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FAQ/Walkthrough by F. Pelayo

Version: 0.60 | Updated: 10/13/04

                     DDD                  FFFF
                     D  D                 F
                     D  D                 FFF
                     D  D                 F
                     DDD  E M O L I S H   F    I S T


Systems: Arcade (Atomiswave)
Written by: F. Pelayo
Version 0.60

© 2004 Ferdinand Pelayo
Demolish Fist © 2003 Sammy / Dimps Corporation

        0) Revision History
        1) Introduction
        2) Gameplay
	3) Characters
        4) Walkthrough:
                (a) Stage 1
                (b) Stage 2
                (c) Stage 3
                (d) Stage 4
                (e) Stage 5
                (f) Stage 6
        5) Credits & Misc.

(0) Revision History
0.60 - October 14, 2004
     Finally bothered to finish part of the walkthrough, after playing 5 PS2
games over the past 3 months. :P

0.45 - July 9, 2004
     I can't believe I forgot to include Vertigo!  That's like your primary
offense in the game...
     Also added is a strategy for the first boss, boss descriptions, and
an item section.

0.4 - July 8, 2004
     Got all the basics in and set the layout for the walkthrough.  Just
enough stuff to put on GameFAQs so other people know how to play (or get a
good idea of what it's like)

0.0000000001 - July 5, 2004
     The day I started writing this. :)

(1) Introduction
     Argh...  Once again, I'm in a situation where I'm one of the few lucky
enough to have the game close to me, and am thus in a position to write a
FAQ.  While it's nice being the first on the scene, I've got a career to
start worrying about - so as it was with House of the Dead 3, please feel
free to build on my info and "take over" covering this game.  Although
half the credit price of HotD 3, I don't wanna be spending $2-4 a day just
to verify info for a walkthrough.

(2) Gameplay
     Here's what I've made out from the official brochure and in the game:

     In 2015, some Senator's plane crashed 12 hrs earlier, and now the
Missionaries (some elite special ops unit) have gathered near the Indian
Ocean to find out what happened.


     Be aware that most of the control info on my local DemoFist machine is
in SPANISH, so I don't know the real names for most of these moves.

Buttons: G (or 1st button from left) - Guard
         A (or 2nd button) - Attack
         J (or 3rd button) - Jump

Dash            tap twice in the same direction
Dash attack     do a Dash, and press A any time before stopping
Charge attack   hold A
Knockdown       G + A from far away
Grab/Lift       G + A (grabs enemies, lifts objects)
  Gut attack    A repeatedly while grabbing
  Throw         press joystick in any direction
Pick up items   G + A standing on top of item
Spin attack     G + J (knocks down/stuns all enemies close by;
                        consumes a sliver of your life bar)
Vertigo Mode    G + A + J (requires full Vertigo gauge)

     For character specific attacks, see next section.



Lv 1 health     yellow first-aid kit (25% life restored)
Lv 2 health     green first-aid kit (50% life)
Lv 3 health     red first-aid kit (100% life)
Lv 1 V can(?)   brown can with yellow V on it (25% Vertigo gauge filled)
Lv 2 V can(?)   brown can with green V on it (50% Vertigo gauge filled)
Lv 3 V can(?)   brown can with red V on it (100% Vertigo gauge filled)


fire-fist       makes attacks do more damage
lightning-fist  ditto
steel pipe
spiked club

     Below your character's life bar is a much shorter, skinnier gauge that
builds up in a light blue color as you damage and defeat enemies, or destroy
objects with your fists.  Once it's full, the area around your character's
side portrait (next to your life bar) will flash light blue, letting you know
that you can hit all 3 buttons to go into Vertigo Mode.

     Vertigo is this game's version of a kick-everything's-butt super move.
(think the police backup attack in Streets of Rage 1)  When activated, you
go hyper and all enemies go into a state of slow motion.  Your character
(and your partner's) will teleport all around the screen and get free shots
at enemies one at a time.  When the vitality of whoever you're beating up is
reduced to zero, you'll teleport to another enemy (usually the next closest
one) and do the same thing.  While in Vertigo mode, your Vertigo gauge acts
as a time gauge and slowly depletes itself.  Vertigo ends when either the
Vertigo gauge is empty or if all enemies in the local area are beaten.

