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Yun by capcommunist

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/05/04

Yun FAQ Ver 1.0

Playstation 2, Arcade, X-Box
Copyright 2004 capcommunist
To come in the next version: more combos, and how Yun stacks 
up against other characters.


Why you should use Yun:

-He's fast
-His specials are strong
-His jab has high priority
-He's fast
-Did I mention he's fast?
-Has good comboability

Why you should not use Yun:

-Super Arts are a bit weak unless used in combos effectively
-Some of Yun's moves' ranges are too short, compared to others.


U= Up (jump)
UF= Up-Forward
F= Forward
DF= Down-Forward
D= Down (crouch)
DB= Down-Back
B= Back (block)
UB= Up-Back

lp= light punch
mp= medium punch
hp= high punch

lk= light kick
mk= medium kick
hk= high kick

Throw: LP+LK

Street Fighter 3 features in CFE:

-Parrying (hit forward just when the opponent attacks; cannot parry Throws)
-Leap Attack (hit MP+MK, can hit crouching opponents)
-Quick Stand (hit down the moment you hit the ground)
-EX specials (Push two punches or two kicks for the special move instead of
one to do a more powerful version; takes some Super Art meter)


Tetsuzankou: F, D, DF + P

Yun turns around (while turning around, he crouches and can go through
projectiles) and slams his opponent with his shoulder. LP version can combo
though it cannot knock down, while the MP and HP versions can knock the
opponent down but are much harder to combo. Use against fireball whores
(like Ryu). LP goes short distance, MP goes about 1/3 of the screen, and
HP goes about half-screen. 

EX version: Yun goes forward a bigger distance and hits for two hits; this
version can combo into a standing HP.

Zessho Houhou: D, DF, F + P

Yun rushes forward with a punch. A very fast move, can combo off most of Yun's
normal attacks (like his LP or MP for instance). Beware, though, as this move
is risky if not comboed.

EX version: Yun lunges forward just a bit more, and hits for two hits, much 
like the EX Tetsuzankou. This move cannot be comboed, so rule this move out 
during play.

Nishou Kyaku: F, D, DF + K

Yun lunges upwards with a double kick. Can be comboed off Yun's You-Hou if 
you're quick enough. This move can be very useful for anti-air, except against
other TS characters, seeing as how they could parry this move.

EX version: Yun lunges upwards a bit more, hitting for two hits (anyone else
notice a pattern here :P) Cannot combo.

Kobokushi: D, DB, B + P

Yun strikes forward with both palms. A very hard hitting and powerful move.
You can cancel into a You-Hou from this, but do it in the corner so you can
combo better with it.

EX version: Well, there is no EX version of this move. If you try to use this
move with two punches, Yun just does a feint version.

Zenpou-Tenshin: F, DF, D, DB, B + K

Yun basically grabs the opponent, flips over him/her, and apparently leaves
him or her defenseless for a short while so that Yun can combo them. While the
move may sound like a great move, remember that you pretty much have to be
right next to the opponent for it to work. If you have trouble getting in,
then use lp, lp, lp, D, DF, F + P to get close, and then use this move.

EX version: None whatsoever.


Sourai Rengeki: D, DF, F x 2 + P

Yun smacks the opponent with his elbow, then goes into a few elbow hits and 
punches, then attacks with a two-hit rising spin kick. 6 hits total.

Well, this Super Art is not the one you want to use if you want to win. Why
is that? Well, if you cancel into this super from a special move, chances
are that only the first two or so hits of this move will actually hit the
opponent, which reduces the damage significantly. Also, this super has
a very short range.

You-Hou: D, DB, B x 2 + P

Yun strikes with an upward punch, then turns around and uses Tetsuzankou, 
then launches the opponent into the air with a hard-hitting uppercut! Use
this Super Art over the other one, because it combos better, does better
damage, and is a lot more flashy! 3 hits total.



Standing LP- A short-range jab. It has very good priority, and is necessary
for Yun's bread-and-butter combo (lp, lk, mp, Zesshou Hohou)

Crouching LP- A jab to the opponent's crotch area. Can also combo very well.
It can knock opponents out of their crouching attacks very easily.

Jumping LP- An elbow strike from the air. Combos very well, but it is a very
risky move due to its low range.

Standing MP(close)- Another elbow strike move. Good priority, but use the
standing LP for combos.

Standing MP(far)- The same elbow attack that is in Yun's B&B combo. Comes out
quickly, and can be comboed to an extent.

