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Bio/Quote Translation FAQ by SRKSANO

Version: 3.6 | Updated: 12/27/17

Capcom Fighting Evolution Japanese Character Bios and Quotes Translation Faq
Ver. 3.6

Hey what's up everybody. I'm SRKSANO but I usually go by the name Sano on
on most forums. This Faq came about because when I obtained the "Enterbrain 
Mook Arcadia Extra Vol. 19 Capcom Fighting Jam Advanced Guide" I wanted to 
know what some of the character to character quotes meant since the book is 
in Japanese. The Japanese version of Capcom Fighting Evolution - called 
Capcom Fighting Jam - has character to character quotes. Basically, if 
Felicia beats Leo she will have a specific quote for Leo and vice versa.
Capcom did not translate the quotes but this time around I don't mind so
much since we did get the home version of the game a month earlier than
Japan, yay! Anyway, I asked my good friend vasili10 to translate what Ryu
says to Chun-Li and vice versa from the afore mentioned Japanese strategy
guide since these are my two favorite video game characters of all time.
Others at Gamefaqs requested I ask vasili10 to translate more quotes, and
then people requested a Faq, so here it is. I'm also including vasili10's
translations of the character bios from Capcom Fighting Jam's Japanese
website. And plus there will be a question and answer section. Anyway, hope
you enjoy!

Note: This Faq will use the character's Japanese names. M.Bison is called
Vega in Japan. Hydron is called Nool. Kenji is called Mukuro. Shin Akuma is
called Shin Gouki. M.Bison, AKA the leader of Shadowloo is called Vega.
Capcom Fighting Evolution will be called CFE and/or CFJ for short in some 
parts of the Faq.


Revision History

I. Character Bios
II. Character to Character Winner to Loser Quotes
III. Question and Answer Section
IV. Special Thanks


Revision History

12/26/17 - Version 3.6 - All of Urien's quotes and all quotes to Urien 
have been added. Questions regarding Urien's quote to Sakura, Sakura's
quote to Urien and Urien's quote to Karin have been added to the Question
and Answer Section. Ingrid's bio from Project X Zone 2 has also been 
added to the Question and Answer section. From what we know today via 
rumors, it seems that Ingrid will be an EX Battle Costume in Street
Fighter V Arcade Edition! These are costumes you can unlock if you meet
certain requirements. The costumes will gain one or two moves of the 
characters, so it will be like having Ingrid in Steet Fighter V! Well 
almost since you will not be able to take these outfits online booo...
Lol! Anyway still no word if the Ingrid suit will go over Karin or 
Menat. I suppose Sakura is possible too. Some swaps that we know of 
are Nash is getting a Captain Commando alt, Rashid is getting Viewtiful
Joe and Chun-Li is getting June from Star Gladiator. We know via rumors
that Dante from Devil May Cry 3 is going to be one of the outfits and
everyone assumes that will be given to Ken since Reuben Langdon voices
the English version of both characters. Anyway I will be shooting to get
both Ingrid and Dante, and maybe Jin Saotome since he's among the rumored 
characters too. Wish me luck! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

8/31/15 – Version 3.5 – The Question and Answer Section has been 
updated with explanations for Alex’s quote to Chun-Li and vice versa, the 
rest of Alex’s quotes to other characters and Anakaris’ quote to Ryu. 
Special thanks to kidhero99 of Shoryuken.com for asking all these 
questions! So of course his name has been added to the Special Thanks 
section. Wow two years since I’ve updated this, where does the time go? 
Next time we will add more quotes for certain. Funny that two years ago I 
was looking forward to Project x Zone and enjoyed the Mega Man and Sonic 
crossover Worlds Collide, and now I’m looking forward to Project x Zone 2
and just enjoyed the comic book sequel to Worlds Collide, Worlds Unite
ha ha! Hyped about Street Fighter V in 2016 as well! 

8/4/13 - Version 3.4 - All of Ingrid's quotes and all quotes to Ingrid
have been added. Pyron's quote to Ingrid has been changed. The older 
translation read, "Seemingly having an excuse to freely and easily 
come forth. Yet to not think of your being." The newer version reads, "A
pretext to seemingly come forth freely and easily is, yet not to be likely
for you is it." Lots of questions regarding Ingrid's quotes added to the 
Question and Answer Section so thanks to vasili10 and True Tatsu for that
great exchange. True Tatsu's name has been added to the Question and Answer
Section. As for me, currently enjoying Project x Zone and looking forward
to Mega Man joining the cast of Smash Bros. on the Wii U next year! The 
Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog comic book crossover "Worlds Collide" just
ended and it was really epic! Good to know that this is still a crossover
crazy world lol! 

1/13/13 - Version 3.3 - All of Nool's quotes and all quotes to Nool
have been added. Aside from that, I've been enjoying Street Fighter
x Mega Man, despite the game being a bit glitchy but at least a patch
is in the works. CFE's own Ryu, Chun-Li, Urien and Rose serving as 
Robot Master style bosses in the game woot woot! Coincidence? I'm almost 
positive it is lol but still pretty cool! 

3/19/12 - Version 3.2 - All of Anakaris' quotes and all quotes to 
Anakaris have been added. Questions regarding Zangief and Ingrid's quotes 
to Anakaris have been added to the Question and Answer Section. Also, a
note about Ingrid appearing in the Street Fighter x Tekken comic that 
is included with the Special Edition of that game has been added to the 
Question and Answer Section. As for me, currently having fun with Street 
Fighter x Tekken on the PS3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the PS 
Vita. So yeah still playing Capcom crossovers I suppose! 

10/1/11 - Version 3.1 - Wow I can't believe most of the year has past
without an update. Entirely my fault. Just been really busy and had 
quite a few computer problems in the last few months on top of that. 
Anyway vasili10 has translated all of Alex's quotes and all quotes to 
Alex! A question regarding Alex's win quotes to Pyron and vice versa 
have been added to the Q&A section. Hmm let's see what's new? Well it's 
kind of cool that in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strider will get an 
alternate costume color based on Mukuro's AKA Kenji's colors! Vergil 
will get one that resembles Demitri too! I guess if you toss in Ryu,
Chun-Li or Felicia you can get a CFE team going! Or you know just 
play with Ryu, Chun-Li and Felicia LOL! Hopefully it won't be too long
before the next update, but it definitely won't be before Halloween. So 
to those who celebrate pick your alternate color costumes wisely and be
safe! ^_^

12/19/10 - Version 3.0 - All of Mukuro's quotes and all quotes to Mukuro 
are finished! Recently Studio Udon translated Itoh Mami's Maleficarum 
manga so now there's a story that you can read about the Warzard  
characters in English! Hooray! Shuma-Gorath is in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as 
DLC woot woot! Yes I had nothing else to add to this Revision History 
update lol! Happy Holidays everyone and be safe!

9/30/10 - Version 2.9 - In honor of Yun being added to the arcade version 
of Super Street Fighter IV, all of Yun's quotes and all quotes to Yun are 
finished! Added a quote from Capcom's Seth Killian AKA S-Kill regarding 
Ingrid in the Question and Answer section. S-Kill and X-ism added to the 
Special Thanks section. Also updated the part about the Street Fighter 
Plot Guide in that section since version 4.8 is out!


Wow lots of things have happened since I last updated this. Marvel vs. 
Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter have all 
been announced! 2010 rocks! 

1/11/10 - Version 2.8 - Happy New Year! All of Shin Gouki's quotes and all
quotes to Shin Gouki are finished. Two questions from The Lone Dragon about
Shin Gouki's quotes have been added along with a funny comment about one of 
them lol! The Lone Dragon's name has been added to the Special Thanks 
section. Edited Udon's entry in the Special Thanks section a bit. And 
Dynamic Force's entry too. Added a Spider-Man and Venom sketch! Arg I'll
try to toss up a sketch of a CFE character next time but it's been tough
since Studio Udon hasn't been back to New York for a while... Oh well next
convention for me is in October and maybe I can get someone to do a Hauzer  
sketch or something ROFL! In the Character Bios section vasili10 changed 
the designations of "Place of Birth" to read "Native Place" and added the 
second paragraph in that section. Also a few notes were added to Guy's and 
Yun's bios. 

BTW, vasili10 has updated the Street Fighter Plot Guide. Version 4.7 is out 
now so check it out!

7/25/09 - Version 2.7 - All of Jedah's quotes and all quotes to Jedah are 
finished. Questions regarding Jedah's quote to Anakaris, Alex's quote to 
Jedah and Jedah's quotes to Sakura and Karin have been added to the Question 
and Answer section. 

Pyron's quote to Jedah has been altered slightly. The old translation used 
to read "The absorption of souls? Interesting plan. Avoid using it freely 
in my world." The new translation sounds like this, "Absorption of all life? 
That's an interesting plan. If it avoids my world put it to use to your 
heart's content." From vasili10: "Yeah it is a subtle difference I agree, 
but the first gives a flat cautionary impression at the end, while the 
second gives an encouraging one provided such-and-such, which is what the 
original quote means to do." So once again special thanks to vasili10 for
the clarification.  

Other stuff - Tossed in a few more sketches of Shuma-Gorath and Spider-Man 
for fun! Hey Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is coming soon to the PS3 and 360 so WOOT 
WOOT! Pained Auron, Ron Lim, Dynamicforces.com and John Romita Sr. have all 
been added to the Special Thanks section. As an aside I did pick up a 
Japanese guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom but in that book I did not find any 
character to character quotes. Hopefully if there are any in the game Capcom 
USA will attempt to translate them just like they did for Street Fighter IV. 
And WHOA Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for the Wii coming to the US along with 
Fate/Unlimited Codes coming to the US PSP are 2 more reasons to say CAPCOM 
RULES! Arg, more annoying fanboyism from yours truly ROFL!   

2/22/09 - Version 2.6 - All of Leo's quotes and all quotes to Leo are 
finished. Added a sketch of Devil May Cry's Dante to the Question and Answer 
Section for fun! Ryu Moto's name added to the Special Thanks section. 
Console version of Street Fighter IV is out now hooray! 

10/19/08 - Version 2.5 - All of Vega's quotes and all quotes to Vega 
have been added. All of Mukuro's quotes have been corrected with double 
quotes such as ""..."" to indicate that he is thinking. Once again thanks 
to vasili10 for that correction! Tossed in another sketch I have of Gouki 
in the Q&A section. Also added another question regarding Ingrid appearing 
in the Street Fighter comic book along with a link to a thread where you can 
ask Matt Moylan and Udoneko (AKA Erik Ko) questions regarding Studio Udon 
products. Amputekthure and Matt Moylan's names added to the Special Thanks 

7/14/08 - Version 2.4 - All of Guy's quotes and all quotes to Guy have 
been added. Vasili10's translation of Ingrid's storyline in Street Fighter
Zero 3 Double Upper has been added to the Question and Answer Section. 
Ingrid's win quotes to Vega and Rose in Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper
also added to the Question and Answer section, along with a question 
regarding Pyron's quote to Guy. Lord Vega's name added to the Special 
Thanks section. TiamatRoar's section in the Special Thanks section updated
to mention vasili10 maintaining the SF Plot Guide now, he's making moves!
Oh yeah, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom in the making and the CFE artist Shinkiro is
back, 2008 RULES for fighting games! 

4/15/08 - Version 2.3 - Shin Gouki to Pyron, Pyron to Shin Gouki, Jedah to
Shin Gouki, Shin Gouki to Demitri, Demitri to Shin Gouki, Felicia to Shin
Gouki, Shin Gouki to Anakaris and Anakaris to Shin Gouki added. So now we
have all of Shin Gouki's quotes to the Vampire/Darkstalker characters up!    

1/7/08 - Version 2.2 - We were able to come across quotes other characters
have for Pyron and Gouki in the console version (this isn't the case in
the Japanese arcade version) so Ryu and Chun-Li's quotes have been updated!
Ryu's quotes to Pyron and Shin Gouki are included along with Chun-Li's 
quotes to Pyron and Shin Gouki. The paragraph that was in the beginning of 
the second chapter where I wasn't sure about whether or not this was the 
case in the console version has been removed. Question regarding Chun-Li's 	
quote to Zangief added, which lead to the translation of Chun-Li's quote 
to Zangief being altered. You can still find vasili10's previous attempt 
at translating the quote in the Q&A section as I've grouped all of the 
questions regarding Cun-Li's quote to Zangief together. I recently changed 
my name at Shoryuken.com from 'sano' to'Sano' so the line about me going by 
sano on some forums is gone since I don't use that anymore, like who cares 
LOL! For fun I've tossed up some recent scans I've recieved from Studio Udon 
at the NY Anime Festival heh heh! Also added a picture I took of someone 
cosplaying as Ingrid because I'm just insane ha ha! Special Thanks section 
has been added to include some more names. Happy New Year! Steet Fighter 4 
is in the works woot woot! ^_^

8/17/07 - Version 2.1 - All of Chun-Li's quotes are finished and all quotes
to Chun-Li are also finished! Questions regarding Chun-Li's quote to
Zangief and Guy's quote to Chun-Li, which also refers to Guy's quote to
Rose added to the Question and Answer section.

4/23/07 - Version 2.0 - All of Ryu's quotes are finished and all quotes
to Ryu are also finished! Added a few questions about Ingrid's SFA3M/SFZ3DU
ending, Ingrid's possible appearance in Studio Udon's Street Fighter comic
and posted up the questions I had printed in Street Fighter Legends Sakura
issue #4 in the Question and Answer Section. Studio Udon's entry has been
updated in the Special Thanks section.

11/06/06 - Version 1.9 - Ryu to Ingrid, Ingrid to Ryu, Vega to Demitri,
Demitri to Vega, Vega to Jedah, Jedah to Vega, Anakaris to Chun-Li,
Chun-Li to Anakaris, Hauzer to Yun, Yun to Hauzer, Urien to Demitri,
Demitri to Urien, Chun-Li to Ingrid, Ingrid to Chun-Li, Leo to Mukuro,
Mukuro to Leo, Karin to Guy, Guy to Karin and Shin Gouki to Felicia
quotes added. Question regarding Vega's quote to Demitri added to the
Question and Answer section. Ingrid's storyline dialog from Street
Fighter Alpha 3 Max has been added as well. Cent208 and N64MARIO84's
names added to the Special Thanks section.

7/30/06 - Version 1.8 - Alex to Chun-Li, Chun-Li to Alex, Anakaris to Ryu,
Ryu to Anakaris, Karin to Ingrid, Ingrid to Karin, Zangief to Vega, Vega
to Zangief, Chun-Li to Felicia, Felicia to Chun-Li, Jedah to Demitri,
Demitri to Jedah, Yun to Ingrid, Ingrid to Yun, Nool to Guile, Guile to
Nool, Pyron to Demitri and Shin Gouki to Ryu quotes added. One comment
about Ingrid's quote to Karin and questions about Karin to Ingrid,
Zangief to Vega, Chun-Li to Felicia and Yun to Ingrid added to the
Question and Answer section. Also tossed in my picture at the New York
Comic Convention at the Studio Udon booth featured in Street Fighter II
Issue #4 and Rival Schools #2 mwahahahaha... In the Special Thanks
section I updated Studio Udon's entry a bit of course. Special thanks to
vasili10 not only for translations once again, but for fixing up Nool's
quotes so now he studders in every quote just like the Japanese version!