     In order for a Vertigo to do any damage though, you must mash the A
button.  This means faster pressing will allow you beat up more enemies or do
more damage to a boss.

(3) Characters
     Thankfully, this part on my local machine IS in English. :)

     Character descriptions are taken right from the game.  As for their
stats, I've tried my best to duplicate the amounts in the gauges on the
character select screen.  Consider them 90% accurate.

Leoneed Burns
"Mighty Dude"

     A former top operative in the rescue section of the New York Fire
Department, Leoneed had fallen on hard times when an invitation from Enzo
led to his joining the Missionaries.

                Power     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                Speed     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                Technique XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  Special Techniques:
        Cyclone Volley  A A A A A
        Dual Canon      A A J J
        Blow Storm      A A A A J

Vanessa May
"Speed Queen"

     A former FBI undercover agent, Vanessa joined the Missionaries after
Enzo saved her life.

                Power     XXXXXXXXXXXX
                Speed     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                Technique XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  Special Techniques:
        Raging Petals Helix     A A A A A A
        Lovely Flash Dance      A A A A A J
        Dancing Bird Onslaught  A A J J... (repeat)

Enzo Vecchio
"Tough Guy"

     Leader of the Missionaries, the special operations unit of The Church,
an organization dedicated to fighting violent crime and terrorism.

                Power     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                Speed     XXXXXXXXXXXX
                Technique XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  Special Techniques:
        Volcano High    A A A A
        Etna Smasher    A A J
        Vesvio Strike   A A A J

"Trick Star"

     This operative earned his sobriquet for his knack for coming back alive
from the riskiest of missions, and his remarkable recuperative abilities.

                Power     XXXXXXXXXXXX
                Speed     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
                Technique XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  Special Techniques:
        Hound of Dead   A A A A A
        Gatling Edge    A A A J
        Angel Hammer    A A A A J

(4) Walkthrough

    bikers (full body biker suit):
        Chimps (red)
        Soldier (yellow)
        Warrior (maroon)

    bikers (street punk):
        Massive (yellow)
        Rider (red)
        Knight (blue)



    mutant goons
        Thorn (red)
        Shade (blue/gray)

    guys with gas masks
        Striker (black)
        Liner (yellow)







     Coming soon...


(4.A) STAGE 1: Apolonia Building

Area 1

     Most of the enemies here are weak little biker dudes, but don't think
you can just waltz through on your own sweet time.  Don't worry about taking
them out one at a time, because there are Level 1, 2, and 3 Health items
along the way.  Most of them die in 2 hits anyway, so walk right up to every
loser you see and cream 'em.  When you get to the Lv 3 Health, don't pick it
up right away cuz there's a Thorn at the end who could do some damage if he
touches you.  Lure him to where the health is, beat him, get the health,
then walk to the end of the area.

     And remember, DON'T waste your Vertigo here!

Area 2

     Right away, do a dash attack to get rid of the 2 bikers you see at the
start while they're still crouching and dormant.  Pick up the large rock and
walk left until the next set of bikers in wait are visible.  Try to toss the
rock into the middle of the group, then take out any Chimps left standing.
the next 2.  Now head back right a bit and wait for the bikers to swarm from
both sides.  Take out as many as you can by hand before the 2 Massives jump
kick in.  When they do, things may be a little crazy at that point so feel
free to Vertigo.  After clearing the screen of those bikers, you'll soon see
a swarm of 10+ come from the left.  If you didn't Vertigo before, do so now.
Otherwise, grab the hammer (which came out of the rock you threw) beforehand
and wait for them near the left side of the screen while mashing your A

     Once you're able to move forward, you'll be see 3 boxes, with 2
Berserkers waiting just past them.  I suggest stopping once the boxes are
just visible, then dash-attacking to destroy the bottom 2 (or at least the
middle one).  Get the lightning-fist where the middle box was, then get to
the far left of the area and maul the horde that's coming from the right.
Pick up the Lv 1 Health in the bottom box IF you need it, but hopefully you
don't yet.  Once all the punks are gone, grab the Health and the Lv 1 V-can
before the 3 MANGO'S come down from above.  Beat up the one on the right as
it lands, then let the other 2 come to you.