Crouching MP- A slower, more powerful version of the crouching LP. This is a
good poke for being a medium attack, although the crouching LP is still a bit

Jumping MP- This is a really nice combo starter for those of you who love to
jump in. This move is actually better than the jumping LP in that it stuns the
opponent a bit more, allowing you to combo more freely.

Standing HP(far)- A decent poke, although it really only trades hits if the 
opponent tries to hit you at the same time.

Standing HP(close)- A two-hit knife-hand punch. Can combo into a 
Zesshou-Hohou. This move is very risky, however.

Crouching HP- A two-hit punch. This is probably Yun's best poke. Use this to
push yourself away from the opponent.

Jumping HP- Basically a slower version of his jumping MP. This move has the
same advantage as the jumping MP.

F+HP(on the ground)- A palm thrust. Knocks down the opponent, but has TERRIBLE
recovery time.


Standing LK- A short-range thigh kick. This move can combo easily into Yun's 

Crouching LK- Another good poke from Yun. This little move can combo into a 

Jumping LK- Has very nice range for a LK. You can start combos with this move.

Standing MK- This move juggles the opponent, but you can't seem to combo 
anything after it. Can someone test this out and see?

F+MK(on the ground)- Ah, Yun's overhead attack. Use if the opponent is
turtling, but watch out for anti-air moves!

Crouching MK- A good, albeit slow, poke.

Jumping MK- This move can't combo as well as Yun's other moves, but it gets
the job done.

Standing HK- A knockdown kick. Use this as a poke from long range, as it has
a very crappy recovery time if blocked.

Crouching HK- Just your friendly neighborhood sweep. Although it is not as 
fast or as powerful as other sweeps in the game. Use this move with caution.

Jumping HK- Well, this is a very average jumping kick. Same disadvantage as
the jumping MK.

COMBOS: (note: may not work on every character in the game)

lp, lp, lp, Zessho Houhou (4 hits)

standing lp, crouching lp, standing lp, Sourai Rengeki (in the corner)
(9 hits)

HP Tetsuzankou, Nishou Kyaku (3 hits; corner combo)

HP Tetsuzankou, cancel into You-Hou, HP Tetsuzankou, Nishou Kyaku (corner
combo; 6 hits)

lp, lk, mp, Zessho Houhou (4 hits)

HP Kobokushi, You-Hou, jumping HP (5 hits)

More to come in the next version!


(more to come in the next version)

Ryu: Well, Yun can take quite a beating from Ryu if you're not skilled with
Yun's normals. You can bait a turtling Ryu player by throwing out random 
standing LP's, then if he tries to hit you, quickly use the crouching LPx3
into Zesshou Hohou combo. 

Do not whiff attacks against Ryu. If you do whiff attacks, he can keep you at
bay with Hadokens and Shoryukens.

If the Ryu player is a Hadoken whore, you can jump in with a jumping LP, 
and go into a bread-and-butter from there. 

Remember, use Yun's speed to overcome Ryu's power, as in this game, Ryu 
is one of the slower people.


Shoryuken: Counter with a jumping LP. You'll trade hits, but that's better
than causing no damage at all.

Hadoken: Jump in and start a combo. If he tries Shoryuken, you can just parry
it (at least, I THINK you can).

Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku: Well, this move is kinda tough to give an analysis on.
Maybe someone can help?

Bison: Heh, Yun can pretty much own Bison for free in this game. Just watch
out for Bison's Head Stomp and his Psycho Crusher, and you'll have this
match won.

Well, Bison's specials have very low priority in this game (compared to Yun,
at least), and don't do very much damage. However, Bison can turn the tide
of the match with his Double Knee Press.


Double Knee Press: Either parry this or block it. I don't have a true way of
getting around this move...

Psycho Crusher: This one's easy. Just jab him out of the move! Bison's Crusher
has been severely weakened in priority from CvS2.

Head Press: Nishou Kyaku that crap down :P

Devil Reverse: Block or parry this move; better yet, use a Zesshou-Hohou as he
is coming down from the move.

More stuff to come in the next version!


-Capcom, for giving us yet another good game
-SNK-Capcom dot com, for giving me the inspiration for this FAQ, albeit in
an unusual way
-Gamefaqs, for hosting these FAQS
-You, for reading it!

Capcom Fighting Evolution is Copyright Capcom Corp, 2004. 
This FAQ copyright 2004 capcommunist.

Contact info:

-If you have any questions, input, or corrections, email me at
ckimbro2005@hotmail.com, and I will include your info and give
you credit for it.

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