but I haven't been able to do this.


U+K when the enemy is down 720 6

The awkward jump angle makes this less useful than some other pursuits,but it's
better than nothing. Many corner combos end with this. If you're having trouble
positioning yourself, you can cancel this from a dash. This pursuit doesn't
track enemies.


LP 1260 12
MP 1350 13
HP 1440 14

It nullifies fireballs, but it isn't fullscreen and it's too slow. Hauzer's
large hitbox and slow recovery means this move can't be used like Ryu's
fireballs. Doesn't hit up close.

LK 1350 13
MK 1440 14
HK 1620 16

This does a nice amount of damage, even when blocked, but when the opponent
defends it, Hauzer's in a lot of trouble due to the long recovery. If you hit,
you can follow up with a Tempest Fall and maybe other stuff. The use of this
move is limited since it won't really combo from anything and it's very risky
to use.

LK 900 8, 720 6
FK 900 8, 810 7
HK 900 8, 900 8

It has two points to hit, but only one of them will land. This is, without a
doubt, Hauzer's best special move. The second hit can't be blocked crouching.
As the opponent falls, you can usually hit them with another Tempest. The
priority on this move is excellent, and it's another in a long line of his
great "I thought I told you to stop jumping" moves. Using a pursuit after this
is tricky outside of corners.



All Warzard characters have access to this technique. While flashing, you will
take no block damage and you will simultaneously guard high and low. There is
a brief moment of time where you are vulnerable after you activate it. This
does not defend against throws. Its primary purpose is to use the Ultimate
Counter. You can turn this on while you are already blocking, but you can't use
it in the air. This doesn't consume energy.


while blocking during the Ultimate Guard, B,DB,D+P

This is the whole point of the Ultimate Guard. The range is not very good, but
the damage is nice and it's free. You are not invincible during the counter, so
watch out for moves like the Shin Shoryuken. Learning when to UC and when to
wait is an important skill. Some characters with chain combos may be able to
continue their string and override your UC.


these require at least 1 stock full

All versions 4230 6 hits

Hauzer's best super. Overrules a lot of attacks, but most projectiles will hit
him out of this. The ground version can follow his crouching short/jab, but the
timing is very tight. You can hit after a Tempest for reduced damage. Use this
fearlessly against non-projectile moves and supers. Following with a pursuit is
hard unless you are between the corner and the opponent. The best way to do
this is to cancel a forward dash.

GUST FLAME QCF,QCF+P (level 2 and up only)
All versions 5700 6 hits

Gust Flame is good at dealing damage and horrible at everything else. It does
not nullify other projectiles. Hauzer is not invincible during this, so it's
quite easy to hit him out of it. The startup prevents it from being used in
practical combos, but it can b


SP+FK with at least 1 stock full

This gives you an offensive bonus and lets you have access to Gust Flame. There
is some debate over whether you should level up or use a super. If you have
taken damage, this will recover some life. If you find yourself using a lot of
pokes and no supers, level up. You can go up to level 6, but I doubt a real
human vs human match would see levels that high.

3b Hauzer's Combos

All of these were done against Ryu with default damage at level 1. The first
number is damage, the second is stun. This isn't an exhaustive list; obviously
some moves can be switched.

jMedium, cMP 2430 23
jHK, dMP 2610 25
Throw, pursuit 2520 6
jHK, dLK, Tempest Fall 2752 25
jHK, dLK, Tempest Fall, pursuit 3411 31
jMedium, dLK, Tempest Fall 2572 23
JMedium, dLK, Tempest Fall, pursuit 3231 29
LK Tempest Fall, Deluge Crisis 2790 8 (corner)
Deluge Crisis, pursuit 4794 6
HP Volcano Breath, Deluge Crisis 5490, 12 (can't be done up close)
HP Volcano Breath, Deluge Crisis, pursuit 6030 18 (can't be done up close)
jLP, dLK, Tempest Fall, pursuit 2781 24
HK Deluge Assault, Tempest Fall, pursuit 3029 28
jHK, sLP 2215 17
HK Deluge Assault, Deluge Crisis 3510 16 (start on the opposite corner)
HP Volcano Breath, HK Deluge Assault 2880 28 (must be done far away)
HP Volcano Breath, HK 2700 26 (must be done far away)
Tempest Fall, pursuit 1620 14
Tempest Fall, Tempest Fall, pursuit 2489 22
jHK, dLK, Tempest Fall, Tempest Fall, Deluge Crisis, pursuit, 5405 39 (corner)
HP Volcano Breath, HK Deluge Assault, Tempest Fall, Deluge Crisis, pursuit
5601 42 (must be done far away)

Below is the only combo done at level 2.

HP Volcano Breath, Gust Flame 7030 12 (must be done far away)

At level 6 that combo does 8510 damage.

The following combos were made by James Chen and in his "Fun with CFE" video.

crossover jMK, sLP, sMK, dLK, Deluge Crisis

start on opposite sides, LK Deluge Assault, Gust Flame

4a Hauzer vs World

Unfortunatley CFE isn't a popular game, so there's virtually no competition for
it unless you have XBOX Live. I can't accurately determine how good a character
is by simply fighting the computer. However, given what I've seen, I would not
be surprised if Hauzer turned out to be one of the crappier characters. I can't
say for sure, though.
I will update this section as more human vs human matches become available to
me. This section is still very incomplete.


vs Ryu
Ryu's air hurricane can't be air blocked, but you may be able to knock him out
of it with a well timed jHK or jMP. You can't stuff Ryu's projectiles as you
would a Darkstalker. Because of this, Ryu can create problems if you try to
stay fullscreen. Do not UC a Shin-Shoryuken; you will get hit. Hauzer should
do much better if he can convince Ryu to play close. Stay within poke range and
chip at him.

vs Zangief
jHK can knock Zangief out of the Lariat which may out prioritize other pokes.
Stay out of SPD range if you knock him down, especially when he has full meter,
and never jump in on him in that case. The Aerial Russian Slam will defeat any
of your moves.


vs Karin
Not much to say here other than her counter has excellent priority.

vs Guy
Be careful UCing Guy's chain combos. He can continue some of them and hit you
out of the UC. If you are positioned higher above Guy with a jMK and he uses
his anit-air super, most of the hits will miss you.


vs Demitri
His air drill can cross you up. If you hit him, his fireballs disappear, so
feel free to use jHP if he starts a fireball war. Don't get too close if he's
down with lots of meter. He has grab supers that will catch you quickly. If
he releases his bat super, don't try to knock him out of it. Turn on UG and
UC at the very end. His cHK can be blocked standing.

5a Credits

James Chen's combo video for getting me interested in this game, Sano, and my
good friend Eashoa.

"how dare anyone say bad things about game with Hauzer in it, Hauzer of the red
mars earth warzzzzaarrrd raze entire village of hatitrons for speakins such
illness about ram horned dragon with anti air manscratch"

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