5/5/06 - Version 1.7 - Guy to Vega, Vega to Guy, Guy to Urien, Urien to
Guy, Guy to Demitri, Demitri to Guy, Guy to Anakaris, Anakaris to Guy,
Guy to Jedah, Jedah to Guy, Guy to Hauzer, Hauzer to Guy, Guy to Nool,
Nool to Guy, Ingrid to Vega, Vega to Ingrid, Ryu to Vega and Vega to Ryu
quotes added. Questions regarding Ingrid to Vega, Jedah to Guy and Ryu to
Vega added. In the Special Thanks section, changed the SF Plot Canon Guide
update to read 4.4, the latest version updated 4/17/06. Man, the SF Plot
Guide updates have been coming in regularly this year. ^_^

3/17/06 - Version 1.6 - Lots of Mukuro quotes added, Mukuro to Ryu and
vice versa, Mukuro to Chun-Li and vice versa, Mukuro to Demitri and vice
versa, Mukuro to Rose and vice versa, Mukuro to Ingrid and vice versa.
Question regarding Mukuro's quote to Demitri added. Previously I thought
that Senri Kita created Ingrid but I discovered from Erik Ko of Studio Udon
himself that I was wrong, she was actually created by Ishizawa so that
mistake has been fixed in the Question and Answer section. Also tossed in
sketches I got of Ingrid, Ryu and Chun-Li from Omar Dogan and Alvin Lee!
Ingrid's bio in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max for the PSP has been added
to the Character Bios section. Her story in SFZ3 has been added as
well. Gun_grave_ and members of Studio Udon added to the Special Thanks

1/2/06 - Version 1.5 - A few more tid bits from Play Magazine's Holiday
2005 Gift Guide added to the Question and Answer section. A small update
on Ingrid in the same chapter regarding her getting an original story in
SFZ3 for the PSP. Rose to Anakaris and vice versa, Ryu to Jedah and vice
versa, Urien to Jedah and vice versa added. Happy New Year!

11/18/05 - Version 1.4 - More quotes added. Now every character has at least
2 quotes hooray! Question regarding Urien's quote to Vega added to the
Question and Answer section, along with other questions regarding Demitri
to Chun-Li's quote. Also in the same chapter I added the exact quotes that
were discussed in the questions so people wouldn't have to scroll up and
look up the original quote to understand what was being discussed. Minor
updates to the Special Thanks section. Took out part of the intro where I
said the Bios where added to stretch this faq out otherwise it would be
short since this thing is getting kind of big now ha ha!

10/23/05 - Version 1.3 - Information on Ingrid being added to Street Fighter
Zero Three Double Upper added to the Question and Answer section along with
a quote from TiamatRoar. Question regarding Zangief's quote to Leo also
added, along with a question about Ryu and Demitri's quotes to each other.
Zamuel, TiamatRoar and Jerry of SOTA's names added to the Special Thanks
section. Lots of quotes added, now there is at least one quote for every
character in CFE! An extra special thanks to vasili10 for making a few
corrections in the Character Bios Chapter!

8/9/05 - Version 1.2 - The characters quotes have been arranged in order,
before they were listed in the order they were requested. More quotes added
including those of Guile, Pyron and Shin Gouki. Questions about Nool and
Shin Gouki's quotes along with an observation by Hcparker regarding Guile's
quotes have been added to the Question and Answer section. A few notes added
to the beginning of the Character to Character Winner to Loser Quotes

7/5/05 - Version 1.1 - Fixed a few gramatical errors. Added some Play
Magazine stuff regarding their July 2005 issue in the Question and Answer
section. Added TS's explanation of Chun-Li to Rose. Hauzer quotes, more Leo
quotes, and Jedah vs. Rose quotes added. Added a question regarding Hauzer
saying "Gogogogogo" to the Question and Answer Section. Added more names to
the Special Thanks section for asking for more quote requests.

5/25/05 - Version 1.0 - The Faq has begun!


I. Character Bios

These are the Character Bios of the cast of Capcom Fighting Evolution from
Capcom of Japan's Capcom Fighting Jam Website. You'll note that some of the
information in the mini bios such as height and weight info are different
for some of the characters but this is how it appeared on the Japanese
Website. Shin Gouki has no bio because he's a hidden boss.

Please note that "Native Place" doesn't automatically mean "Place of Birth,"
although in most cases the two are one and the same.  While several exceptions
exist in the Street Fighter universe, only two appear to be applicable for
CFJ: Guy most likely was born in Japan since that's where he was found as an
orphaned street hoodlum by his master Zeku, and Yun was born in Hong Kong
only in CFJ's continuity (canonwise he and Yang were born and raised in
Shanghai and later settled in Hong Kong). 


Native Place: Japan
Birthday: July 21
3 Sizes: B112 W81 H85
Blood Type: O

Aiming at the "true fighting style," a young man who trains constantly day
in and day out. He journeys throughout the world searching for opponents to


Native Place: America
Birthday: December 23
3 Sizes: B125 W83 H89
Blood Type: O

At the post of the American Air Force. Skilled in handling the Martial Arts.
A unique hairstyle and a silent wrath admirable by impressive discernment.


Native Place: Russia
Birthday: June 1
3 Sizes: B163 W128 H150
Blood Type: A

Exciting specialty throwing moves the greatest treasure of the pro wrestling
world, alias "Red Cyclone." Devoting himself to his faithful muscles of
steel, he fights unknowing of the world for the dignity of the native


Native Place: Unknown
Birthday: April 17
3 Sizes: B129 W85 H91
Blood Type: A

Leader of the secret organization Shadowloo. A manipulating demonic being of
the negative strength "Psycho Power." Distinguished in fighting style and to
the many who happen to meet him, he drops a viciously evil smile.


Native Place: America (birthplace most likely Japan where Zeku found him)
3 Sizes: B108 W77 H82
Blood Type: O
Special Skill: bonsai (miniature tree & plant growing)

A modern-day ninja (shinobi) who's the successor of what is named "bushinryu
ninjutsu." With a colorful system of line attacks, the enemy is not even
granted the coming skid.


Native Place: Italy
3 Sizes: B96 W57 H86
Blood Type: Unknown
Special Skill: tarot divination

A young beautiful woman whose self pursues Vega with her opposing strength
"Soul Power." Mysteriously admiring stares and occult ability grinds her
bewitched head-to-head opponents.


Native Place: Setagaya-ku 2 Choume, Tokyo
3 Sizes: B80 W60 H84
Blood Type: A
Special Skill: English conversation

A flying-in high school girl who tries out as she watches the street fighter
world. Aiming for the aspiring "that man," (Ryu of course) wielding an
energetic fist.


Native Place: Japan
3 Sizes: B83 W57 H85
Blood Type: B
Special Skill: various inner secrets (succession techniques) of Kanzukiryu

Daughter of the illustrious Kanzuki family trust. "Keeping up with
everything is sufficient for winners" being the family precept's motto,
acquisition exceeding a hundred systems of fighting arts. Until-now-rival
Kasugano Sakura is the confronting example of whom her heart seethes.


Native Place: New York
Family: Tom (Father's friend) and Patricia (Father's friend's daughter)

A boiling young street fighter whose forged body draws out combat instinct.
Welling up with concentration of "what's a fighting style?" poking and
moving him, he proceeds to battle.


Native Place: Shanghai (born and raised in Hong Kong)
Family: Grandfather

User of Chinese fighting arts (kenpo) who possesses a genius fighting
sense. Through his birthplace Hong Kong, together with his younger twin
brother they're active as young leaders.


The chief of the secret organization controllers of the concealed society
since the B.C. era, "Lord" Gill's younger brother. Worthy to reign on his
own, bare fisted hatred inside.


Native Place: China
Birthday: March 1, 1968
Height: 170 cm
Weight: Secret

Under ICPO's Special Investigations Division. At one time pursuing her
father's circumstances, she alone challenges the drug rings. Those foot
moves fluently win with immense crushing power.


Native Place: Guridea
Age: 35 years
Height: 218 cm
Weight: 125 kg

Long since the antiquated times of the country's myth, Leo is Guridea's
king. The case of his appearance and body being that of half beast,
suspiciousness and dignity don't roll away.


Native Place: Jipangu
Age: 28 years
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg

Taught in the "oniwabanshu" style rendered loyal to the Tokugawa Shogunate,
head of the Ramon (silk gate) family. With frank and quick-witted form
techniques, a nefarious object flashing around.


Race: Krakhen

Self styled in the "Divine Ocean Beast," an ocean creature living in the
North Sea river basin. Has no doubt that he can rule over the oceans in the
world on his own. Carries an enormous trident as a weapon.


Race: Asdragon

The Guridea region's legendary "divine dragon" in the flesh. An
earth-shakingly large build and equally hot flame attack is certainly its


Native Place: Romania
Year of Birth: 1483
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 101 kg

Alias "Torturous nobleman of the Demon Realm (Makai)." Dwells in the
courteous manner toward the true nature of Demons. Possesses the ability of
prominence over even the Demon Realm.


Native Place: America
Year of Birth: 1967
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 58 kg (in cat form 4.1 kg)

A girl of the Catwoman Race dreaming of musical stardom. Troubled with a
childhood of misfortune, she comes upon bright fun battles.


Native Place: Egypt
Year of Birth: 2664 B.C.
Height: 270 cm
Weight: 500 g - 500 kg

Previously the king of a glorious proud millenial empire, after death the
nation fell to ruin. With time passing, he revived with acquired
supernatural abilities. With miraculous techniques he worms through the
spirits of his opponents.


Native Place: Demon Realm (Makai)
Year of Birth: 4045 B.C.
Height: 216 cm
Weight: 12 kg - 1002 kg

The Demon Realm's torturous Dhoma family's legitimate child. As with Demitri
his origin is from the Dark. He devises a plan for the world's stability
through unifying all souls to himself.


A giant midair wandering Space Alien. As for the true form it largely
surpasses the Milky Way. With a lengthy endless life ahead, he arrives to
summon the present warriors for battle, distracting him from his one-time
boredom. Twisting and distorting space, he possesses the ability to create a
different world.


From a sweet appearance she calls out her mysterious "abilities" to make fun
of her opponents. The purposes of her birth, fight, and so on are wrapped in




B 2.6 FT
W 1.8 FT
H 2.6 FT



Ingrid. A white haired beauty clad in mysterious aura. She is in a
hurry... She has a problem that must be fixed fast. She is dashing towards
ominous clouds covering the Earth. "I've got to get it back before something
terrible happens!"


II. Character to Character Winner to Loser Quotes

Please note that these are not all of the Character to Character Winner to
Loser quotes. These are quotes that the good people of Gamefaqs and
Shoryuken.com requested we translate. Please note that this Faq is a work in
progress, more quotes will be added with the passage of time. I've grouped
the characters by the games they come from. Since Ingrid's a Mid Boss in the
game I grouped her with Pyron and Shin Gouki under Bosses.

Before we begin a quick note from vasili10 who translated all of these

"Please just bear with me on translations when they're not always
immediately readable. My priority with them is to bring out original intent,
and that occasionally means clarity has to be sacrificed. It's just the
reality with going from one tongue to another; you won't always have
everything be a perfect fit in the transition. You can always ask me what I
meant and what my thought process was if something can't be approximated to
your satisfaction, but I'll only change things if I've recieved an expert's
opinion for the time being. You'll see that Saiki's done this in his faqs
from time to time if you go through them, and he's of course better at
translating than I'll ever be, but I feel his scarce language
inconsistencies are for the same reasons as mine with these things. So to
sum things up, ganbaruze! (hang in there!)"



Ryu to Guile:

"That sharp losing fist, I also continue to polish it."

Ryu to Zangief:

"Power is something to make the most of. But you can't display just

Ryu to Vega:

"Don't you understand already? I will never surrender to this."

Ryu to Demitri:

"To the last drop. This blood, until it will boil!"

Ryu to Felicia:

"If you prepare with composure, you'll become a better fighter."

Ryu to Anakaris:

"To be perfectly frank, nothing but your going path can be

Ryu to Jedah:

"A bothersome speech you bring out. Talking out words with fists is enough."

Ryu to Alex:

"That's right...from there you rise up and come. I question why you still

Ryu to Yun:

"Even if you cross fists with thousands or tens of thousands, you won't
even slightly come to understand the importance."

Ryu to Urien:

"That was tremendous vigor...this is tenaciously produced power isn't it?"

Ryu to Chun-Li:

"You are strong after all, for that reason defeat is okay!"

Ryu to Leo:

"Provided that it's genuine power it'll endure. What kind that's
unreasonable yet likely comes back."

Ryu to Mukuro:

"Is there any need...for words? Let's meet some other time."

Ryu to Hauzer:

"You don't break through walls...trained continuously throughout time you
were taught."

Ryu to Nool:

"I was delayed by trouble, somehow though I seized a victory."

Ryu to Sakura:

"That pain is definitely how you get strong. Pull yourself up out of

Ryu to Guy:

"Let's fight...again, in case that be your wish."

Ryu to Rose:

"There's likely suffering in the midst of battles. However for me, that's
before advancing."

Ryu to Karin:

"Open your eyes to it. You don't want to see your pace."

Ryu to Ingrid:

"I'm always at full capacity. There's no need to be abundantly suspicious
and such."

Ryu to Pyron:

"I'm unexpectedly bewildered... We both passed through pledging by our 

Ryu to Shin Gouki:

"This cannot be finished... until the day when in time our fists will 


Guile to Ryu:

"Hmph...how many times I have come around with you. I don't get used to
pleasure from having perfectly won."

Guile to Vega:

"Even if you're knocked down I'm disgusted with you. What kind of comfort if
a requiem passes over?"

Guile to Anakaris:

"A lone will to move the nation and the like, isn't far away to invite 

Guile to Jedah:

"During itemizing tedious talk, how about if you fire out but one kick."

Guile to Alex:

"Good eye. If your injuries recover then you will be an opponent."

Guile to Yun:

"Seeing to lose it in the beginning what's important, is being able to 
understand it also."

Guile to Urien:

"The extent of rule isn't a bothersome thing, as long as it makes sure 
of nothing more than one's own ability."

Guile to Chun-Li:

"How much the world has probably changed. Our methods will not change."

Guile to Leo:

"The invincible you can't help it as king. People who know defeat are 
controlling it."

Guile to Mukuro:

"Bravely drawing eh...that's fine, for a realizer of losing after all is 
becoming strong."

Guile to Nool:

"For bad seafood, I had plenty during my soldier training regimen period!"

Guile to Guy:

"Shooting through your belief, I thought it would be something 
accompanying more pain."

Guile to Ingrid:

"I don't know what your intention is, at most don't over-frolic."

Guile to Shin Gouki:

"Just barely huh...that's a bad struggle to the heart."


Zangief to Ryu:

"Surrounded by nothing but weird guys but you're squarely reassurable."

Zangief to Vega:

"Again you fuss over that whatever power? These days even small students
would trust it!"

Zangief to Anakaris:

"To call oneself a head of state then, if it's not as much as to rather 
not collect the people's respect so to speak isn't it!"

Zangief to Jedah:

"Think about it well! Am I seen to be honestly hearing the lecture??" 

Zangief to Alex:

"I sense a soul's boiling from you. That's bringing up a good wrestler!"

Zangief to Yun:

"You're quick to be stylish! Come after 10 years of disciplining curing 

Zangief to Urien:

"For I understand your claim well!  Just that it liikely has nobody's 

Zangief to Chun-Li:

"Hmm...the fight wasn't without adherence! As expected for childish
moves of one who wasn't."

Zangief to Leo:

"No! This won't do! Such scowling will make the audience afraid!"

Zangief to Mukuro:

"Without seeing frankness I also understand, even you of unseen 
hardships that don't in fact cease do they!" 

Zangief to Nool:

"To aim at striking even without joints! That's my prowrestling sense!"

Zangief to Guy:

"Skill and experience are great things but, my conviction has it worth 
to decide the fight quickly!"

Zangief to Ingrid: 

"The fluttering from earlier... blasted restless fellow!"

