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FAQ/Walkthrough by Snowstormz

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/02/2003

World Combat Walkthrough and FAQ: Version 1.3
For the Arcade
Email: killer_mew@hotmail.com

This Walkthrough is copyright (2002 Snowstormz) Reproduction of this
document in part or whole without the author's consent is forbidden. If
the reader wishes to use the Walkthrough for his or her own personal
and private use only, then a copy may be made. If you wish to put it on
your website, please, ask me.

These sites have received my permission to have this FAQ/walkthrough on


1)	Version History
2)	Introduction
3)	Enemies
4)	Walkthrough
5)	FAQ
6)	Credits

1) Version History
Version 1.3- Confirmed the number of skeletons in the final "emergency" stage.
Added some missing
Version 1.2- Confirmed the number of bombs for second "emergency" stage.
Version 1.1- Edited stage 2's extra life system, stage 4 and stage 9.
Version 1.0- Finished the FAQ
Version 0.9- Wrote till stage 9
Version 0.6- Wrote till stage 6
Version 0.4- Wrote till stage 4
Version 0.3- Wrote till stage 3
Version 0.1- Started the Walkthrough. Wrote till stage 2

2) Introduction
Welcome to the game of World Combat, a four-player game that allows you
to use rifles to shoot the enemies. The sound and graphics is
excellent, and it reminds me of the famous Time Crisis 2, as the most
enemies die with one shot (unlike Time Crisis 3). This game is also
called Warzaid in Europe. There us also a "Block" system, which allows
you to block anything. To block, simply point your gun out of the
screen, or block the sensory with your index and middle fingers, and
the shield will appear, allowing you to block. Should you not block the
bullets/grenades/whatever, you will suffer damage, which is a decrease
in your life.
Like Time Crisis, there is a "Crisis Sighting". In this game, it comes
in the form of Unusually Bigger bullets. I will call it "Sighted
Bullets" in this FAQ.
At the end of each stage, if you are playing multiplayer (2 or more
players), you get to see who's the leader. The leader will obtain an
extra life, which will be extremely handy. The leader is chosen by the
player's ranks, which is as follows:
From lowest to highest: Private second class- Private first class-
Corporal- Sergeant- Staff Sergeant- Master Sergeant- Warden Officer-
Second class Lieutenant- First Class Lieutenant- Captain- Major-
Lieutenant Colonel- Colonel- Major General- General- Field Marshal.

If the ranks of two players are equal, the leader position will be
awarded to the one with a higher score. However, you should not hog the
leadership position, as while you have 15 lives, your friends are
struggling to survive. Thus, you should allow everyone to be the leader
for once. Allowing the person with the lowest rank to kill the boss or
destroy a vehicle, giving him a promotion in rank, can do this.

3) Enemies:

-Normal Enemies:

--Skeleton: Your normal skeleton. Some hold rifles, some grenades, some
pistols, and other knifes. They die in one shot, so it is quite easy
and stress reliving to kill them.

--Elite Soldiers: They are just like any normal skeletons, dying with
only one shot. However, they move faster and carry all sorts of
weapons, such as the one in stage 2.2, where they carry everything a
normal skeleton will carry. They dress in white, and are the "Bosses"
of their stage (Stage 2.2 and Stage 8)

-Vehicles: Vehicles come in Armored form (Tanks/APC) or Unarmored form
(Helicopter, fighter jets). The difference is that those who are
armored will only take damage when you hit their weak spot. Unarmored
vehicles will take damage regardless where you hit them, with the
exception of the fighter jet in stage 2.1. Jeeps are too small to take
damage if they are shot everywhere. Since we are not wimps, only
shooting their Guns can destroy the jeeps. Thankfully, only a shot will
be enough to destroy it. Destroying vehicles will give you an increase
in rank immediately, and thus should be

--APC: The APCs in this game usually have a gun mounted on top of them,
which is used to shoot you. Their weak point will be their gun. They
come in either 1/1-live types (First seen in stage 2.2) or in 5/5 lives
(First seen in stage 1)

--Fighter Jets: You will meet them in two ways, either they are flying
(First seen in stage 2.1) or they are on the ground (Only seen in stage
7) their weak spots will be the Cockpits or the missiles they are

--Helicopters: They are first seen in Stage 4. Their weak spots will be
the gun (Stage 4), or the rotor and the cockpit (Stage 9). They usually
only have 5/5 lives.