Area 3...

BOSS: Stelark
"Iron Fist Genie Stelark"
looks like: oversized power suit

     After you get used to the game, you should have no problem wiping this
guy out in a handful of seconds.  Go to the lower left corner and break open
the box there with a charge attack.  Use the Lv 1 health if you need it.
Beat up a couple of bikers if you don't have a full Vertigo gauge yet, or
just to maximize Vertigo damage on Stelark by getting rid of distractions.
When you're ready, do the Vertigo, then try to finish off Stelark by hand.
Ignore any small enemies and just walk in and pound him with basic A-button
combos.  If the small enemies are too distracting, or if Vertigo didn't take
off at least 2/3 of Stelark's life, try grabbing the explosive canister in
the top left of the area and toss it at Stelark.  If you need to beat up
small enemies, try to leave one on the screen so the boss doesn't call in
more cronies.  Don't forget the other box at the top right of the area which
has a Lv 1 V-can, if you want it.

     If you see Stelark rear back, it's going to do a charge punch.  But
being the big and slow lug it is, it'll take like 4-5 seconds to come out.
Plenty of time to either get all the way to the other side of the area, or
(if Stelark's closer to the middle) walk right up to it and do a spin attack
to break it's move.


(4.B) STAGE 2: Zodiac Alley

Area 1

     One way to start here is to walk straight up, lift one of the vending
machines, take a couple of steps right, and toss it at the 2 bikers you see.
Just know that the left vending machine has a Lv 1 Health and the right has
a Lv 2 V-can, if you need them.

     After you get rid of the the 2 bikers in view, there'll be more rushing
in from both sides of the screen.  If you move right, you'll see 4 Massives
that'll come at you sooner or later too.  In other words, this is a good
place to Vertigo.  There's a fire-fist in the drum where the 4 Massives are/
were standing. (I'd recommend getting it *after* you Vertigo, of course)
When the group of Massives are gone, 3 more will jump kick their way into
the middle of the area from both sides.  Study the positions they come from
so you know where to position yourself out of the way.

     The next section has more of the same biker punks.  Again, Massives will
jump kick onto the screen at various points while you're busy beating up
bikers so look for a safe spot and let enemies come to you.

     Moving on after them, you'll get your first taste of dealing with bikers
on... bikes. :P  The Riders can be knocked off their motorcycles either with
a spin attack, dash attack, jump kick, or the last hit of a combo technique.
Dash attacks are most efficient.  When you see the 3 ride in diagonally from
the background, dash all the way to the right then walk to the top, which is
where they'll ride back onto the screen.  Do the dash attack the moment you
see anything come from the left, and you should knock 'em all off their
bikes.  From there, you have the option of picking up their bikes and
chucking 'em at the Knights, but I'd beat them by hand and save the bikes
for the next group.

     Moving right along, there'll be bikers, Berserkers, and a Lv 2 Health.
If you need the Health right away, dash attack or toss a bike at whoever's
coming at you first, then dash to the Health.  You could Vertigo here, but
I'd recommend resisting the urge, as there's a tougher part coming up.  Once
the first set of enemies in this part's gone, 2 Riders on bikes will ride in
from the top, then a slew of Chimps will come in from the right.  If you took
care of the 3 bikers in the previous area like I suggested, there should
still be bikes lying on the ground that you can chuck at will now.  If not,
knock the Knights off their bikes, then get to one side of the screen and
pick apart the Chimp horde by hand.  When you're able to advance from here,
you'll deal with 3 MANGO'S to end this area.

Area 2

     If you were able to keep a full Vertigo from the previous area, let it
rip when bikers with weapons start rushing toward you here.  Otherwise, dash
attack at anyone running at you to knock away their weapons, then do whatever
it takes to survive here.  There's a dumbell on the ground, but don't pick it
up until it's time to move forward.