Zangief to Shin Gouki:

"What!...fairly strong arms or so I thought, too quick a taking to ruin 
isn't it."


Vega to Ryu:

"Nevertheless I cannot believe that's your true power..."

Vega to Guile:

"No feeling of being chewed. Even if flat-out retaliation is acheived

Vega to Zangief:

"Do I gradually see your country at heart? Why that's probably also your
long-cherished ambition."

Vega to Demitri:

"To behave courteously be agreeable, from this side I perceive
you're diminuitive."

Vega to Felicia:

"Want to become strong?? Reach the point of a bear a wolf and, let's 
talk it over...heheheh."

Vega to Anakaris:

"Unusual plan you had there, I'm unable to stomach the manner of your 

Vega to Jedah:

"...is that all? Humph! Wouldn't you be dejected if not for your
influential mouth?!"

Vega to Alex:

"That's the end eh?...Expectations slipped off. Of course such things as
faltering burn in moments."

Vega to Yun:

"With the bottom of your pseudo-fighting techniques discovered, won't 
there be openings indefinitely now?"

Vega to Urien:

"I'm tired of complaints. So sleep forever!"

Vega to Chun-Li:

"Sharply insufficient...entertain me more with your kicks of concentrated

Vega to Leo:

"Remember this, only absolute evil controls nations."

Vega to Mukuro:

"If you don't refuse to betray, your self keeps profiting."

Vega to Hauzer:

"You believed that I would be afraid of a beast? Moron!"

Vega to Nool:

"Vanish from my field of vision. Just seeing you becomes a discomfort."

Vega to Sakura:

"Don't hope and such for the result of battle. It'll be just as a 
desolate ground level of terror."

Vega to Guy:

"Boring...would bushin moves actually magnify having my dozing head
stooped to mere child's play?"

Vega to Rose:

"This is likely more than meaningless hostility...with each other."

Vega to Karin:

"A young girl making light of me...unforgivable. Prepare yourself
next for an atrocious death!"

Vega to Ingrid:

"That power also differs from soul power...what is it? ...Well no
matter, in any case the defeated are of no use."

Vega to Pyron:

"Comparitively warlike aliens, are too quick to grovel aren't they."

Vega to Shin Gouki:

"Aged eh...this degree is wholly unexpected."



Demitri to Ryu:

"You're lacking something...that's the tenacity against not swaying for a

Demitri to Vega:

"Incomplete evil destroys the body. Therefore you're not among higher
standards of existence..."

Demitri to Anakaris:

"As for that manner it's probably not to call you a monarch and the like, 
go ahead and decay in the sand."

Demitri to Jedah:

"Did I perceive a lack of standard? The one who controls demons is I!"

Demitri to Alex:

"Unexpectedly and the like you probably won't speak, certainly of this 
result will you."

Demitri to Yun:

"Ho...again you maintain self-control eh, I'll make sure when you're 
stiffened in terror."

Demitri to Urien:

"That's it...and furthermore shut up. Yelling nonsense damages the

Demitri to Chun-Li:

"Am I a servant of God having come to exist in eternal night?...If not
then die sweetly."

Demitri to Leo:

"For the curse is spoiling you a mile deep in, somehow or other give up 
with enjoyment will you."

Demitri to Mukuro:

"Content with being a soldier eh...it's not something fit for me."

Demitri to Nool:

"For inferiority surely, that be the word for the sake of you."

Demitri to Guy:

"A harsh run-around in the end? Gone through a waste of time no?" 

Demitri to Ingrid: 

"Why you...what are you considering, for that world over there is
unsatisfactory so-to-speak perhaps."

Demitri to Shin Gouki:

"Leave from this dimension... I sense a dangerous surge from you."


Felicia to Ryu:

"You're strong but...your dance is a weak point isn't it?"

Felicia to Vega:

"Be too proud and, you'll become completely friendless!"

Felicia to Anakaris:

"If companions weren't desired, honestly though go ahead say it." 

Felicia to Jedah:

"Surely for a head such isn't good although, it's plenty to be saying 
just "enjoyable" for enjoyable things!" 

Felicia to Alex:

"The yell, came out too much? Looks a little bit like your face got 

Felicia to Yun:

"From you comes some kind of a good smell doesn't it, ...fish and oil 
and soy sauce and...what's after that."

Felicia to Urien:

"Though the vigor was amazing...  In the end I wasn't understanding 
anything you were saying was I."

Felicia to Chun-Li:

"Don't tell me...that tickles ma'am? Refreshing and, because it's

Felicia to Leo:

"...I believed you can become a friend. But you can't stand to be without
such strong killings!"

Felicia to Mukuro:

"Let's have more fun! Taking it out on things like the honored mask I 
say, okay?" 

Felicia to Hauzer:

"If I remember correctly you're a...great dragon right? If so, how many
thousands of years have you lived?"

Felicia to Nool:

"Uuuh...I'm a little slimyy! Must quickly dry off." 

Felicia to Guy:

"You move swiftly, a strong point for perhaps my side!"

Felicia to Ingrid:

"What pretty hair...jealous aren't I, here's 'mine', it's frizzy after

Felicia to Shin Gouki:

"Aww...I'm tiired! Because of hopping to not get caught." 


Anakaris to Ryu:

"Your soul is not a displeasure-easure-easure. I approve of an audience
once again-gain-gain."

Anakaris to Guile:

"For the people's grief is my power-ower-ower, for the people's wish is 
my decree-cree-cree."

Anakaris to Zangief:

"In me is no flesh-lesh-lesh, even so it's without a shadow to 

Anakaris to Vega:

"Regardless of right and wrong-ong-ong, that's what's absolute-ute-ute."

Anakaris to Demitri:

"Wicked mind begone-gone-gone, the nobly become monarch's 

Anakaris to Felicia:

"For you it's futile-tile-tile, the thought of respect isn't 

Anakaris to Jedah:

"To rescue the genuine soul I am the only mercy-ercy-ercy. This is namely 
love free of charge-arge-arge." 

Anakaris to Alex:

"Praying is for the path to salvation-ation-ation, for the defeated praying 
without omission is agreeable-able-able."

Anakaris to Yun:

"You deceive a deity eh-eity eh-eity eh, take these 

Anakaris to Urien:

"Maintain attempts at benevolence-evolence-evolence. Display them and people
will follow-ollow-ollow."

Anakaris to Chun-Li:

"Do you wish for tranquility-ility-ility? Then unto me

Anakaris to Leo:

"To grasp the people's hearts-earts-earts, become the sole unconditional 
existence no others-thers-thers." 

Anakaris to Mukuro:

"Don't become an altering lord-ord-ord, the light before your eyes has 
become rescuing-uing-uing."

Anakaris to Hauzer:

"Give praise!-aise!-aise! Not bellowing give praise!-aise!-aise!"

Anakaris to Nool:

"Kneel there-ere-ere, futile but kneel-eel-eel."

Anakaris to Sakura:

"In betting your life believe-elieve-elieve. To leave the wish you are

Anakaris to Karin:

"For a monarch is become noble while being born-orn-orn."

Anakaris to Guy:

"What's bushin-shin-shin? The only god in this realm is myself-self-self."

Anakaris to Rose:

"The power to see through truth is mine alone-alone-alone. Stop with your
excessive inquiring-iring!-iring!"

Anakaris to Ingrid:

"To command as a monarch-onarch-onarch, is not to restore 

Anakaris to Pyron:

"Approaching obedience to a monarch-onarch-onarch, if there's devotion I 
promise eternal protection-ection-ection."

Anakaris to Shin Gouki:

"That light over there-ere-ere. To the holy road it shines-ines-ines."


Jedah to Ryu:

"Ho...the reason for being a fighting stylist is truth and imitation?"

Jedah to Guile:

"For intense emotion that's an exhausting thing. Turn that over for it 
becomes a handicap."

Jedah to Zangief:

"For measures and goals those are well-muddied things. It's a good thing 
if you settle on one thing from the beginning."

Jedah to Vega:

"Now then, how far did we talk? This so-called (evil's anti-ultimate
being justice?) question wasn't it?"

Jedah to Demitri:

"If you think about it so what? There's no reversal, it's a

Jedah to Felicia:

"Such that it's become a troubled matter, to you besides withdrawal 
there are no active alternatives."

Jedah to Anakaris:

"Understand don't you? Merely a single existence, to assimilate all 
existences...this be a nation."

Jedah to Alex:

"Please imagine...being in the world, able to splendidly share every 

Jedah to Yun:

"Not consenting that's good, in absorption such a process is needless."

Jedah to Urien:

"You've struggled with the consideration of consequences for many
possibilities...it's truly clear."

Jedah to Chun-Li:

"You are the extent of talented women. Could it be easy to imagine
after this unfolding?"

Jedah to Leo:

"For I of today, go to sink the sun into the melting horizon... Not to say 
joy and even loneliness is confusion!"

Jedah to Mukuro:

"If you discover pleasure in the matter of following the intent of others 
then, we could say surely a rose-color for your future."

Jedah to Hauzer:

"Relieved that expectations can be surpassed? A change of discouragement is
it?...but a petty worry."

Jedah to Nool:

"As a typical explanation, the extent of good feeling for your appearance 
is high yet seemingly unspeakable."

Jedah to Sakura:

"That's a simple matter, unless one adheres good...in an individual's 
so-called receptacle." 

Jedah to Guy:

"With a memory of joint ownership due to the craving acquirement of skills
and knowledge I am efficiently satisfied."

Jedah to Rose:

"By all means teach me your desires. Here gathers the whereabouts of
people's souls."

Jedah to Karin:

"Decorated above thin ice similar to a perilous ice work, such a place 
perhaps is comparable to this world."

Jedah to Ingrid:

"...I see now...surely here is the dimension's warped place. Do you appear
for what is said the reason of necessity?"

Jedah to Pyron:

"Just a little dispute has been piled up... as it is now the point of 
agreement doesn't seem to be discovered."

Jedah to Shin Gouki:

"That wasn't pointless! Just a mere bodily sensation of 'fear'."



Alex to Ryu:

"Conclusion?...That cannot likely be applied. I realize that you're
agreeably number one."

Alex to Guile:

"Revenge but, it's not to your advantage...unless if it doesn't sound like
becoming your feeling."

Alex to Zangief:

"Very entertaining. If the case is with a guest at the ring's top."

Alex to Vega:

"I guess evil or justice isn't a disposition anyone supports."

Alex to Demitri:

"How do you like the feeling, to occasionally be looked down on also is 
likely okay."

Alex to Felicia:

"A playing opponent then not hitting on the rest, persistence is an 
honest issue isn't it."

Alex to Anakaris:

"Anyone having to argue hotly for peace likely, for me that's sorry 
isn't it."

Alex to Jedah:

"If you only understood that professions don't prevail, not a harvest 

Alex to Yun:

"That's depending too much on consecutive attacks, even gathering 
small moves isn't very influential." 

Alex to Urien:

"Naked hostility turns around an opponent to be proud of."

Alex to Chun-Li:

"You've made me decide on no grudge. Your kicks are dangerous."

Alex to Leo:

"A noble ideology and also a painted face regarding worthlessness."

Alex to Mukuro:

"It's likely power for someone's sake and, to manage it in 
conclusion that's yourself."

Alex to Hauzer:

"That's not a bad thrill, that's a money gathering spectacle wasn't 

Alex to Nool:

"A colorful opponent nah, not even here is it from abandoning common 
sense isn't it."

Alex to Sakura:

"From enjoying the season too much, that's seeing the real battle."

Alex to Guy:

"Unexpected striking is such a strong point isn't it. Come at me 
from the next front with stabbing power."

Alex to Rose:

"For to prevail is not of a righteous fellow, that's a strong one."

Alex to Karin:

"You consider as much, as for the world that isn't confined."

Alex to Ingrid:

"That's a female to be worried about handling... Not untangling what 
I'm considering."

Alex to Pyron:

"There's nothing to worry about, it'd be anyone mistaking it." 

Alex to Shin Gouki:

"Leading but to hell you say perhaps, sorry you'll be doing it only."


Yun to Ryu:

"How's that? As long as you like you won't be deceived!"

Yun to Guile:

"Even tactics also ancient techniques are stale aren't they, before 
rusting together fix up their sharpness won't you!"

Yun to Zangief:

"Your bragging hurt didn't it!... I didn't want it to drag on too 

Yun to Vega:

"With just about every part understood, there's trouble as a 

Yun to Demitri:

"Don't be with such an unexpected face! Your recognition was much 
too naive!"

Yun to Felicia:

"...Whoo...saved by the cap hiding my gaze, calm down with the 
flickeriing won'cha!, sheesh..." 

Yun to Anakaris:

"As with anything alone to create a nation, isn't it unreasonable?"

Yun to Jedah:

"You weren't attentive from other people? Be more concise for a 

Yun to Alex:

"Reverse of a reverse...that again is correct with a reverse eh, 
go ahead join the readings won't ya!"

Yun to Urien:

"You're dangerous!...already the world is a bit over there."

Yun to Chun-Li:

"You aren't short in fellowship but, whenever you fight your might
increases...significant to worry about."

Yun to Leo:

"Skill and willpower...whichever one if you also forge it, won't be 
a well balance will it." 

Yun to Mukuro:

"I'm fond of a guy who doesn't tediously explain, it's seeming like 
we're playing again!"

Yun to Hauzer:

"Hey...seems to be non-different species no other creatures.
Everything is also too much."

Yun to Nool:

"Shouldn't I might as well try cooking?? I'll burn the wretched 
main part."

Yun to Sakura:

"For a signature move I say you must have multiple ones shouldn't ya, 
you also increase the labor don't ya."

Yun to Guy:

"There's no hiding your secret techniques. You must not quickly use 

Yun to Rose:

"You don't say distinct things then, I want you to quit considering 
the manner of attitude don't I." 

Yun to Karin:

"Nothing can be done for severeness can it, also unlikely for it not 
being a war of words isn't it."

Yun to Ingrid:

"What the?...the aim's to raise the intern course. From you I felt a
great wild pitch."

Yun to Pyron:

"Well? 'It seems that I'll allow myself to get serious doesn't it' huh? 
From the beginning you're not coming at full throttle I say!"

Yun to Shin Gouki:

"Whoo...collapsed at last eh, for a little enjoyment being on your 


Urien to Ryu:

"Ridiculed pity...at any rate your eyes are a displeasure!"

Urien to Guile:

"Don't underrate it!  For my existence more than evil is become a 
higher order!"

Urien to Zangief:

"Tempering and the like is unnecessary!  For I already be 

Urien to Vega:

"I want submissive ones! Needless for two arms three arms and so forth!"

Urien to Demitri:

"Puny! Abject! Unsightly! Obtaining devilish fellows and the like is

Urien to Felicia:

"Don't be anxious!  For all living things are ruled without 

Urien to Anakaris:

"Fool! Respect and such from the people is of no use for a reign!"

Urien to Jedah:

"Being born while the king! That is satisfactory reason and such!"

Urien to Alex:

"You're especially gifted! Penetrate the abyss of despair!"

Urien to Yun:

"I am the top! You are as the propping wide base!"

Urien to Chun-Li:

"Merely perish fool! Simply fear me weakling!"

Urien to Leo:

"To explain that only one person is for the sovereign path eh! How 

Urien to Mukuro:

"Secret information? Ridiculous! The likes of an enemy you ought to 
search is already non-existent!"

Urien to Hauzer:

"For with my world why you are a foreign contamination! Therefore 
you're stricken!"

Urien to Nool:

"Tremble in bowing before me!! By special pardon I forgive that!" 

Urien to Sakura:

"For a god favors all!  But the Absolute loves only my own self!" 

Urien to Guy:

"Not even of sneering merit! Melt away with the rubbish!"