--Tanks: They are big and they are nasty. Yet, you can destroy them
easily. Unlike all other non-armored vehicles, with the exception of
the Fighter Jet found in Stage 2.1, the only way you can damage them is
to hit their weak spot, or use a Rocket Launcher. They usually come
with only 5 lives, but will have 15 in Stage 6. First seen in stage 2.3

--Anti-Air vehicles: In stage 5, your mission is to destroy them. Their
weak spot is their radar dish rotating above those missiles. They are
not too difficult, if you keep an eye on where their rockets are so
that you can either shoot them or block them.

-Bosses: They can be anything, usually in the form of vehicles.
However, Stage 2.2 and Stage 8 will show you four elite soldiers, which
you have to kill. Destroy the boss, and you will receive a medal, which
will give you a 1000 points bonus when you kill them. Along with the
1000 points is a promotion in rank.


This is your normal shooting Rifle. It has the scope function. Just
place the gun at your shoulder, and allow the tab at the butt of your
rifle to be pressed. The scope will appear, and you can see a magnified
area. To deactivate, just let go.

-Machine Gun
It can be obtained when you shoot the Blue logo, bearing the words
'Machine Gun". It holds 100 bullets, and it allows you to continuously
fire by pressing and holding the trigger. It is useful for taking down
a lot of enemies at once.

-Rocket Launcher
It can be obtained when you shoot the yellow logo, bearing the words
"Rocket Launcher". The best weapon in the game, as it has a huge splash
damage area, and it can take down vehicles in one shot. Best saved to
use against the bosses.

4) Walkthrough.

Stage 1(Beach)
Difficulty: *
-Rocket launcher. Can be found during the screen where you attack the
Medals to be obtained: 2

This is the first mission, and you should try to keep as many lives as
possible. Just clean up the first screen. The second screen will have
enemies moving very quickly and will shoot the Sighted Bullets at you.
The game will tell you to block, which you should.

 The forth screen will show an APC. Quickly, shoot the guy on the left
to produce a Rocket Launcher. Either uses it for the APC, or save it
for the bosses.

The sixth screen (bunker screen) will show you grenades and skeletons
holding knife to attack you. Either kill them first, or just simply
block. Four boring screens in the trench later, you will meet the boss.

2 Apaches
Difficulty: *
Weak Spot: Cockpit.
Life: 1/1

If you have the rocket launcher, use it. If not, just aim for the
cockpit. Should you be slow, it will show skeletons inside the Apaches,
attacking you. You have to kill them in order to make the Apaches move.
Blow them both to advance.

The next stage will depend on which player managed to be the leader.
Player 3 or 4 will be towards the Town; player 1 or 2 will be the
forest. Sometimes, you might go to the hotel first, but it's usually
rare. The extra life icon can be found on the third part of stage 2
(i.e. if your route is Hotel->Forest->Town, the life will be found at
the town stage.)

Stage 2.1(Hotel)
Difficulty: *
-Machine gun. Found on the sixth screen.
-[Life]. Found on the fifth screen.
Medals to be obtained: 1

You start of in the hotel. Skeletons will be smack right in front of
you. Kill them all in the first 3 screens. Note the Melee skeleton at
the third screen.
At the fifth screen, a skeleton on the left will throw two grenades in
succession. Killing him will produce a Life, if this is the third part
of stage 2. The next screen will show two skeletons attacking you.
Killing the one at the back will produce a machine gun. Once they are
killed, look out for the skeletons repelling down and attacking you
from the windows.
Tenth screen will show a rocket launcher skeleton. Kill him quickly to
prevent trouble. You will see skeletons running to attack you. If you
are fast enough, you should be able to kill them before they can even
fire their rifles. The twelfth screen shows a melee Skeleton. However,
he is moving slowly, so you can kill him easily.
Two screens later, you will meet skeletons rushing down a corridor,
shooting at you. Use the scope to kill them easily. Watch out for the
Sighted Bullet, which usually goes for the middle players. Clear the
two screens and you will meet the boss of this stage: A fighter Jet.