     The next part's a long stretch where you'll find a pair of Riders on red
bikes, then a pair of Knights on blue bikes.  The Knights have swords.  The
first step of my strategy here is to grab the little dumbell from where the
first set of enemies was.  Inch your way forward until you can just see the
first pair of bikes waiting, and toss it at one to knock its Rider off.  Walk
back left, let the Rider come to you, and finish him by hand.  Next, dash
attack the other Rider off his bike and again beat him by hand.  Now you've
got 2 bikes you can use as weapons.  Pick one up, inch forward to where the
blue bikes await (just beyond the giant anchor in the background), and toss
and knock off a Knight.  Walk back left, pick up the other red bike, and toss
it at the Knight when he comes on the screen to dispose of him.  Now, get his
blue bike, toss at the other Knight, then pick up that guy's bike (NOT the
anchor at the top, save it for later) and KO him with it.  Once that last
biker's done for, IMMEDIATELY get to the bottom of the screen, then move
left.  A car will ride through the middle and 4 Berserkers will pop out on
the side facing away from the screen.  The idea here is to grab the car once
it stops and toss it at the Berserkers right away to instantly KO them.  If
you think I'm kidding about lifting the car, watch the game's demos to see
Vanessa do it in Stage 3. :P  Remember, grab the car as soon as possible -
the enemies' AI makes them destroy breakable objects that are between them
and you, so if you're too slow they'll start attacking the car and preventing
you from picking it up.  Also, if you don't throw the car at them right away,
some of them may get into a defensive stance and block the car damage, which
would force you to fight hand-to-hand.

     This next section can be very difficult to do without dying.  First, 2
Knights on bikes come in from the left - one along the top, the other along
the bottom.  More bikes come in at various intervals, with a few Soldiers and
Riders on foot in-between.  Once the Knights are done, another car with
Berserkers will roll throught the middle from the right.  If it's a 2-player
game, a second car will come after you beat the first set of Berserkers.
There's a crate with a Lv 2 Health near the top right of the area (which may
already be smashed open by a crashed bike by the time you get to it).  A good
way to start here is to carry the anchor from the previous part and chuck it
at a biker (or several at once, if you can set them up).  If you used Vertigo
at the beginning of this area, you'll have to do without until it's built up
again.  Get to the top or bottom and Use spin attacks to anticipate and knock
Knights off bikes.  It'll be too hard to concentrate on their movements and
time dash attacks with all the bikers on foot distracting you (and getting
run over by a bike still takes off more health than 4 or so spin attacks).
Also, stay in the middle of this "part" as opposed to hiding in a corner at
the left or right edges, cuz you'll want bikes to be useable weapons on the
screen after you knock their drivers off 'em.  Don't waste too many bikes, as
they can serve another purpose later - make sure ya hit a biker (preferably
at least 2).  Once your Vertigo gauge's filled, you'll have to decide whether
to use it now or save it for the next area (where it'll really pay off):

- I'd recommend Vertigo if have less than half your health and you've used
the Lv 2 Health already (or you're too surrounded to reach it), AND there's
at least 5 enemies left to kill (if any are still on bikes, wait until they
are just coming onto the screen).  When the carnage is over, get to the
bottom of the screen right away and wait for the car.  If it doesn't come,
combo any leftover bikers.

- If you're healthy and confident, use dash attacks left and right if you're
surrounded.  Once you notice no more bikes coming, get to a corner so that
they're all on one side and take the remaining bikers out by hand.  Stay near
the bottom so that you'll be ready for the car once the last of the blue ones
(Knights) is KO'ed.

     For the last part in this area, a handful of bikers and a Berserker come
in from the right when you get close to where the Lv 2 Health is/was.

Area 3

     This area starts with 8 forklifts you have to trash.  Ideally you want
to destroy one, grab the battery it leaves behind, throw it onto another,
which would instantly destroy it and stun all the other forklifts, grab
another battery, and repeat the process while the remaining ones are still
stunned.  Realistically, whenever you're finished doing a combo on one,
it turns and lifts you off your feet, or another one comes in behind and
trips you up.  Vertigo here to get rid of 2 of them right away, otherwise
carefully pick your spots to attack them from behind.  Try to do the spin
attack to avoid being tripped by their lifts.