Urien to Rose:

"For a prophet is begone!  In the path I walk is without a 

Urien to Karin:

"Deride me eh!  Death in the narrow price of the felony!"

Urien to Ingrid:

"Gaze upwards!! This is ultimate! And also absolute!"

Urien to Pyron: 

"This millenium is more than minced!  An extolled history to my 

Urien to Shin Gouki:

"Even a class of demon spirit, is of no means to prevent the might 
of heaven!"


Chun-Li to Ryu:

"Thus is the victory but for you, one more round will bring you back even
stronger right?"

Chun-Li to Guile:

"It's still not enough I wonder? If the sharpness from long ago is always

Chun-Li to Zangief:

"From one finished round, I'd conclude it was a bit on the afterbrain 
wasn't it..."

Chun-Li to Vega:

"Your heart's been replaced...for some missing reason. However you're as
stubborn as ever."

Chun-Li to Demitri:

"Your honored invitation even with courtesy I would only refuse. Even for
nightlife amusements."

Chun-Li to Felicia:

"Such eyes must not be seen! ...tsh, you don't take me on!"

Chun-Li to Anakaris:

"Ah- how dumb... What trouble would an opponent without substance give
me I wonder."

Chun-Li to Jedah:

"So...I don't understand what you want to say. Talk some short essentials
of precision."

Chun-Li to Alex:

"You can't do it. After putting on a little body weight perhaps, then
you can."

Chun-Li to Yun:

"You know why you lost right? You always underrate opponents!...however

Chun-Li to Urien:

"I don't see how anyone can approve of you. Not to mention honor...right?"

Chun-Li to Leo:

"If you're unable to bet your life there isn't a prayer...that's also my

Chun-Li to Mukuro:

"You abandon all feelings? For me it's an impossible feat."

Chun-Li to Hauzer:

"My impressions of this battle...What's it with the exception of 'I
don't believe it'?

Chun-Li to Nool:

"Even how you'd be a lamp chimney being is fine. The rest of pedestrians
in other places don't come right?"

Chun-Li to Sakura:

"You've become troublesome!...I see you as, an altogether reckless one."

Chun-Li to Guy:

"Your course is a sufficient burden no? Your target is abundantly too

Chun-Li to Rose:

"Your face sees through all but. Is this result seen to be past speaking?"

Chun-Li to Karin:

"Still not enough? The taste of defeat, it will do your body well to
remember it many times."

Chun-Li to Ingrid:

"You don't place a standard of victory in advance. No position for it."

Chun Li to Pyron:

"Don't worry about it. Anyone could have misunderstood."

Chun Li to Shin Gouki:

"You'll take me to hell? Sorry but you'll be the only one going."



Leo to Ryu:

"In the changing times. Thanks to you (ridiculing tone) I met a point."

Leo to Guile:

"One worn out eh...! I've sworn an oath to the people...!"

Leo to Zangief:

"This blood boiled...cheers to victory eh...!"

Leo to Vega:

"Until I achieve the mission of crushing evil, will my life honestly 
run out...!"

Leo to Demitri:

"Until the last drop of my flesh and blood, it is for the sake of the 
nation and justice...!"

Leo to Felicia:

"Always your back to the cliff...without that perception there's no

Leo to Anakaris:

"For the path of retreat has been severed... already there's no 
sensing the soul...!"

Leo to Jedah:

"For the holy there's no reason to giving in to the demonic...!"

Leo to Alex:

"I turn around...but I forever forget what's behind...!"

Leo to Yun:

"Behold!...my sword, a sacred blade that purifies maliciousness!"

Leo to Urien:

"Without kindness the ability to govern rule is naught... If that's 
left off then you don't stand at the summit...!"

Leo to Chun-Li:

"Seldom leave time behind...here the reprieves don't stop!"

Leo to Mukuro:

"You will die for your honor eh...then show that you will
surmount the morale...!"

Leo to Hauzer:

"Still eh...for still you don't see the light huh...!"

Leo to Nool:

"A wild rush, crawling through a thicket...a path of hardship from the
beginning raises resolution...!"

Leo to Sakura:

"Anticipators' prayers to me... That amounts to infinite bravery...!" 

Leo to Guy:

"...Magnificent. You withstood my weapons well...!"

Leo to Rose:

"Now you only merely advance. Believe in your strong fate and the guidance
of the stars...!"

Leo to Karin:

"Being free here is good. The collapse of pulsating motion approaches...!"

Leo to Ingrid:

"Continue walking... until the spirit is exhausted...!"

Leo to Pyron:

"For my pride is the people's pride, watch me mow down even prison 

Leo to Shin Gouki:

"For fate has been an ally to me...!"


Mukuro to Ryu:

""The prime of life...it comes to weigh you down.""

Mukuro to Guile:

""One lifetime...to dedicate to missions.""

Mukuro to Zangief:

""Hitting the target...to endure the cause.""

Mukuro to Vega:

""Misdeeds...repent of them in purgatory!""

Mukuro to Demitri:

""The Buddha's heart...thou art of no business with it.""

Mukuro to Felicia:

""Victory song...no spare time.""

Mukuro to Anakaris:

""Destruction...thy destiny.""

Mukuro to Jedah:

""Demon...perish in the darkness.""

Mukuro to Alex:

""Transient life...as if a dream.""

Mukuro to Yun:

""All means...become an inane plan.""

Mukuro to Urien:

""Sphere...if not polished without light.""

Mukuro to Chun Li:

""Decisive action...evade goblins.""

Mukuro to Leo:

""Glory...is bound to decline.""

Mukuro to Hauzer:

""Resenting voice...talk yourself hoarse through hell.""

Mukuro to Nool:

""Unsightly...entirely that word.""

Mukuro to Sakura:

""Cherry blossom...regrettable to disperse."" 

Mukuro to Guy:

""Righteous indignation...my body's invigorated.""

Mukuro to Rose:

""Destiny...it exists in heaven.""

Mukuro to Karin:

""Gathering clouds to the moon...wind to the flower.""

Mukuro to Ingrid:

""The mind's eye...thy question of true or false.""

Mukuro to Pyron:

""Dying a glorious death...without a grudging.""

Mukuro to Shin Gouki:

""The moment...enough to decide it.""


Hauzer to Ryu:

"Gogogogogo...your power...gogogogogogo. Gogogogogo...thoroughly

Hauzer to Vega:

"Ohhhh...black surges...Ohhhh. Ohhhh..you are dark...ohhhh."

Hauzer to Felicia:

"Gogogogo...a showbiz chaser without humility?...gogogogo.

Hauzer to Anakaris:

"Gogogogogo...I am a deity...gogogogogogo. Gogogogogo...even 

Hauzer to Jedah:

"You're sixteen displays...gogogogogogo. Gogogogogogo...another

Hauzer to Alex:

"Gogogogogo...almost stubborn...gogogogogogo, gogogogogo...to 
distinguish life and death...gogogogogogo."

Hauzer to Yun:

"Gogogogogogogo...careless...gogogogogogogo. Gogogogogo...that

Hauzer to Urien:

"You-blas-ted-fool...  ...Shake-with-rage!"

Hauzer to Chun-Li:

"Gogogogogo...spreading life...gogogogogogo. Gogogogogogo...even

Hauzer to Leo:

"Gogogogogogogogo...Go...gogogogogogogogo. Gogogogogogo...your 

Hauzer to Mukuro:

"Gogogogogogogo...compassionless...gogogogogog ogo, gogogogo...to not 
progress oneself...gogogogogo."

Hauzer to Nool:

"Gogogogogogo...know this...gogogogogogogo. Gogogogogo...I've become god's

Hauzer to Guy:

"Gogogogogogo...long live god...gogogogogogogo. Gogogogogo...now before
your very eyes...gogogogogogo."

Hauzer to Ingrid: 

"Go, ...unmeasured power...oh, ooh, ...leave it up to providence!..., oh,	

Hauzer to Shin Gouki:

"Oooh oooh...openness...oooh oooh. Oohhhh...the fist to split blood...Oohhh


Nool to Ryu:

"Rrough to the point of tough sensedsed. Nnot even funny nowow."

Nool to Guile:

"Whwhat's, with your headed? Isisn't it bad to eat two things togetherer?"

Nool to Zangief:

"Thoughtthoughtlessly going ahead and applyinging, nonothing else is 
well-remembered of an idiotot!"

Nool to Vega:

"Rerealize it military uniform old manman? Youyou won't move the weak 
world being just a villainllain." 

Nool to Demitri:

"Vamvampire then go ahead bark up the wrong treetree, forfor in me is 
tenderheartedness in the taking of blood from othersthers."

Nool to Felicia:

"Thisthis is enough alreadydy, afafterwards go on forth to hell won't 

Nool to Anakaris:

"Fofor your special promise or whateverever, hahas it become transparent 
with that unsightly condition perhapshaps?"

Nool to Jedah:

"Suresurely a likely unexpected resultsult! Don'tdon't you value all-knowing 
also physical strengthength??"

Nool to Alex:

"How'show's that...the skill of 'power' polishedished, huhuman air 
absolutely not kept isn't itit."

Nool to Yun:

"Toto have it overflow bit by bit isis, entranentrancing it readily 
illogically isn't it isn't it."

Nool to Urien:

"Lilisten...not even disgrace is itit, wellwell still then not yet the 
issue of a little masterster."

Nool to Chun-Li:

"Yyou're too weak as a female aren't youu? Pleplease come to
the right side of mightight."

Nool to Leo:

"Ththis is the conclusionsion. Alalready an overwhelming difference to
likely fill upup."

Nool to Mukuro:

"Yyou take a dreadful inflicting attitudeude. Yyou work over on decisions of

Nool to Hauzer:

"Ffor this realm to be with two animal dieties is a trivial matterter.
Ththree parts understood to be influenced with aginging."

Nool to Sakura:

"Thatthat non-crisp body isis, conconspicuous until fracturing not having 
screwed up is itit."

Nool to Guy:

"Ggreat isn't itt? Ththey don't resemble smear campaigns before
concluding themem!"

Nool to Rose:

"Forfor a authoritative toned female in double pointpoint, thatthat is 
merely a fraction to my preferenceence."

Nool to Karin:

"Forfor to look down on a losing opponent in this wayway, thatthat is the 
supreme mood!...is it notnot?" 

Nool to Ingrid:

"Eeven to become my maid perhapshaps? II want that extent to suit youyou."

Nool to Pyron:

"Bebecause of that...that's for this and that spectacle so to speakspeak? 
Mymy leading role then is likely too strong a boredomdom."

Nool to Shin Gouki:

"Whwhere the whim is I know not, adadjacent even emulating man also doesn't 
oppose in mee."



Sakura to Ryu:

"Heheh...it's my victory this time! Naturally next time don't lose!"

Sakura to Vega:

"How mean!! Irresistably doing as you like, what manipulating people's 

Sakura to Anakaris:

"Haa...What's with the excessive idol poetry? Put your hands together."

Sakura to Jedah:

"While saying to help to rescue, attaching a blade killing 
what...!...much too absurd!"

Sakura to Alex:

"A trial of strength then I would've probably lost but, with wisdom and 
courage it looks like I won somehow."

Sakura to Yun:

"Doesn't it look a little naive? From midway your eye expression 

Sakura to Urien:

"How is there nothing of a foundation ya know?  With lip service as 
much as you like yet it's becoming arrogant."

Sakura to Chun-Li:

"You're persisting on exceeding efficiency...charging in is a useless

Sakura to Leo:

"You don't...get angry do you? Nothing can be done for a hard-to-read 
facial expression..."

Sakura to Mukuro:

"Listen a little bit okay?...a 'ninja' is really, supposed to not be 

Sakura to Nool:

"Slither...ah, I'm sorry, I was remembering a beach's yakisoba..."

Sakura to Guy:

"I did it! How was that? I thought I saw fairly all of it!"

Sakura to Karin:

"I also see giving up as a bad direction however, I don't wish it for you!"

Sakura to Ingrid: 

"Uh..um...are you not acquainted, with a rich girl?"

Sakura to Shin Gouki:

"To become so that...you became huh, though for the last side I wasn't 
following with my eyes."


Guy to Ryu:

"A fist-containing soul...surely you had the honor of taking it up."

Guy to Guile:

"Speed of sound...already I see it all!"

Guy to Zangief:

"Matching physical strength is well eh... but the match goes to me!"

Guy to Vega:

"Why your provision is hatred and such...now the understanding is

Guy to Demitri:

"To quit is good! Human nature deceives all kinds of spirits and goblins!"

Guy to Felicia:

"Unfortunately for me, dancing is a weak point...sorry..."

Guy to Anakaris:

"Your existence should be in a place. Returning to the cemetery is fine."

Guy to Jedah:

"Victory for oneself is true relief! An abundance of aid is needless!"

Guy to Alex:

"A ferocious also cool and clear barrage... well done."

Guy to Yun:

"The face at the beam, the beam at the mark... come to establish your 
tactics in order to assault."

Guy to Urien:

"The struggle must not be looked down on!"

Guy to Chun-Li:

"Don't be even the least bit negligent...this is an evil surge in the

Guy to Leo:

"Your heart and soul put into swordsmanship...it's become splendid!" 

Guy to Mukuro:

"Shadow and shadow...we associate with only the point of a sword."

Guy to Hauzer:

"An outcast's futility applies an added seasoning...psyche."

Guy to Nool:

"Your eyelids chase perplexity as well as diletantes...I humbly suffice
with my training."

Guy to Sakura:

"I sense the wind listening to the earth... so naturally I can see your 
next move."

Guy to Rose:

"This connection's disorder...do you also sense it? What is it awakening

Guy to Karin:

"Conceit transforms into pride died out...apply it diligently!"

Guy to Ingrid:

"An irregular surge having neither good nor evil... strange..."

Guy to Pyron:

"Betting on the name of bushin, is a serious error to correct!"

Guy to Shin Gouki:

"Fast...surely an evil spirit!"


Rose to Ryu:

"Numerous chance meetings guide you. It seems to be quite the power dragging
you in."

Rose to Vega:

"...Again with problems...let us not become just that okay?..."

Rose to Anakaris:

"A bit disappointing how the eye can see illusions isn't it. As if I call
myself an ordinary human being."

Rose to Jedah:

"I sense it...a concern of raging resentment. What in the world is it...?"

Rose to Alex:

"Someday you also will understand, the brought-about significance of this 

Rose to Yun:

"If it's to avoid me, let's learn the basics again."

Rose to Urien:

"Adhering just to the matter to win, becomes the matter to overlook the 

Rose to Chun-Li:

"An extremely natural state you became...thanks to a new purpose I wonder."

Rose to Leo:

"Now sleep soundly...you're getting tired, beyond imagination no?"

Rose to Guy:

"Not even taking precaution is fine. All from the achieved plan of injury."

Rose to Mukuro:

"Your body's already at its limits. Why your expression hasn't
changed...it's amazing mental power right?"

Rose to Nool:

"For within living, no matter what the extent the situations are many as 

Rose to Ingrid:

"Now still the element of organization is beyond complicated...the search is
already a little stagnant since the excession right?"

Rose to Shin Gouki:

"...A purely converged murderous intent... Nay...a heart demanding of 
outdoing opponents...?"


Karin to Ryu:

"You still take it. The true fighting style to say little by little and so
forth right?"

Karin to Vega:

"You've bothered my honored father... What an elaborate assassin to 

Karin to Anakaris:

"For it is inevitable as a run-of-the-mill dispute, in that case just 
peace is fine if it's as invincible."

Karin to Jedah:

"Insufficient that you've made me feel down, concerning the truth to 
recite isn't a qualification and the like."