Fighter Jet
Difficulty: **
Weak spot: Missiles (2). Cockpit.
Life: 5/5

Before you have the honour to meet that thing, you have to first fight
your way to the roof. The first screen will show three skeletons, two
using grenades. Kill them all, and you will start running up the
stairs. Just keep shooting at them. When you reach a landing with no
more skeletons, arm your machine gun.
The first screen will show your squad running, with the machine gun
shooting at you. You can only shoot at the Cockpit now. If you have the
machine gun, this would be very easy, being able to destroy the plane
before it can even threaten you.
If you fail, you will have to meet it. The door will open, producing a
skeleton. Kill him.  The jet will appear from the left, shooting 5
pairs of Sighted Bullets at you. Block them, before quickly unloading
into it again. Try to hit the missiles, as it will use them to attack
you later. If you miss, it will appear on the right and fire it's
missiles at you if it still has them. Block to avoid damage (Whole
squad must block to avoid damage). It will then fly to the left,
shooting Sighted Bullets at you, before repeating. Blow it to advance.

Stage 2.2(Forest)
Difficulty: **/***(Night Time)
-Rocket Launcher (2). First one when fighting the APC, second one found
when you climb to the watchtower.
Medals to be obtained: 4

This will be the first mission you will visit in the night, if you have
played through the town first. The surroundings are extremely difficult
to see, especially at night. Thankfully, the Sighted Bullets are still
as visible as ever.
Nothing big excepts to look out for all the sighted bullets. Try to aim
for the skeleton on the watchtower first, as he has a better view, and
will thus shoot more Sighted Bullets. Also, in the third screen, watch
out for the Sighted Bullet on the Right, heading towards Player 3.
An APC will appear after you move through the trench. One shot is all
that is needed to take it down. A guy holding rocket Launcher will
appear from the right. Shoot him to obtain the logo and to have the
Rocket Launcher.
Nothing much for the next few screens, just move as quickly as possible
by shooting all the enemies.
When you climb on top of the watchtower, there will be a skeleton on
the right who has a rocket Launcher. Kill him to get it. Once that is
done, I would advise using the rocket launcher against the rest, as
they are very accurate, and will thus shoot a lot of Sighted Bullets.
Climb down to meet a horde of enemies. Watch out for Sighted Bullets,
and keep shooting. After you clear it, you will meet the boss.

4 Elite Soldiers, carrying Rifles and Rocket Launchers.
Difficulty: ***
Weak spot: Anywhere on their body.
Life: 1/1

More often than not, they will start off this encounter by shooting
Sighted Bullets at you. Block and wait. Good things come to those who
wait. Once they reload, they will either run, or use their rocket
launchers at you. Either shoot the rockets, or simply shoot them. It's
tough to shoot them accurately with normally, thus a Rocket launcher
should be used if you still have it. Note that the Rockets move
extremely slowly, and you need to predict where the enemy is. If you
are lucky, you can get 2 of them with one rocket. Just one shot is
enough for each of them. Kill them all to advance.

Stage 2.3 (Town)
Difficulty: */ ** (Night Time)
-Machine gun (2) can be obtained at the fifth screen, when you are
fighting the APC. The other one can be found when meeting the boss.
-[Life]:Found on screen 3
Medals to be obtained: 2

If you had gone through the jungle first, then this mission will be a
night mission. Considering that there are street lamps, and you can
actually see, it's not that bad compared to the jungle stage. You start
off starring the enemies straight in the face. Not too challenging. The
second screen will be a bit more challenging, as it shows the roof,
with a few skeletons shooting at you. Pick them off quickly. A life can
be found on the next screen, if this is your third part of stage 2. A
skeleton on the left will produce a life if shot. Two screen later
shows another roof top duel. There are 4 of them, three on the top, and
one at the lower right. Shoot them quickly, and watch out for the melee
Next screen will have an APC. A skeleton on the left will produce a
machine gun. Shoot and get the machine gun, before switching to the
rifle mode. The APC has 5 lives, and should be taken down as soon as
possible, as the skeletons will start to shoot at you as well. Once the
APC blows up, the explosion will kill the skeletons as well. Your squad
will move forward, while looking backwards. If you have not taken the
machine gun, this is your last chance to get it. Watch out for the
skeleton throwing grenades at your squad on the next screen. You will
then see a helicopter crash, before meeting the skeletons inside.
Skeletons will be surprised, and will rush at you. Either shoot at the
space between the sand bags, or block to avoid damage. Once you have
cleared the screen, the boss will come.

