Review by Aofun

Reviewed: 02/19/04

It's time to KOF... again...

Everyone that plays fighting games knows KOF. The series are lasting now almost ten years and I have been playing it since the start and now for me it have the feel, it's just another KOF... Well, let's go on. Let say first that I'm comparing this game with others actual game AND older KOF games.


Well, that's what it deserves. I mean, when I get in the arcade, and look to KOF2003 and then, right in the side there are games like guilty GearXX, Tekken 4, VF, CVS, MVC2, we see that KOF graphics are far outdated for today standards. And the animation of this game is not good too, even to KOF standards. 2002 was way better. Don't let me get into 2000... This shows that Playmore NEEDS a hardware update to compete with today games. I KNOW it's a 4, but it's what it deserves.


Really standard, nothing special or different of older KOF games, but I still prefer 2002 soundtracks.

Gamaplay: 6/10

Well, that's really what makes you play the game. But in this case there are nothing that good about the game. Most characters play exactly the same way they played in 2002, some of them got weakened, like Iori. Well, you know KOF, they gain moves, lose moves, gain the moves again... I still have to understand the logic of SNK/Playmore... But looks like in 2002 they started with the plan of ''let's make everyone equally bad, so none of them will be too good''
Seems like it isn't working... Especially in the case of DuoLon, a new character. If you play in arcades, I'm sure you already seen someone geting handed by him. He's very overpowered, have a infinite, combos that take a lot of damage, it's fast and VERY tricky. The others new characters are decent, but nothing really too good. About improvements in the game itself, well, now there are a tag system, that reminds Tekken tag, though, it's nowhere good as in TTT. First of all, if you tag a character in there are no life recover, and this makes taging less important than it should be. You can just play your character one by one and there will be no difference. The reason to change a character is almost always to do combos(or for any strategy purpose you have)Also there are the leader. The leader is the only one who can perform the LSDMs, that in most cases are nothing more than the 2002 HSDM with a different name. Also looks like your leader deals more damage and receive a little less than normal team members.


As I already said, there were no great improvements in the gameplay of the characters this year(as always since 99). Moves in, moves out, moves being screwed, well, you know. The good thing is that some MOTW entered KOF this year. Few ones like Robert, Athena and Benimaru(irrck) changed their looks, for the better or for the worst(like in the case of Benimaru).


Well, there's all I have to talk, I think, but as I don't need to say, this game is far below the actual fighting games in most, if not all aspects, AND also far below others KOF games in others aspects too, it's pretty obvious that KOF and Playmore needs a upgrade.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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