Karin to Alex:

"For to continue with just mediocre forging, and realize even the 
unsurpassable wall."

Karin to Yun:

"It's with coordinated techniques of little use isn't it...but, looking 
at them twice isn't necessary."

Karin to Urien:

"The reason and the like for defeat is a simple thing, aptitude and 
talent are unlucky...that is all."

Karin to Chun-Li:

"Polished blades rust even if new. Is that the extent of your drawn sword?"

Karin to Leo:

"If that's your full capacity as ruler, you strike yourself as extremely
commodible coming here."

Karin to Mukuro:

"For in the Kanzuki house ninjutsu also is a required training syllabus, 
to you the reason to take delaying and the like is nothing."

Karin to Nool:

"That unpleasant slime... wants to help itself to a shameful existence."

Karin to Sakura:

"I don't believe the fight today is everything...still you aim to borrow!"

Karin to Guy:

"To have already seen all your thrusted moves, to duplicate in tactless
frankness...a good place for it is irrelevant."

Karin to Ingrid:

"You dangle after a strange already apparent sense. My imagination? Or

Karin to Shin Gouki:

"With even merely a one-time negligence, it's plenty to change the flow 
of battle."



Ingrid to Ryu:

"You're serious aren't you. Really how many years since such a reminiscence
of talent has come out."

Ingrid to Guile:

"With continuing to crouch is it not pitiful of the knee??"

Ingrid to Zangief:

"Enough I'm not looking anymorre! For with your chest I get goosebumps!"

Ingrid to Vega:

"Considering making me go around with injustice as it's been? Pooh! You
totally misunderstand!"

Ingrid to Demitri: 

"Go ahead and confine yourself within the demon world or whatever, 		
well...eventually even that dimension becomes raucous doesn't it."

Ingrid to Anakaris:

"Occasionally as much as not to die is to have to die, is that not of a 
blockhead? Hmm?"

Ingrid to Felicia:

"Kuh...don't bite the back of the neck! Am I not weeping?!"

Ingrid to Jedah:

"You're the extent of one fond of troublesome expressions. Your far and wide
knowledge is complex to mantain.

Ingrid to Alex:

"...Broken even to the gut?? Depressing face you're making."

Ingrid to Yun:

"Well don't be in such a hurry. Greedy ones can be seen as charming."

Ingrid to Urien: 

"Stop it!! For such an oppressive fellow shall not be permitted!"

Ingrid to Chun-Li:

"At least with those kicks, the soles of my feet aren't necessary."

Ingrid to Leo:

"Th...this person I don't admire! I question if he feels something!"

Ingrid to Mukuro:

"Not very long is the human existence. But sinking to concealing splits
and also scatters freedom."

Ingrid to Hauzer: 

"...For without a personality in these grand times, it's from honesty
that you won't survive isn't it."

Ingrid to Nool:

"Hey hold on now, don't you come so that you tightly wring out??"

Ingrid to Sakura:

"For what to say as such...you, have to consider the so-called object
of fashion changes." 

Ingrid to Guy:

"If you go earnestly to your limits, even that comes out as a backfire." 

Ingrid to Rose:

"Strange power you have. Fate and such fortunetelling are beyond me...do I

Ingrid to Karin:

"Is it that regrettable? Ohohohohoho! Make me laugh some more!"

Ingrid to Pyron:

"Crestfalling! Seriously earnestly a disappointment!"

Ingrid to Shin Gouki:

"Not an oni with me, that said not an angel either."


Pyron to Ryu:

"I am a nook of everlasting memory. It's alright if it's merely in your

Pyron to Vega:

"Humans seem to fuss over posts and titles but, that's a benefit to profit 
from isn't it?"

Pyron to Demitri:

"Demon realm?...Wherever you are. It's an unexpectedly small memory."

Pyron to Anakaris:

"To not have held onto country for even an extent of thousands of years, 
for to believe it is not worth in rebuilding is it."

Pyron to Jedah:

"Absorption of all life? That's an interesting plan. If it avoids my world 
put it to use to your heart's content."

Pyron to Alex:

"In testing you I imposed a time limit! Mm, that seems to be in accordance 
with expectations." 

Pyron to Yun:

"All my power? By no means, this galaxy would perhaps vanish wouldn't it." 

Pyron to Urien:  

"Just unleashing wrath ferociously eh...  Exceedingly 
unbelievable to be an intelligent life's act."

Pyron to Chun-Li:

"Among all the innumerable struggles, your good battle can be counted
in the best million."

Pyron to Leo:

"To see a killing by blade was a fun personal experience. If your life 
span hasn't ended let us meet again."

Pyron to Mukuro:

"A devoted heart is not well understood, beyond even yourself it's not 
realizing the higher order of existences isn't it."

Pyron to Nool:

"You are jealous! Thus a successively fresh personal experience is what 
you do." 

Pyron to Guy:

"There are some inconveniences here and there. Combine your sizes."

Pyron to Ingrid:

"A pretext to seemingly come forth freely and easily is, yet not to be likely
for you is it."

Pyron to Shin Gouki:

"Was that not a good fight? I feel to have conferred an applause!"


Shin Gouki to Ryu:

"Pathetic poem of resentment!"

Shin Gouki to Guile:


Shin Gouki to Zangief:

"Highest attainment!"

Shin Gouki to Vega:

"Foolhardy courage!"

Shin Gouki to Demitri:

"The power of life or death!"

Shin Gouki to Felicia:


Shin Gouki to Anakaris:

"With lightning speed!"

Shin Gouki to Jedah:

"Heaven's curtain is the seat of the Earth!"

Shin Gouki to Alex:

"Herculean strength and vitality!"

Shin Gouki to Yun:

"Petty trickster!"

Shin Gouki to Urien:


Shin Gouki to Chun-Li:

"Infinitude of heaven and earth!"

Shin Gouki to Leo:


Shin Gouki to Mukuro:

"You're highly dis-grouped!"

Shin Gouki to Hauzer:

"Annoying noise!"

Shin Gouki to Nool:

"Veritable pandemonium!"

Shin Gouki to Sakura:

"Your life for a worthy cause unspared!"

Shin Gouki to Guy:


Shin Gouki to Rose:

"Beaten hands down!"

Shin Gouki to Karin:


Shin Gouki to Ingrid:


Shin Gouki to Pyron:



III. Question and Answer Section

These are some questions I asked of vasili10 about the quote translations
and his responses. Followed by some stuff I'm adding in regards to Ingrid
since a lot of people want to know about Capcom's new mysterious character.

Sano: Given Zangief's new... 'Hetero' ending, do his win quotes indicate
that he likes men like TiamatRoar's Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide

vasili10: Didn't find anything in Zangief's quotes to support him liking

Sano: Since we don't know much about Ingrid, do her winning quotes reveal
anything else about her?

vasili10: For Ingrid, not much else revealed from her quotes. She's
inquisitive about a few things in the world such as Rose's power, she speaks
with an air of authority yet still tries to be cute, and she recognizes when
tremendous effort is dished out.

Sano: Chun-Li's quote to Vega about his heart being replaced - "Your heart's
been replaced...for some missing reason. However you're as stubborn as
ever." Might this be a reference to Vega's rebirth after he blew up in
Street Fighter Zero 3 (Street Fighter Alpha 3 in the US) and returned in
Street Fighter 2?

vasili10: That's what I was thinking too. She senses that he's different
from when they met in Street Fighter Zero 2.

Sano: Rose is really cryptic. What does Guy to Rose mean - "This
connection's disorder...do you also sense it? What is it awakening as?" and
what does Rose to Ingrid mean - "Now still the element of organization is
beyond complicated... the search is already a little stagnant since the
excession right?"

vasili10: I agree that Rose well, speaks like a medium, and Guy isn't always
easy to get either. My attempted interpretations:

Guy to Rose:

He seems to be quite adept at feeling the unnaturalness in beings, the
Street Fighter Zero 3 battle with Gouki being the stand-out in my mind. Guy
feels something different after defeating Rose, something new coming out but
doesn't label it. Could be perhaps he senses Vega as the selectable
character or even something within Rose trying to come out (Extrapolating
from Rose's Street Fighter Zero 3 ending), maybe the source of presence from
new faces like Ingrid or the Warzard or Vampire Savior crews, can't say. For
lack of better phrases, Guy can sense "disturbances in the Force."

Rose to Ingrid:

This one I feel I have a better grasp. Rose points out that Ingrid possesses
abilities even more incomprehensible than those humanly possible
(Soul/Psycho Power, Satsui No Hadou, etc.) and supposedly this highest form
of energies is still with deficiences because Rose defeats her. She almost
says to Ingrid something like, "Now you acheived the ultimate and still
lost, what's there left to try?"

Sano: What does Jedah to Ingrid "...I see now...surely here is the
dimension's warped place. Do you appear for what is the reason of
necessity?" and Ingrid to Jedah "You're the extent of one fond of
troublesome expressions. Your far and wide knowledge is complex to mantain."

vasili10: Jedah to Ingrid:

"Ah, here's where everything's messed up, and (sarcastically) you're here
because you have to be right?"

Ingrid to Jedah:

"You (egotistically more like Yoooou) have sophisticated ways of controlling
space, you're annoying to the max."

Sano: How come Hauzer says Gogogogo?

vasili10: It's either a dragon's growl or a dragon's gloating; it reminded
me at first of Jabba the Hut's hohohoing.

Sano: Does Nool studder in the Japanese version as he does in his quotes in
the American version?

vasili10: Yes he does stammer. Syllables at the beginning and end of his
sentences tend to repeat, sometimes as part of of words themselves, other
times like echoing or freeze talking.

Sano: Can you tell us more about Shin Gouki's quotes?

vasili10: Shin Gouki's quotes are mostly four kanji(Chinese characters)
strung together in a combo; some combos mean something altogether, others I
could only interpret individually, so please bear with any vague

Sano: Can you help clarify Zangief's quote to Leo; "No! This won't do! Such
scowling will make the audience afraid!"

vasili10: Where there's "No!", it actually said "Muu!" Zangief may have
meant to say "boo!" but I interpreted it as short for "no way!" or "nothin'
doin'!" since "mu" by itself means "nothing."

Sano: Demitri says to Ryu "You're lacking something...that's the tenacity
against not swaying for a victory." and Ryu tells Demitri "To the last drop.
This blood, until it will boil!" Doesn't it seem like these quotes have been
reversed, like it should be Demitri telling Ryu "To the last drop. This
blood, until it will boil!" and Ryu should be telling Demitri "You're
lacking something...that's the tenacity against not swaying for a victory?"

vasili10: Understood, but they're still correct. Demitri points out that he
sees Ryu as not fighting to win, but fighting to fight. Ryu sees fighting to
fight as self-improvement, and bettering yourself doesn't always have to be
with a victory. That's a thought which I'd see as quite foriegn to Demitri,
who being a vampire would never see himself as ever needing to improve, due
to his pride of thinking of himself as an already perfect being.

Ryu just says he'll fight to the very end, until his blood boils, until his
strength drains, until he can't move anymore, that sort of comparison; and I
also can't help but see him struggle quite a bit against Demitri in order to
win against him, as he kind of stammers in his quote (breaks off his words a
bit at points almost as if he's taking a breather) whereas Demitri wouldn't
struggle very much to defeat Ryu if their universes collided and they fought
each other.

Sano: What does Urien's quote to Vega - "I want submissive ones! Needless
for two arms three arms and so forth!" mean?

vasili10: Unlike Vega with his two or three chief subordinates working under
him but they're (Bison, Balrog, Sagat) still free to act on their own
extent, Urien demands no leniency with anyone, he calls the shots himself
with no sharing of responsibility. Another way of looking at it:

Vega: Do what you want, but my order comes first.
Urien: You're a mindless puppet that doesn't move unless I make you move.

Vega will take loyalty as long as obedience follows it, Urien wants
obedience period.

Sano: About Demitri's quote to Chun-Li, "Am I a servant of God having come
to exist in eternal night?...if not then die sweetly." Is Demitri calling
himself a gift of God? That's strange yet cool in a freaky way...

vasili10: Kind of. His pride as a vampire gives him labels such as elite and
divine, elite because he's undead and of nobility, divine because he was
created just as Lucifer was created yet still fell from the glory of the

Sano: Hmmmm. So Demitri's telling Chun-Li something like "Worship me or

vasili10: Not quite. The first part of his quote is more of a rhetoric "yes"
to himself in his view, and since he believes the former to be true, he just
says that she'll suffer at his hands rather than painlessly expire. Kind of

"I am this, but if I was not, then it(death from defeat) wouldn't be so hard
on you."

Sano: What does Mukuro saying Demitri has a Buddha's heart mean in his
quote, "The Buddha's heart...thou art of no business with it."

vasili10: Mukuro doesn't say Demitri has a Buddha's heart; quite the
contrary, he confirms that Demitri's the complete antithesis of one.
Literally Mukuro says Demitri's in no way associated with it, and in effect
Demitri's labeled as irredeemable by the Buddhist way of salvation.

Sano: What does Ingrid's quote to Vega "Considering making me go around
with injustice as it's been? Pooh! You totally misunderstand!" mean?

vasili10: Ingrid to Vega's is nothing too fancy; she's just using her tried
and true figurative language saying to him he thinks she's just gonna sit by
with her hands tied amidst all the havoc he wreaks (including now with the
light of Double Upper and the psycho drive I suppose).

Sano: What does Jedah's quote to Guy "With a memory of joint ownership
due to the craving acquirement of skills and knowledge I am efficiently
satisfied." mean?

vasili10: Jedah's speech I interpret as being he's satisfied at having
absorbed Guy after defeating him due to Guy having brains as well as talent.
Speaks like a true Makai elitist, don't he.

Sano: Is Ryu's quote to Vega "Don't you understand already? I will never
surrender to this." referring to Satsui No Hadou?

vasili10: I feel Ryu's quote to Vega is about SnH, since he mentions not
surrendering to "this."

Sano: What does Karin's quote to Ingrid, "You dangle after a strange
already apparent sense. My imagination? Or rather..." mean?

vasili10:  Karin indicates that Ingrid insists on using her "different"
techniques to win, and although Karin still trounces her, they puzzle her
at the same time.

Sano: In Ingrid's quote to Karin, "Is it that regrettable? Ohohohohoho!
Make me laugh some more!" Ingrid using the famous anime vixen laugh is
too funny!

vasili10: The haughty anime laugh is just perfect for a rich, pampered
character like Karin, not just vixens such as Naga from Slayers, and seeing
Ingrid chuck it right back at her is classic. Devilot also laughs that way
in Super Puzzle Fighter II X at least. ROFL!

Sano: In Zangief's quote to Vega, "Again you fuss over that whatever power?
These days even small students would trust it!" what does Zangief mean by
small students?"

vasili10: Pure mockery. He affirms that psycho power is so fantasy-ish and
imaginary hence Vega's sound defeat, that even little kids aka naive people
who have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality would rely on such
fighting moves.

Sano: In Chun-Li's quote to Felicia, "Such eyes must not be seen! ...tsh,
you don't take me on!" what does Chun-Li mean by saying eyes?

vasili10: "Eyes" here mean eyes of insight, the mental eye, the ability to
anticipate. (The kanji for "eye" seen here is "gan", as in Sharingan from
Naruto and Shingan from Rurouni Kenshin.) Under CFJ's crossover tiers,
Chun-Li is assumed to have a difficult time fighting Felicia because of

Sano: Yun's quote to Ingrid, "What the?...the aim's to raise the intern
course. From you I felt a great wild pitch." what does the whole pitching
thing mean?

Vasili10: Wild pitch as in a show of great effort taken, but not directed
to the right spot. That's how Yun sees as the degree with which Ingrid
fought him.