2 Tanks
Difficulty: **
Weak Spot: Seems like the ammo storage area (can anyone confirm this?)
Life: 5/5
If you have the machine gun, use it now. Keep blasting away at that
area. Hopefully, you will be able to blow up at least one of them by
the time they start to fire their turret at you. Watch out for the
stray Sighted Bullet that sometimes comes your way. It will then
circle. If you fail to destroy it before it starts shooting it's turret
at you, make sure to kill the skeletons around it before you try to
destroy the tank. On the second time (a screen with 4 skeletons), one
of them will produce a Machine gun, very useful at this time if you
still have two tanks to blow. It will simply circle around you,
shooting their turret bullets at you. Blow it to advance.

ENERGENCY (2 players or more)
Mission: Shoot down all the missiles.
Difficulty: *
Items: Machine gun on a missile on the left.
Number of Missiles: 18
Medals to be obtained: 0
When the mission starts, just aim and shoot. The squad should not steal
frags and shoot other squad mate's missiles at the beginning. This
requires teamwork. Thus, assign your squad to shoot at their window (1
and 2 towards left, 3 and 4 towards right). A machine gun can be found
on one of the missiles. It's not that difficult, in fact, if you have
four players, you can finish it before it even starts it's descent
towards the ground. Just watch out of sneaky missiles coming from the
side of the screens.

Stage 3 (Snow)
Difficulty: ***
-Machine Gun (2). The first one is obtained in the first screen. The
second one is at the second house.
-Rocket Launcher. The area before you repel down to the ground.
Medals to be obtained: 1

When the mission starts, point your rifle out of the screen to block
all those sighted bullets. There is no way you can hit them before they
hit you without suffering any damage. Usually, there should be 2
skeletons firing at you. Once they reload, shoot them. A machine gun
can be found here. Use it immediately to quickly finish off the next 2
On the forth screen (the one with a flat land, without any castle
walls), quickly shoot the skeleton at the back to produce a rocket
launcher. Use a rocket to blow the area up so that you can avoid
On the seventh screen (after you run past the skeletons), a guy on the
top right will produce a machine gun. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE THE
ROCKET LAUNCHER, as the rocket launcher is very useful against the
boss, shooting the machine gun icon will replace it. The next screen
will show enemies around the area, with some trying to crawl up a slope
towards you. If you have the machine gun, use it against them. Kill
them all to meet the boss.

1 skeleton
With a Flamethrower
Difficulty: **
Weak spot: Anywhere on the body.
Life: 1/1

"Only 1 skeleton?" you ask.
Not so easy. In order to fight it, you have to kill your way there. On
the first screen, watch out for the grenades and the melee soldiers.
The second and third screen should be no problem, just kill everyone to
The forth screen is where the boss is. He will run towards the left
first. Switch to the rocket launcher or machine gun. If you are using
the rocket launcher, just shoot into the plane, and the blast damage
will kill the skeleton. If you are using the machine gun, just spray in
the middle when he appears, trying your best to aim in order to kill
If you have neither, then try to kill him on his first flamethrower
attempt. If you can't hit him after 4 seconds, block quickly as the
flamethrower can remove your life easily. Once he runs to the right,
take down the surrounding skeletons first, before killing him, as they
will start to shoot Sighted Bullets at you. Kill the guy with the
flamethrower to advance.

