PlayChoice-10 arcade games?

  1. I have a question regarding PlayChoice-10 arcade games. I submitted game data for Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3 but they were rejected with the reasoning that the PlayChoice-10 was simply an NES in an arcade housing & that they are not accepted.This is not correct. It's true that the games gameplay-wise are the same as their NES counterparts (the same is true of the Nintendo VS. hardware games when compared to their NES counterparts), however they run on a motherboard that contains 10 game slots, which the NES did not have. The motherboard itself has a BIOS that the NES also does not have and the games have a game screen and an additional screen that displays instructions that their NES counterparts don't have. The hardware also has a timer that gives time-based gameplay based on how much money is deposited (NES was lacking this as well).I think these games should be added to the database since the hardware is not identical to the NES. Otherwise, various other arcade games should also probably be removed, like those on the NAOMI hardware (which mirrors the Dreamcast), those on the Aleck64 hardware (which mirrors the Nintendo 64), those of the ZN-1 hardware (which mirrors the Playstation), and various others. The truth is, though all these arcade hardwares I mentioned are very similar to their home counterparts, none are actually identical to them and neither is the PlayChoice-10 when compared to the NES.The game listed simply as The Goonies under arcade games is actually the PlayChoice-10 version since the only other arcade game with the Goonies title is VS The Goonies, which is also already in the system. So since this is the PlayChoice-10 version and if no PlayChoice-10 games will be allowed (which I disagree with), then the game listed as The Goonies in the arcade games platform should also be removed.If GameFAQs' stance on this is reconsidered, then it should also reconsider similar arcade hardware containing motherboards with multiple timer based games of those found on home consoles. Examples of these include the Sega Mega Tech, Sega Mega Play, and Nintendo Super System games as every one of these systems had motherboards with a BIOS that their home console counterparts were lacking. And unlike their home console counterparts, all of these systems supported multiple games and contained a selector that allowed players to choose which game they played, just like the PlayChoice-10 had.

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    winchester718 - 9 years ago


  1. I agree it's arcade hardware.

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