Sano: Felicia's quote to Chun-Li, what exactly is meant by tickling when
she tells her "Don't tell me...that tickles ma'am? Refreshing and, because
it's unwilling..."

vasili10: Going back to CFJ's tier assumption that Chun Li would have a
tough fight against Felicia, if Felicia won it wouldn't be with much
effort. Perhaps Chun Li's kicks seem so ineffective to Felicia that they
may as well be a breezy tickle rather than an attack. That's as best as I
can interpret Felicia's remarks.

Sano: What does Vega's quote to Demitri, "To behave courteously be
agreeable, from this side I perceive you're diminuitive." mean?

vasili10: Vega sees Demitri as a loser because he's not ruthless enough,
not pulling out all the stops, something Gouki might say to the scarcely
few opponents that might somewhat impress him.

Sano: What does Guy mean when he tells Chun-Li "Don't be even the least
bit negligent...this is an evil surge in the fullest." by evil surge?

vasili10: "Surge" was translated from "hadou"; he does say to Chun-Li
"evil hadou" literally.

Sano: Is he specifically talking about Satsui No Hadou and is this
quote similar to his quote to Rose when he tells her "This
connection's disorder...do you also sense it? What is it awakening
as?" which may also be a reference to the Satsui No Hadou?

vasili10: No I don't believe what he says to Rose is along the lines
of what he says to Chun Li, and I doubt he's talking about SnH
specifically. With Rose he's actually anxious and worried, while with
Chun Li it's more general and hypothetical. In other terms a word of
forewarning or concern with Rose, and a word of advice to Chun Li.

Sano: When Chun-Li tells Zangief "From one finished round, I'd conclude
you were too short of an afterbrain right..." what does she mean by
afterbrain? Is this her way of calling Zangief stupid?

vasili10: More or less, "afterbrain" also translates to "medula oblongata",
so yeah she's saying he's missing some blocks up there in the ol' noggin.

Sano: Shoryuken.com member aerialgroove spoke to RedCyclone who 
translated Chun-Li's quote to Zangief as "The last blow hit the hindbrain 
directly..." and not the way you translated it - "From one finished 
round, I'd conclude you were too short of an afterbrain right..." 
Which translation is more accurate?

vasili10: Checked it again. Well, okay. I don't see "directly" 
anywhere in the quote, or "hit" either. "Blow" and "round" are the 
same in this case (round as in series of hits), and we're both 
talking about the same head area. Red Cyclone's interpretation is 
a little too abrupt for Chun Li's speech style, but anyway.

Here's a slight revision for both the quote and the explanation.

"From one finished round, I'd conclude it was a bit on the 
afterbrain wasn't it..."

So she isn't calling him stupid, but instead points out that 
she probably got him in the back of his brain pan, and a little 
too much to boot. Kind of like, "Ouch, gotcha in the back of the 
head a little too good didn't I?" Thanks for pointing it out 
aerialgroove, I fudged half of that one up, sorry about that. 

Sano: What does Pyron's quote to Guy, "There are some inconveniences 
here and there. Combine your sizes." mean?

vasili10: First part means Pyron defeated Guy, but not without Guy giving 
him some annoyance on the way to his defeat. Second part best I can tell, 
Guy's moving so fast while fighting that he's leaving after-images. Pyron's 
coaxing him as if each image is a real Guy, and if multiple Guy's ganged up 
on Pyron, the alien would be more likely to lose. Either that or he's not 
aware that the multiple Guy's aren't able to join up for greater power and 

Sano: I think I get the general idea of what Jedah means when he tells 
Anakaris "Understand don't you? Merely a single existence, to assimilate 
all existences...this be a nation." but perhaps you could elaborate?

vasili10: To Anakaris Jedah's saying they're mostly in agreement with their 
ideals. While Anakaris is with more of a charismatic messianic approach, 
Jedah's more "become one with me or cease to exist". In the end they both 
agree to "only one being brings everything and everyone back together."

Sano: What does Alex mean when he tells Jedah, "If you only understood that 
professions don't prevail, not a harvest perhaps."

vasili10: Alex tells Jedah that he's pretty much a bigmouth, spouting 
figurative language about things such as absorption and harvesting, while 
apparently not putting up a good enough fighting front against Alex to back 
up his cryptic talk.

Sano: What does Jedah's quote to Sakura, "That's a simple matter, unless one 
adheres good...in an individual's so-called receptacle." mean?

vasili10: Best I can tell, he says to Sakura how she can escape suffering, by 
submitting to his will, both body and soul. Apparently she prompts the 
question to him as they fight.

Sano: What does Jedah's quote to Karin, "Decorated above thin ice similar to 
a perilous ice work, such a place perhaps is comparable to this world." mean?

vasili10: To Karin he remarks how the temporal world and she are both so 
fragile they can shatter, crumble and sink with little effort. Their beauty 
is merely an exterior one to behold yet remains without warmth or feeling in 
Jedah's eyes.

Sano: The Lone Dragon of Shoryuken.com asks, "Regarding Zangief's quote to 
Shin Gouki, "What!...fairly strong arms or so I thought, too quick a taking 
to ruin isn't it." I thought his low stamina was just a game balancing 
detail. Is he really that frail storywise?"

vasili10: Who knows, it's a crossover, and if they were going for a Shin 
Gouki fracturing scene like in Ryu Final, physically he may be brittle, but 
he's likely also more than that.

Sano: The Lone Dragon asks, "Shin Gouki's quote to Alex, "Herculean strength 
and vitality!" Am I dreaming...or did that sound like...an actual compliment? 
To a non-hadou user, no less.

vasili10: Either a compliment or a gloat referring to himself since he does 
defeat Alex in order to say it. His quote to Leo is along these lines as well. 

Sano: What does Alex's quote to Pyron "There's nothing to worry about, it'd 
be anyone mistaking it." and Pyron's quote to Alex "In testing you I imposed 
a time limit! Mm, that seems to be in accordance with expectations." mean?

vasili10: Best I can tell, Alex managed to impress Pyron in certain ways and 
surprised him with doing so, whereas Pyron's win quote back to Alex implies 
that Alex lasted as long as Pyron had hypothesized but otherwise he had 
caught Pyron off guard during Pyron's designated timeframe. 

Sano: What does Zangief's quote to Anakaris "To call oneself a head of 
state then, if it's not as much as to rather not collect the people's respect 
so to speak isn't it!" mean?

vasili10: Best I can tell, Zangief says that Anakaris sees his ruling 
position as one that couldn't care less for the approval of his subjects. 
He's on top and it doesn't matter whether or not people like him or accept 

Sano: What does Ingrid's quote to Anakaris mean? "Occasionally as much as 
not to die is to have to die, is that not of a blockhead? Hmm?"

vasili10: Ingrid sees his state of existence as a silly paradox; to her he
should be just dead and not even try to act like he's alive, planning and
establishing a sovereign dynasty as if he's just taken the throne from his
predecessors or something when he'd been pushing up daisies for several
thousand years and counting.

Sano: What does Alex’s quote to Chun-Li, "You've made me decide on no 
grudge. Your kicks are dangerous." mean?

vasili10: Alex to Chun Li: However satisfying a victory Alex may have had 
against her, he respects her as a fighting threat, and though he might've 
been initially frustrated, he's decided to abandon any negative feelings she 
could've potentially forced out of him.

Sano: What does Chun-Li’s quote to Alex, "You can't do it. After putting on 
a little body weight perhaps, then you can." mean?

vasili10: Chun-Li to Alex: He tries to overwhelm Chun-Li, but she can't be 
brought down into defeat the way he is, at least according to her impression 
of him. Chun-Li suggests that he could have a better chance by bulking up.

Sano: Can you clear up the rest of the quotes Alex has to other characters?

vasili10: To Ryu: Alex can't understand why he won; he's positive that Ryu's 
better than he is.

To Guile: Guile's mostly fighting with a vengeful mindset, and Alex warns 
him it's not the way to go for a victory, yet he sometimes senses Guile's not 
fighting with such a mindset anyway which puzzles him.

To Zangief: Zangief puts on a good show for Alex, one that's worthy of a 

To Vega: Vega's reminded that no entire population can be forced to 
completely desire absolute righteousness or absolute malice; there will 
always be individuals on both sides of the fence.

To Demitri: Best I can tell is Alex sees that Demitri doesn't take losing 
very well, and it serves him right to be knocked off his pedestal from time 
to time.

To Felicia: She plays around too much without taking any other fighting 
factors to heart, and is admired for her shallow tediousness.

To Anakaris: Alex isn't really keen on anyone forcing their views on him, 
even if they appear to be beneficial.

To Jedah: Jedah's told that his soul-harvesting project won't see any 
successful completion.

To Yun: Yun's depended too much on combo moves that proved too 
insignificant in Alex's eyes.

To Urien: Alex would respect Urien as an opponent if it wasn't for his 
tyrannical character and likely his 'in the nearly all nude' motif.

To Leo: In Alex's view Leo's admirable beliefs don't match up with his 
facial expressions.

To Mukuro: Mukuro is told that it's one's own responsibility to control 
one's power, even if it's power for someone else's behalf.

To Hauzer: Alex regards Hauzer and their battle as a daring show that 
could make some money.

To Nool: Nool's uniqueness is admired, but Alex isn't sucked in to the 
point of abandoning his sense of reality.

To Sakura: Best I can tell is Alex tells her that appreciating a life of 
fighting only comes with being thoroughly immersed into it.

To Guy: To Alex Guy has the element of surprise down, but no power 
to go with his strikes.

To Rose: Rose is informed that strength earns victory, and not a moral 

To Karin: She's told to continue thinking of how spacious the world of 
fighting is.

To Ingrid: Alex is concerned for Ingrid as an troublesome opponent, and 
that he probably shouldn't have crossed fists with her.

To Pyron: Pyron apparently underestimated Alex's performance, and 
Alex notes that he's used to such an evaluation by his opposition.

To Shin Gouki: Though he's accustomed to escorting worthy opponents 
to their deathly doom, Shin Gouki is flatly told that Alex won't be going 
with him.

Sano: What does Anakaris’ quote to Ryu, "Your soul is not a 
displeasure-easure-easure. I approve of an audience once again-gain-gain."

vasili10: Anakaris enjoyed the battle he had with Ryu as well the character 
of a warrior Ryu displayed, and he'd be appreciative of their fighting in 
the future.

Sano: What does Urien's quote to Sakura, "For a god favors all! But the 
Absolute loves only my own self!"mean and what does Sakura's quote to 
Urien,"How is there nothing of a foundation ya know?  With lip service as 
much as you like yet it's becoming arrogant." mean?

vasili10: Urien is saying to Sakura that he, considering himself beyond 
divinity, cannot adore or tolerate anyone or anything inferior to him.  
In his view a mere god will accept a being more lowly than the deity as 
long as the proper homage is bestowed onto the deity, but he won't.

Sakura is saying to Urien that he's thoroughly superficial; he talks too
much talk but doesn't walk any of the walk.

Sano: What does Urien's quote to Karin, "Deride me eh! Death in the narrow 
price of the felony!" mean?

vasili10: Urien says to Karin that for mocking him, she's guilty of so many 
degrees of punishment that dying might as well be one of the more lenient 

Sano: Before I start yapping, I like how TS of Shoryuken.com explained Rose
to Chun-Li; "An extremely natural state you became...thanks to a new purpose
I wonder."

TS: Since this is Street Fighter 3 Chun-Li, she's all chilled out now

Sano: And TS's explanation of Chun-Li to Rose is cool too. The original
quote reads, "Your face sees through all but. Is this result seen past

TS: "You're a psychic, you didn't see this coming?"

Sano: Most of the people who know a lot about Street Fighter's storyline
seem to agree that Guile is the most likely person to have won the SF2
Tourney since Capcom of Japan doesn't state who won (Read Tiamat's Street
Fighter Plot Canon Guide faq here at Gamefaqs for more info). Here is a very
keen observation by Hcparker of Shoryuken.com regarding Guile's quotes to
Vega in this game - "Even if you're knocked down I'm disgusted with you.
What kind of comfort if requiem passes over?"

Hcparker: It does sound much more likely that Guile was the winner of
the second tournament. I think his quotes to Vega are the only ones that
specifically reference beating Vega as opposed to destroying Shadowloo.

Sano: Here's the Lone Dragon's thoughts on Shin Gouki to Nool: "Veritable 
pandemonium!" Very funny!

The Lone Dragon: Lol, this is probably the greatest Gouki win quote ever. 
I just imagine him waving his hands above his head wildly while saying it, 
like Mr. Furley from Three's Company. 

Sano: True Tatsu and vasili10 had a great exchange with regards to 
the meanings of some of the quotes to Ingrid and vice versa. So the first
question - What does Ingrid's quote to Guile, "With continuing to crouch is 
it not pitiful of the knee??" mean?

True Tatsu: "All this constant bowing/kneeling; Isn't it bad for your 

Sano: What does Guile's quote to Ingrid, "I don't know what your intention 
is, at most don't over-frolic." mean?

True Tatsu: Guile seems unaware of her goals while disapproving of her 
playful nature. 

vasili10: Not so much carefree and playful as active and belittling. 

Sano: What does Ingrid's quote to Zangief, "Enough I'm not looking 
anymorre! For with your chest I get goosebumps!" mean?

True Tatsu: I think Ingrid finds Zangief's extra manly chest mane too

Sano: What does Zangief's quote to Ingrid, "The fluttering from 
earlier... blasted restless fellow!" mean?

True Tatsu: I'm not sure if Zangief is referring to himself being 

vasili10: Zangief refers to Ingrid being restless, again active.

Sano: What does Ingrid's quote to Demitri, "Go ahead and confine 
yourself within the demon world or whatever, well...eventually even 
that dimension becomes raucous doesn't it." mean?

True Tatsu: "You could go ahead and confine yourself within the demon
world, but... eventually even that dimension will begin to bore 
(disagree) with you."

vasili10: The demon world to Ingrid will eventually be a dimension for
her to worry about as well, as a nuisance prone to causing havoc. 

Sano: What does Demitri's quote to Ingrid, "Why you...what are you 
considering, for that world over there is unsatisfactory so-to-speak 
perhaps." mean?

True Tatsu: "Why you... What are you thinking, that the world over
there isn't up to your standards perhaps."

Sano: What does Ingrid's quote to Felicia, "Kuh...don't bite the back 
of the neck! Am I not weeping?!" mean?

True Tatsu: "Kuh... don't bite (the nape of) my neck! (Can't you see) 
you're making me cry?"

Sano: What does Felicia's quote to Ingrid, "What pretty hair...jealous 
aren't I, here's 'mine', it's frizzy after all." mean?

True Tatsu: "What pretty hair; Mine is all frizzy... I'm sooo jealous!" 

Sano What does Ingrid's quote to Urien, "Stop it!! For such an oppressive 
fellow shall not be permitted!" mean?

True Tatsu: "Stop it! I cannot allow your oppressive acts to continue!"

vasili10: Ingrid labels Urien himself as oppressive rather than his 

Sano: What does Urien's quote to Ingrid, "Gaze upwards!! This is ultimate! 
And also absolute!" mean?

True Tatsu: I'm not sure what this ultimate and absolute thing is (power of
Urien:, but it must be above Ingrid.

vasili10: Most likely Urien rather than power, just his own brazen outlook 	
of course.

Sano: What does Ingrid's quote to Sakura, "For what to say as such...you, 
have to consider the so-called object of fashion changes." mean?

True Tatsu: "What should I say (about your/our clothes)... you/we have
an eye for fashion trends."

Sano: What does Sakura's quote to Ingrid, "Uh..um...are you not acquainted, 
with a rich girl?" mean? 