Stage 4 (Forest)
Difficulty: ***
-Rocket Launcher. Found on the forth screen.
-Life. Found on the second howitzer screen.
Medals to be obtained: 8

When you start, be very alert, as Sighted Bullets may come from
anywhere. Skeletons will approach you from the back, shooting. Kill
them. There is nothing interesting in the second screen, except to
watch out for random sighted bullets.
In the forth screen, you will see a Howitzer shooting cannons with a
Skeleton at the top of the hill. Killing him will produce a rocket
launcher. Enemies will try to attack from the left, which should be of
no problem. If you wish, you can destroy the Howitzer in this screen,
which will help should you need a life later. You will then watch the
helicopters fly past. Enjoy them, as you are going to destroy them
later. After the helicopter screen, watch out for a melee unit
appearing on the left, and a pistol skeleton appearing on the right.
Deliver headshots to them, as they are so close. In the next screen,
bullets will fly towards your squad from virtually everywhere. Either
block or quickly kill the skeletons to advance.
The first Howitzer has nothing interesting. Kill the skeletons before
destroying the Howitzer if you wish to obtain more points. The second
Howitzer has a skeleton that has the life icon when shot. The skeleton
is found on the left, and throwing grenades at your squad. Destroy the
Howitzer, if you have not done so already in the forth screen. The last
Howitzer has nothing to note as well, except the Sighted Bullets are a
bit more common in the screen. Quickly destroy the Howitzer. Following
the Howitzer will be 2 APCs. They are not difficult, as they will spend
their first thirty seconds of so shooting at the rocks. One shot on
their weak spot is all that is needed. Using the scope on your rifle
will help a lot. One more battle with those annoying skeletons, and you
will meet the boss.

8 helicopters
Difficulty: **
Weak spot: The gun turret
Life: 5/5 per helicopter

When you first meet the helicopters, either uses the rocket launcher to
blow 3 of them, or to quickly shoot at them. While shooting the weak
spot means an instant destruction, you should simply aim for their body
first, as you just need 5 shots on the body for it to explode. Make
sure you block when they come towards you, as they will shoot 4 pairs
of Sighted Bullets at you. It's not that hard, as they simply follow
the same route again and again. However, if time is against you, then
you may have to sacrifice a life in order not to get the "Game Over"
screen. Just keep shooting and you should be able to advance to the
next stage.

EMERGENCY (2 players or more)
Mission: Shoot all the bombs down.
Difficulty: *
Items: None.
Number of bombs: 22
Medals to be obtained: 0

When the mission starts, simply wait for the red indicator to appear
before you shoot. Otherwise, your bullets will simply have no effect.
This is the easiest Emergency mission, as you can shoot the missiles
when they fall towards you. It's quite hard to actually miss the huge
shape of the bomb. There is a slight break after 9 bombs or so,
allowing you to reload. Once the indicator appears again, just shoot
again. It's extremely easy, and you can gain rank easily.

Stage 5 (Forest)
Difficulty: ***
-Life, found somewhere between the 9th and 10th Anti-Air weapons.
-Rocket Launchers (6). There is a possibility that there are
more Rocket launchers. They are found scattered across the map.
-Machine Gun (2). Both can be found when you are on the air.
Medals to be obtained: 15

Once the stage starts, look for a skeleton running on the left. Killing
him will produce a Rocket Launcher. A battle tank can be found below.
Just use your rifle as his Weak Spot can be shot easily. The first
Anti-Air weapon will roll into the area. Use the Rocket Launcher to
blast its base. The second will appear nearby. Blast it. The third and
forth will appear along with some skeletons. The skeletons will produce
a machine gun and a Rocket Launcher. Another two will appear, along
with a battle tank. One of the anti-air weapons will produce a machine
gun, while the battle tank will contain a Rocket Launcher. Two more
will roll into the area. Blast them and your squad will drop down and
attack from the ground.
On the ground, your team will immediately face two more anti-air
weapons. Blast them away, before you will reach a tent area. Bullets
will fly towards you from all directions. It is advisable to block and
wait. Time is on your side. Five skeletons will appear after the random
bullets have stopped. Kill them. You will then move away from the
tents. Block to avoid the Sighted Bullets, before shooting the
skeletons. One of them will produce a Life. You will then turn away and
you will meet two more anti-air weapons, along with a lot of skeletons.
If you destroy the anti-air weapon first, the nearby skeletons will die
as well. However, if you are going for score, then attack the skeletons
first. Once the screen is cleared, you will meet a bunch of grenade
throwing skeletons. Either kill them quickly, or block. Once the
grenade blast effect is over, keep your shield up, as the anti-air
weapons will fire their missiles at you. Once the explosions have
stopped, fire onto their weak spot. Once they have exploded, the last
one will roll into the screen, ignorant of everything (They are
skeletons after all). Destroy it to finish the stage.