     Once you managed your way through that, there'll be an area with steel
columns at the bottom/front of the screen, and Warriors with spiked clubs
coming from all directions.  Try to dash attack or do whatever it takes to
knock the weapons out of their hands, then they'll be easy to finish by fist.
After you're done with them, DON'T go forward yet.  Attack the columns to get
a steel beam from the left one and a Lv 2 Health from the right.  There's
also a fire-fist in the crate straight up from where the right column is.
Get the health first, then the fire fist, and then carry the beam with you
to the next part if you want.

     The next wave of enemies starts when you get to the 2 crates plus the
large bin.  Toss the beam at them if you have it, if not get rid of a couple
of them by hand, then prepare yourself.  There'll be 3 MANGO'S running in
from (usually) the right, plus more various enemies.  Get to the far left or
right (preferably right) to keep them all to one side, and pick them off as
they come to you.  The top crate has a sword and the bottom has Lv 1 Health.
I'd suggest leaving at least the sword alone for now.  The bin is as wide as
the cars and is good for eliminating multiple enemies at once.  There's also
a missile inside it that explodes like the cannister back where you fought

     There'll be a small wave of enemies after the bikers and MANGO'S, but
they happen to be a Thorn and 2 Shades.  Grab the sword before they come on
the screen.  It's great for dealing damage from a safe distance, out of their
grab range.  Feel free to toss the missile too if that's still available and
you're low on health.

Area 4...

BOSS: Hulk A-6
"Brutal Mobile Hulk A-6"
looks like: souped-up green Hummer

     Aside from trying to crash into you a lot, Hulk spews purple gas when
it's not moving and you're close.  Its passengers will laser snipe you with
rifles if the Hulk's still and you're far (even if the boss is off screen).
Pairs of Riders or Knights on bikes ride in periodically from the top of the

     The rest coming soon...


(4.C) STAGE 3: Lunapark

Area 1

     Coming Soon

Area 2

     Coming Soon

Area 3...

Mid-boss: Vanity
"Shocking Vamp Vanity"
looks like: dominatrix with mask and white whip

     Coming Soon

Area 4

     Coming Soon

Area 5

     Coming Soon

Area 6...

BOSS: Spike
"Beauty Black Gale Spike"
looks like: some Blade-wannabe black dude with trenchcoat and knives

     Coming not so soon


(4.D) STAGE 4: Methuselah Laboratory

Area 1

     Coming Soon

Area 2

     Coming not so soon

Area 3

     Coming not so Soon

Area 4...

Mid-boss: Alkenide
"Cursed Bloody Tumor Alkenide"
looks like: 4-legged mutant spider

     Coming Soon

Area 5

     Coming not so soon

Area 6...

BOSS: Reiko Kannou
"Martial Queen Reiko Kannou"
looks like: chick with semi-long purple hair and blue suit

     Coming not so soon


(4.E) STAGE 5: Central Needle

Area 1

     Coming Soon

Area 2

     Coming not so soon

Area 3

     Coming not so soon

Area 4...

BOSS: Eight
"Apostle of the Doom Eight"
looks like: 7-ft tall Lawnmower Man

     Coming not so soon


(4.F) STAGE 6: ?

     Only 2 parts and 2 fights to do...

Mid-boss: Kain Murasame
"Senator Kain Murasame"
looks like: Undead in a suit

     Coming not so soon

"Final Visionaire 8"
looks like: ?

     Coming not so soon

(5) Credits & Misc.
     All writing done by me. :P

     Controls, story, and character descriptions taken from the arcade and
the official brochure on Sammy USA's site.

Highest known score: 23.6 million (9 credits), by me ^u^
Furthest distance on one credit: Spike (stage 3 boss), by me ^^;;;;;

my arcade machine: 2 lives per credit, unknown difficulty (assume Normal)

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