True Tatsu: "Uh... um... you wouldn't know a rich girl (Karin) would you?"
Sano: From here on out I'll answer questions, frequently asked ones.

Q: Where does Ingrid come from and who created her?

A: Ingrid was supposed to be in a 3D fighting game game called Capcom
Fighting All Stars: The Code Holders, nicknamed CFAS by us net folk. She was
created by Ishizawa from Capcom of Japan. The other new characters in this
game that were drawn by former SNK artist Senri Kita were D.D. and Rook.
The rest of the cast was Ryu, Chun-Li, Nash(Charlie in the US), Alex, Batsu,
Akira, Strider, Poison and Mike Haggar. There was also a character named
Death who chances are, was the boss of the game. Haggar was the main
character. This game was cancelled before it even came out because fan
reaction to a 3D fighter was very negative and the Beta Test was lukewarm
at best.

Q: How do you know that Ishizawa created Ingrid?

A: I attended the New York Comic Book Convention from February 24-26 in
2006. I got to meet lots of the great people from Studio Udon, Erik Ko, Ken
Siu-Chong, Omar Dogan and Zub! They were really great answering all of my
questions and hooking me up with some sketches! When I got my Ingrid sketch
from Omar Dogan I brought the US CFE strat guide and the Arnold Tsang
Ryu/Ingrid Arcadia cover that he could use for reference. He mainly used
the Arcadia cover, this was his first time drawing Ingrid and he nailed it!
While he was drawing her Erik Ko, Senior Editor of Studio Udon kept yelling
that he had to make her cute and sexy and both of them laughed at this
injoke. Erik Ko (Udoneko is the name he uses on the net) explained this to
me, told me that Ishizawa was the one that created Ingrid. Anyway, when
Arnold Tsang was drawing the Arcadia cover Ishizawa kept rejecting it,
telling Tsang to redraw her face a number of times before it finally got
his approval. He kept telling Studio Udon to make her look "Cute and sexy!"
And of course Studio Udon was like, "What the heck does that mean?" Ha ha

Q: Any chance we can see this sketch?

A: I don't see why not. Ingrid from Omar Dogan -


And also a sketch of Ryu I got from Alvin Lee, and a Chun-Li sketch I got
from Omar Dogan!



Oh, and here's a picture of me at the New York Comic Book convention at
Studio Udon's booth! I'm wearing a red shirt and holding a sketch book
up. This picture has appeared in 2 comics, Street Fighter II issue # 4
and Rival Schools issue #2. Between this and my letter printed in Play
Magazine (see below) I've got to be up to 20 seconds of fame, lol!


Random, but here are some more sketches I've gotten from Studio Udon 
recently at the NY Anime Festival that took place between December 7-9
in 2007. From Omar Dogan here's Saya, the final boss of Namco x Capcom!


Also from Omar Dogan, Blair from Street Fighter EX!


And of course I didn't forget about this Faq! From Joe NG Here's Mukuro 
AKA Kenji!


Special thanks to Amputekthure for getting me this sketch of Gouki from
Joe NG at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con! Hey another CFJ character! Well 
it may or may not be Shin Gouki since who can say if his hair is white
or not lol!


Not from Udon, but here's a sketch I got from Japanese artist Ryu Moto at
the 2009 New York Comic con. It's Dante of Devil May Cry fame. Well Dante 
does appear in Jedah's Capcom Fighting Evolution ending har har! This is
based on Dante from the Devil May Cry anime.


Special thanks to Pained Auron of Shoryuken.com for getting Ron Lim to 
draw me this sketch of Shuma-Gorath at Wondercon! Marvel vs. Capcom 2 
character for the win!


Here's a sketch of Spider-Man I got from John Romita Sr. via paying a 
lot of money online ROFL! Oh come on now you only know Spider-Man from
his Capcom video game appearances man I'm sure you've never seen him 
anywhere else... J/K! GO SPIDEY GO!


Here's some more Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2 characters. Spider-Man and Venom
by Randy Emberlin!


This may be even more random but I was hella surprised to spot an Ingrid
cosplayer at the 2007 NY Anime Festival! She's hanging with Cammy and 
Hermit who hails from the anime, manga and Capcom produced game History's 
Strongest Disciple Kenichi! Man that's just some hardcore Capcom loving!


Going back to who created Ingrid, Capcom's Seth Killian was interviewed
on the website Xism on April 19th, 2010 where he was asked -

"Lastly, let’s stop the fan bickering and confusion right now. As far as 
your concerned is Ingrid truly Street Fighter character? Because of the 
way she was introduced and the version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 she was 
in, people feel she does not belong. Please clear this up so fans know 
whether or not to complain about her not being included in Super Street 
Fighter IV."

And Seth's response -  

"Full disclosure: I’m a friend of Ingrid’s creator (who also snuck a 
few of her concepts into Yattaman #2 in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate 
All-Stars), so I might be biased. That said, while I’m not sure about 
her future, I do think her inclusion in Capcom Fighting Evolution 
cemented her place in the official Street Fighter canon."

You can see the full interview here.


With all due respect to Seth Killian who I have met in real life and 
is a really cool person, me personally I'm not sure how her inclusion
in Capcom Fighting Evolution makeS her part of SF's canon (not saying she
is or isn't of course) since that would mean Red Earth / Warzard characters 
are also be part of SF's canon and that's obviously not the case. The 
reason I bring this up is because he mentions Ingrid's creator, and while 
he doesn't name that person Ishizawa did work on Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom:
Ultimate All-Stars while Senri Kita did not. This seems to back up what
Erik Ko told me before, that Ishizawa was the one that created Ingrid.

Q: What can you tell us about Ingrid, D.D. and Rook from Capcom Fighting All

A: They all seemed to have nicknames and codes.

D.D. was called 'Crimson Thunder." His code was 'Ogre.'

Rook was called 'Rebellion Feather.' His code was 'Fallen Angel.'

Ingrid was called 'Eternal Ray.' Her code was 'Isis.'

And they all had 'God Names' that came along with freaky circular symbols,
like the one Ingrid looks up at in her CFE ending.

D.D. - Thunder Goddess (Yes, he was called a Goddess even though he was
male. Think of how Elton John calls himself a diva...)
Rook - Fallen Angel
Ingrid - Eternal Goddess

It was unknown if these characters were actual Gods and if Rook was an
actual Angel that fell from Heaven or whether or not Death was the Grim
Reaper of legend, but given Ingrid's CFE ending, it seems they were intended
to be, or at least possessed by such beings.

Q: What was CFAS's story?

A: Basically the story was that Death was running around Metro City with a
bomb called Laughter Sun. The bomb had codes that needed to be input into
the bomb to disarm it. D.D., Rook, and Ingrid where the Code Holders, they
had the codes that would deactivate the bomb. Their codes were Ogre, Fallen
Angel and Isis as stated above.

Q: What was CFAS's Intro?

A: Special thanks to Saiki for translating the intro to CFAS.

In Metro City, a package had been sent to Haggar from a little girl. Haggar,
being cautious with the package, took it to the police to be opened. Inside
was a bomb that Mad Gear used before called Laughter Sun.

*phone rings*

Haggar - Haggar here
Unknown Person - Did you like the present I sent you?
Haggar - You! Are you Mad Gear!
Unknown Person - Mad Gear has just now, been destroyed!
(You can see Mad Gear members lying beside the guys legs)
Haggar - What do you want?
Unknown Person - My name is DEATH. And to be honest, I want to play a little
Haggar - Game?
Death - It's a simple game of catch. I'll run around the city with LAUGHTER
SUN, and if you catch me, you win. Also, I want D.D. to be a part of this
Haggar - D.D.!? Who is that?
Death - I can't answer much. Now let the game begin!

I may be talking a lot about CFAS, but I'm actually glad the game was
canceled 'cuz I'll take 2D over 3D anyday. And the story, Gods running
around Metro city with a bomb is a bit on the silly side, but my reasoning
for putting this stuff down is just to add anything so the gamers can learn
more about the world Ingrid came from, Capcom's new mysterious character.

Q: What's Ingrid's story in CFE?

A: Capcom was purposely being mysterious with Ingrid's origin, kind of like
they did with Q in SF3, but from her ending it looks like the discs on her
head were channeling an Eternal Goddess, or given her Move List names some
type of Sun Goddess. After the game ends, she looks up in the sky as the
Goddess represented by that freaky symbol leaves her body. She puts away
the disks and leads a normal life. Her quotes in the English version give
parts of her story as well. She calls people whippersnappers making it seem
like she's older than she appears - or better put the God possessing her is
- and asks "Is this what it feels like to have giggles?" as a non human
being not even knowing what it's like to giggle.

Q: Now that Ingrid is in SFZ/A 3 for the PSP, is she now considered to be
a Street Fighter character?

A:  Here's a quote from TiamatRoar, author of the Street Fighter Plot Canon
Guide here at Gamefaqs.

"Ingrid is now officially a Street Fighter character (as opposed to... I
dunno, a nonStreet Fighter Character being a guest in the latest SFA3 port,
I guess.) I saw on the SOTA (Makers of the Street Fighter Action Figures)
message boards Jerry of SOTA saying that the Street Fighter license
actually DOES include and allow them to make figures of Ingrid if they
wanted to (not that they will, of course)."

Q: What is Ingrid's story in Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper AKA Street
Fighter Alpha 3 Max for the PSP?

Sano: Special thanks to Cent208 and N64MARIO84 for the transcript of
Ingrid's story in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max. Since this is based on the
English version it will use the English names, so Vega is referred to as
M.Bison or Bison.

Vs. Evil Ryu:
- Evil Ryu: "Destruction... I'll destroy
anything and everything!"

- Ingrid: And Just what did you expect
to happen here?
Where did you get that power?
It is beyond your control.

- Evil Ryu: "Silence!! Prepare to meet
your utter destruction!"

- Ingrid: I guess you I have no choice but to
teach you a lesson...

Evil Ryu Defeated:
- Ryu (Normal): Unghh... Huh?!
Wha... Where am I?
You... you saved me...
Thank you.

- Ingrid: It seems someone was controlling
you like an evil puppet.
Do you have any idea who it is?
An evil like that is dangerous.

- Ryu: Yes... something strange
happened after I met Bison.
- Ingrid: Bison?! I was told to look out
for him.
I bet he's the one using that
piece for his own purposes.
Farewell Ryu. Good luck in
your pursuit of knowledge.

- Ryu: What?! You know who I am?!
How do you know so much?!

Vs. Rose:
- Rose: I can't see your future, or your
past. All I see is a white haze.
Who are you?
And why are you after Bison?

- Ingrid: You have the power to read the
streams of time, don't you?
If that is the case then wake up!
The power he holds is dangerous.
That power has always been mine.
I have to get it back!

- Rose: That power is yours...? We'll
just have to see about that!
My mission is to seal his power
away forever! Stand aside!

Rose Defeated:
- Ingrid: You shouldn't worry. We'll keep
that power in our custody.
It shouldn't take me more than
15 minutes to get rid of Bison.
So don't worry, Rose. You
can enjoy yourself now.

- Rose: Who... who are you? I still
can't see what's in your future.

- Ingrid: Remember me as a messanger from
the stars... Farewell, Rose.

Vs. Final M.Bison (Vega):
- Ingrid: That uniform... and that twisted
face! There's no mistaking him!
Bison!! I'm going to seal away
your Psycho Power forever!
So return that power now! You
can't just take what you please!

- M.Bison: You! Your seal! Your fate is
linked to the Psycho Drive!

- Ingrid: Psycho... What? You've even
given it a ridiculous name!
You can never master that power!
Return it before you get hurt!

- M.Bison: Haha.. Who do you think you are?
You've just sealed your fate!
There won't be a trace left
after you meet my Psycho Power!

- Ingrid: Your power!?!? Is there
no limit to your shamelessness?

Final M.Bison (Vega) Defeated - Ending:
-*Ingrid walks towards M.Bison.*-
- Ingrid: Done and done!
You can give it back to me now!

- M.Bison: Arrgghhh! How did you track me
down all the way here!?
I'll never give up my power!
I'll never give up Psycho Drive!

- Ingrid: How many times do I have to say
it? It has always been my power!

-*M.Bison starts flying off up into the air.*-

- Ingrid: ... There sure is no reasoning
with him, is there?
-*Ingrid jumps left, off of the screen*-

-*Rose appears from the right, moments later.*-
- Rose: The power... It's gathering! An
unbelievably sinister energy...
What are you going to do? This
is critical!!

-*A Red BG is seen, with the Psycho Drive
statue far away, coming alive, absorbing
some round fireball object that is flying
toward it, assuming this is M.Bison.*-

-*M.Bison appears in the Psycho Drive.*-
-*Ingrid appears from the left, moments later.*-
- M.Bison: Hahahaha!
You're too late!
Human hatred and fear all feed
into my Psycho Drive!
I'll never stop receiving this
limitless and never-ending evil!
I have conquered death!
No one can threaten me now!!

- Ingrid: ...say what you like! I show you
the very end of life itself!

-*M.Bison unleashes his special move,
the Psycho Crusher, against Ingrid.*-
- M.Bison: Is that a last request!?!

-*Ingrid finishes M.Bison with a critical
Sun type sealing move, filled with
electrical blue lightning effects.*-
- M.Bison: Huh!?
This can't be...

-*M.Bison is shown getting destroyed
by flames, starting at the head.*-
- M.Bison: How can this be! I can never
be defeated! Impossible!!!!!!!

-*M.Bison is shown getting blown up.*-

- Ingrid: The catalyst you used was too
strong for a machine like that!

-*Ingrid jumps into the Psycho Drive.*-
- Ingrid: This power has always been mine.
No ordinary human can control it!
I've spent too much time on this
one! Time to get back to work!
While I'm at it, I'll get rid of
this terrible machine as well!

-*Ingrid flies off, out of the Psycho Drive.
The Psycho Drive statue starts flying off
from the red background.*-

-*Rose appears, still standing on
M.Bison's dark skull stage.*-
- Rose: Bison's power is extinguised.
It's finally over now...
But I still have no idea who
that girl really was...

-*The Psycho Drive statue flies in the air,
Ingrid appears sitting down, legs crossed,
reading a small book.*-
- Ingrid: Let's see... next up is the year
201X, and I'll be up against...
What!? That monk who just passed
by!? ... Wasn't that Ryu!?
He sure is up to something
interesting now! Hahahahaha!

-*Ingrid dissapears, and the Psycho Drive
statue flies off the screen.*-

-*Screen fades out to a black screen,
here's some words from the narrator.*-
- (Narrator): Shadowloo is destroyed... and it's
leader M.Bison has vanished...
....as has Ingrid, the Psycho
Drive power back in her hands.

-*Ingrid's win portait is shown. The End.*-


And here's vasili10's translation of the Japanese version, Street
Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper:


The silver-haired aiming with a mysterious aura girl Ingrid. She's 
in a bit of a hurry....unless she rushes to solve the problem the world 
shall be shrouded in sinister dark clouds. Having spotted that source she 
hastens a step. "If I don't recover....that! A troublesome matter will 
happen ahead!"

Before 5th battle vs SnH Ryu:

SnH Ryu: "[Break!....Break, anything!!]"

Ingrid: "What came for you to feel, like this. Where did you obtain, 
that power? Seems to be beyond your power doesn't it."

SnH Ryu: "[Shut up!! I'll break you too!!]"

Ingrid: "....No helping it is there. I must give him a bit of a pep 

After battle:

Ryu: "....Uuh.... ........Hah! Wh, where....? Ah, did you help me?.... 
Sorry, my thanks!...."

Ingrid: "You, if you were manipulated by someone it's alright. Would you 
happen to know the main culprit?? Abuse of this manner is bothersome."

Ryu: "Indeed, that's right....it became strange from after I met the man 
called Vega...."

Ingrid: "Hmm, him? His name was on the special attention list. Certainly 
if he were to use that as a common tool. Farewell then Ryu. Keep on with 
your diligent vigorous training."

Ryu: "!....she knew about me? What kind of person was that...."

Before 9th battle vs Rose:

Rose: "Your future, even your past also completely white isn't visible.... 
What in the world kind of person are you? Why are you approaching Vega?"

Ingrid: "For you it's the power to read of a little mere time flow isn't 
it. In which case your worry breaks? The "power" he has is dangerous and, 
from the start that isn't the person's property. It must be returned."

Rose: "Your object....? I cannot be silent upon hearing such. My mission 
is to seal the "power".... If you're an obstacle, I'll go as far as 
removing you!"

After battle:

Ingrid: "It's alright not to worry, trust that that "power" is originally 
ours. Even the likes of Vega, in general after 15 minutes I'll repel aside. 
Therefore be at ease, Rose. You'll be able to enjoy your life."

Rose: "....Who, are you? Indeed even now your future isn't visible...."

Ingrid: "Remember me as a messenger from the heavenly realm. Farewell 

Before 10th battle vs Final Vega:

Ingrid: "Mm....a miltary uniform cloak with a Heinrich face, appearance 
is unmistakeable isn't it. The likes of Vega! Immediately the organization 
is dismantled the likes of psycho power is forbidden! Furthermore go ahead 
and return that! Thief who's going about using it as he pleases!"

Vega: "!....Your crest.... You're one with bonds to the psycho drive eh?"

Ingrid: "Psycho....what? Shame on you naming it so arbitrarily! That isn't 
for you to master. Return it to me so you don't get hurt!"

Vega: "Heheheh....I don't care who you are. One who stands up to Vega, is 
erased! Disappear without even a trace.... due to my psycho power."

Ingrid: "'My' you said?! This guy, is at the limit of impudence!"


Ingrid: "Okay okay, it's over it's over! Return it quickly now, that!"

Vega: "Gunuuuh....cornering Vega up to this far....! More and more a reason 
to not return it! The source of my power, the 'psycho drive'!"

Ingrid: "Like I said! How many times do I seem to be telling you that was 
originally mine!"

Vega: "Fuhahahahaaaah!"

Ingrid: "....Honestly this is out of the question."

Rose: "Power....is gathering! And a helplessly ominous power! What's she 
planning to do....for this crisis."

Vega: "Fuhahaha! Late aren't you! Every time people feared, or hate, this 
'psycho drive' reacted, it continues to grant me infinite power! This is 
evil perpetualization! Having transcended death no one can threaten my 

Ingrid: "....do whatever you like! I'll make sure of your last moment."

Vega: "Is that your last request?? Then diiiiee!! But!? Im, impossible!? 
Vega....to be destroyed....it can't be....it can't beeee!!"

Ingrid: "That's one medium a burden past. This was originally our 
object.... An ordinary person isn't able to control it. Now then, that ate 
up serious time. I've gotta get back quickly to natural business. While I'm 
at it I should dispose of this troublesome machine."

Rose: "Vega's spirit has vanished.... Seems that everything's over. In 
conclusion, I didn't understand what kind of person that girl was...."

Ingrid: "Uum....what's this what's this. The next in the year 201X, the 
contact phase.... What the! He's the boy from some time ago....Ryu isn't it? 
He'll come to have an interesting fighting spirit! Nyohohohoho!"

The secret society Shadoloo destroyed even its commander Vega vanished to 
what place. Having carried away the psycho drive, even the whereabouts of 
the become girl Ingrid....


Q: How does Ingrid's Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max storyline differ from
the Japanese version, Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper?

A: From vasili10 - "It's not power but rather Ingrid's crest that Vega
stole (never mind how BTW), which in her ending is shown to be the psycho
drive's core, the same thing labeled as the "catalyst" in her Alpha 3 Max

"Ingrid acknowledges that Vega's named his power psycho power; that doesn't
really bother her; it's that he's using her crest as the core of the psycho
drive, so the crest essentially becomes the psycho drive itself. That's why
she's conveniently on this detour of her mission. Yeah the crest is like
the disks on her head."

Q: In light of all of this, is it possible for Vega to be able to use
Psycho Power in Street Fighter 2 after he gains a new body? (Read
TiamatRoar's Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide for more information on Vega's
new body in Street Fighter 2)

A: From vasili10 - "Vega in his new body would still have psycho power
because he would still have a greater tendency for evil than for good. It's
not Ingrid's power that enabled him to shed his goodness, nor does Ingrid's
power or crest convert Soul Power to Psycho Power. His ego and burning
hatred enabled him to split his soul."

Q: In Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper, what are Ingrid's personal win
quotes against Vega and Rose?

A: From vasili10 -

VS Vega: "Too bad that you're informed, you're unnecessary, with the 
generation's mediocrity."

VS Rose: "With relaxing and worrying your speedy flow of time is 

Q: What is Ingrid's bio in the English version of Project X Zone 2?


[Company] Capcom
[Origin] "Street Fighter" Series 

Voice - Masako Jou

Her origins are shrouded in mystery and she operates under the orders
of some unknown organization. 

Although she looks like a cute young girl, she has an old-fashioned
way of talking and often speaks and acts at a slow and deliberate pace.

She has a tendency to want to put her years of accumulated wisdom to use
by guiding others about how to behave, but recently she's become aware of
just how preachy she tends to come off. On the other hand, she's also 
highly into the latest fads, quick to laugh, and a big animal lover. 

In battle, she uses mysterious attacks like throwing orbs, or hurling
enemies into the air without even touching them. The mysterious rune that
appears when she does these moves also servers as her giant hair ornament. 

Q; Is there any chance of Ingrid showing up in Studio Udon's Street
Fighter comic?

A: From sfdevotion, AKA Clarence Lim who is Studio Udon's Web Master -
"Totally up to Ken(Ken Siu-Chong, writer of the Street Fighter comic). I
remember talking to him about Ingrid. She's interesting. No concrete plans

Q: What is the current status (October 2008) of Ingrid appearing in the
Street Fighter comic?

A: From Matt Moylan of Studio Udon: "Since she has appeared in an SF game 
(SF Alpha 3 MAX) we could use Ingrid if we wanted to. Some ideas have been 
tossed around, but nothing has stuck yet. If we do use her it won’t be for 
a while, but she does make a few appearances in the Street Fighter Tribute 
book. (In fact every playable character appears in the book at some point 
except for one... poor Eagle!)"

UPDATE, MARCH 2012 - Ingrid has appeared in the Street Fighter x Tekken 
comic that is included with the Special Edition of Street x Tekken from 
Studio Udon. So Udon did get around to using Ingrid in some capacity. 

Q: Hey Sano, are you the same Sano that had his questions printed and
answered in Street Fighter Legends Sakura issue #4?

A: Why, yes I am I'm so glad you asked! Okay no one would really ask
that question but I am a very shallow man ha ha! The second question I
asked regarding Karin came about during an E-Mail conversation I had with
vasili10. Of the several questions I asked that was one of the selected
questions so again special thanks to him! So between this, my comic book
appearance and the below letter, I have about what? 25 seconds of fame
now lol! Anyway, here are the questions I asked and the answers printed
in Street Fighter Legends Sakura issue #4.

Sano: If you could make a comic book for any other Capcom game, perhaps
not even a fighting game, which would it be and why?

OMAR: (Omar Dogan, artist for Studio Udon) I like a lot of the EX Plus
Alpha characters, but my heart is with Rival Schools.

KEN: (Ken Siu-Chong, writer for Studio Udon) Seeing that I'm a big horror
fan, I'd LOVE to work on a Resident Evil comic someday.

ERIK: (Erik Ko, Udon Chief) Dino Crisis. Yup! It's Jurassic Park with a
sexy chick!

Sano: Why did you decide to make Karin seem less mature and more of a
spoiled brat than she seems to be in Street Fighter Alpha 3?

KEN: That was a bit of a creative liberty I took. There IS a bit of a
spoiled brat in her, so I just took it and ran with it. I might've
gone a little over-the-top with it, but that's pretty much what I've done
for the entire series! It just gave Sakura another fun character to butt
heads with."


Q: Sano, how much do you love Capcom Fighting Evolution?

A: I love this game so much it even gave me fifteen seconds of fame! I was
so happy that Play Magazine gave the PS2 version of this game an A- among
other things. In the 2005 June issue they dubbed the Xbox version of
CFE game of the month and gave it a 9 out of 10! Also in their December
2005 holiday guide they recomended Capcom Fighting Evolution as the top
2005 fighting game for the Xbox just above Phantom Dust, Marvel Nemesis
Rise of the Imperfects and KOF Maximum Impact Maniax saying "It's (Capcom
Fighting Evolution) like a Capcom fighting 2D block party: A 2D fighter
fan's dream come true." And this is after CFE fan Chris Hoffman's
departure from Play Magazine, he works for Nintendo Power now. So during
the beginning of 2005 after their PS2 CFE review I really felt compelled
to write them. The 2005 March Issue of Play Magazine even printed my
letter about it and called my letter "Evolutionary," LOL! Here's my


"When I read your review of Capcom Fighting Evolution a tear almost came to
my eye. Finally, someone in the magazine world gets why some of us hardcore
2D fighting fans love this game for its great balance and overall
addictivness. I play this game a lot and it really excels when your playing
against another person, that's where you to start to learn how deep the
gameplay really is. Right after I read your review I went out and got a
subscription to Play Magazine and have not regretted it since. Thank you
Play Magazine for nominating Capcom Fighting Evolution for Fighting Game of
the Year even if it didn't win. Thank you Chris Hoffman once again for
listing the game as your second favorite game of 2004. And don't worry, you
are not as you say, a bit alone in your unbridled love of Capcom Fighting
Evolution. Some of us old school and hardcore gamers get it."


Anthony "Sano" Collado

(Hey sorry about that but I just HAD to put this off topic letter in this
Faq. At least I put it at the very bottom. ~_^)


IV. Special Thanks

First and foremost special thanks goes out to vasili10 and the bulk of the
credit for this Faq should go to him since I can not read Japanese and he is
responsible for the translations. He's also been really great at explaining
the translations and allowing me to use his stuff for this Faq. He can take
credit for writing this Faq as far as I'm concerned.

MikeJwright for starting the "Sano...." thread at Gamefaqs where people
asked me lots of questions and it eventually gave birth to this Faq.

Both Trutenor and MikeJwright for suggesting I turn all of these winning
quotes into a Faq.

All of the people who gave us quote requests and gave life to this Faq.
Along with others who have made quote requests. Isegrim, Trutenor,
MikeJwright, TS, MvComedy, Travincal, Zamuel, and Gun_grave_.

Saiki for the translation of CFAS's intro, and for giving me the permission
to use it in this Faq.

TS for explaining Rose to Chun-Li and Chun-Li to Rose.

Hcparker AKA Charles Parker for the observation regarding Guile's quotes.

TiamatRoar for the information regarding Ingrid becoming a Street Fighter
character. Also for writing the the Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide of
course. The latest update of the Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide version
4.8 is up right now at Gamefaqs and not only does it have lots of direct 
quotes from vasili10 and some quotes from me plus a TON of new information, 
it will also shout out this faq and reference it too in certain parts! Not 
to mention, vasili10 himself has now been put in charge of maintaining the 
SF Plot Guide, HOORAY! ^_^


Jerry of SOTA toys also with regards to TiamatRoar's information about
Ingrid becoming a Street Fighter character.

Studio Udon - All of the Employees I met at the NY Comic Con and the NY 
Anime Festival. Special thanks to Erik Ko for not only telling me who 
created Ingrid but for being a good friend I've spoken to many times on 
the internet, it was great to finally meet in person! Special thanks to 
Alvin Lee, Joe Ng and Omar Dogan for my sketches! Special thanks to Ken 
Siu-Chong for answering all of my storyline questions and Zub for 
discussing Exalted with me and signing my first issue of Exalted along
with my Makeshift Miracle book! Oh and thanks for putting my picture in 
a Street Fighter comic! Special thanks to Clarence Lim for the information 
regarding Ingrid appearing in the comic and for getting my questions 
printed in Street Legends Sakura Issue #4! Special thanks to Matt Moylan 
for answering my question about Ingrid! An extra special thanks goes 
out to Studio Udon and all of the great artwork they have provided for CFE 
including the amazing ending art. If you're not reading Studio Udon's 
comics - Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools and Exalted I highly 
recommend you start! Studio Udon also translating all of Masahiko 
Nakahira's Street Fighter manga and Masaomi Kanzaki's Street Fighter II 
manga! And of course as you probably know by now they have created new 
sprites and backgrounds for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix available 
for download for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 along with creating new backgrounds 
for Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix! Oh and Udon's doing endings for
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All Stars! Man, Studio Udon's making moves!

Cent208 and N64MARIO84 for Ingrid's dialog in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
and giving me permission to use it.

Special thanks to Aerialgroove and RedCyclone for more clarity on 
Chun-Li's quote to Zangief.

Special thanks to both Ultima and Freak on Board for pointing out that 
other characters do have quotes for Pyron and Shin Gouki in the Japanese
console version in this game. Special thanks to the website Game Store Max
for providing a listing of these quotes since they are not in the Capcom 
Fighting Jame Advanced Guide book that we are using for the rest of the 

Lord Vega for requesting Ingrid's SFZ3DU quotes to Vega and Rose.

Amputekhthre for helping me get that Gouki sketch from Joe NG. Thanks a lot!

Ryu Moto for the Dante sketch. JACKPOT! 

Special thanks to Pained Auron for helping me get that Shuma-Gorath sketch
and Ron Lim for drawing it for me!

The Lone Dragon for questions and a comment regarding Shin Gouki's quotes.

True Tatsu for helping to shed some light on Ingrid's quotes. 

Kidhero99 from Shoryuken.com for asking questions regarding clearing up 
some of the quotes, particularly Alex’s quotes to other characters. 

Capcom's Seth Killian for answering a question about Ingrid, and the fine
folks over at http://x-ism.com/ for asking about her in the first place!

Huge props go out to the wonderful folks at Dynamicforces.com for hooking 
me up with that John Romita Sr. Spider-Man sketch! I've been a fan of 
Spider-Man since I was a little kid and to have a sketch by John Romita 
Sr., the second artist to draw him in Amazing Spider-Man after Steve Ditko 
is pretty cool! And of course a big thank you goes out to John Romita Sr. 
for drawing Spider-Man for me! His son John Romita Jr. is a really great 
artist too who co-created Blackheart (of MSH, MSH vs. SF and MVC2) with 
Ann Nocenti BTW! Oh and thanks once again go out ot Dynamic Forces for 
providing me with the Spider-Man / Venom sketch. For only twenty bucks!

Play Magazine - For printing my letter! Mwahahahaha! Sorry, more annoying
fanboyism here. ^_^

Enterbrain - For creating the book "Enterbrain Mook Arcadia Extra Vol. 19
Capcom Fighting Jam Advanced Guide" which is the only book referenced for
the Faq but just for quote translations.

Namco Bandai - For Ingrid's inclusion in Project X Zone 2 along with her 
bio in the game that appears in this Faq. 

Capcom - For the Japanese Capcom Fighting Jam Japanese Website where the
bios where translated from. I'd also like to thank Capcom for making this
game and being my favorite video game company of all time. Megaman, Ryu, 
Chun-Li, Dante, etc. These characters and the many many Capcom games I've 
played over the years have had such a huge influence on my life it's not 
even funny. Well, it might just be a tad funny LOL!

Thank you for reading!

Copyright 2017 Anthony Collado

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