Stage 6 (Town)
Difficulty: ****
-Rocket Launcher. Found when fighting the first tank.
-Machine Gun (2): The first can be found on the screen after the first
tank. The second can be found when fighting the boss, when you are
fighting the tanks across the bridge, one of the skeletons will have a
machine gun.
-Life: Found on the blazing house.
Medals to be obtained: 3

When you start, just shoot at the skeletons around. They won't be much
of a threat. On the forth screen, you will see the first tank. Not much
of a threat, as it only has five lives. However, on the fifth screen,
the one when you are running away from the tank, look on the right for
a skeleton running to the middle of the screen. Shooting him will
produce a rocket launcher. However, switch the weapon and use the rifle
to destroy the tank. On the next screen, look out for a skeleton on the
left who has a machine gun. You have to be fast, as the skeletons come
out slowly, and the machine gunner comes out along with the final
batch. The next screen will show a hut. It contains a Life, which can
be found on the left. I advise you to use the scope, as it is much
faster, since the house is dark, and the skeletons are far away. There
are two waves of skeletons in the screen. Watch out for the ones
throwing grenades from both sides. One more screen of the skeletons
running towards you. Brainless idiots. Blast them, and be ready for the
boss screen.

3 tanks
Difficulty: *****
Weak Spot: The gun turret.
Life: 15/15

This is probably the toughest mission if you do not have any other
weapons other than your rifle. 15 shots multiplied by 3 are 45 shots.
On top of that, you have the skeletons to bother about, and you have to
shoot at the turret. If you have the rocket Launcher, then it will be
easy. When the screen starts, blast the tank right in front. Aim
carefully, and you should get the medal. When the screen shifts to the
right, destroy that tank as well. Just aim at its base, and you should
be all right. However, switch to the rifle in the next screen, and just
pick the skeletons off. The tank is too far to be shot, and you could
miss easily. Once the next screen starts, you will face the tank head
on. Once you have a clear sight of it, blast it.
However, if you have the machine gun or the rifle, my advice will be to
keep shooting, killing the skeletons first, since you can block the
tank bullets easily. A machine gun can also be found on the third
screen. Once you realise that the numbers are decreasing, keep shooting
at the exact spot. Remember: kill the skeletons first, before heading
to the tanks. If you are running out of time, and have 7 lives. Then,
just blast away at the tank, ignoring the skeletons. Blow the three
tanks to advance.

Stage 7 (Airport)
Difficulty: *****
-Rocket Launcher: Found on the cargo plane
-Machine Gun: Found on the cargo plane
-Life: Found on the cargo plane
Medals to be obtained: 1
Mission: Destroy 15 airplanes

This is probably the toughest mission, especially when you are playing
solo. You will start off by seeing a plane right in front of you.
However, you can't destroy it, for some unknown reasons. Start by
blowing up the planes on the left first. If you are playing a full
squad, then simply aim at the airplane body, as it is much larger, even
though it may have a 10/10 life. If you are playing solo, then you
really need to try hard to aim for the weak spot (the missile), which
only has a 3/3 life. After facing three aeroplanes, you will see two
aeroplanes take flight. Quickly, take down the skeletons right in front
of you, before aiming at the aeroplanes. Just one shot at their weak
spot will do. If you fail to destroy both of them, block once the
screen changes to avoid the missiles. After a few more aeroplanes, you
will reach the cargo plane.
Once the screen loads, try to blow up one of the engines. It will be
tough as you only have like thirty seconds. However, the screen will
shift, and you will have full view on the two other engines. Shoot the
leftmost one to obtain a rocket Launcher. Once the screen changes to
show you a steel door, ignore it and use the rockets to blow up the
remaining engines if you are going for the medal. However, if you are
going for the life, then blow up the steel door and it will be there.
After the Cargo Plane screens, you will see two more planes. Hopefully,
you have at least 11 by now, assuming you missed a few and did not blow
up those in the air. Blow up these few, as they are easy pickings, and
you should have at least 13. Remember those air planes you could not
shoot at the start of the mission, this is where they are important.
Just shoot like crazy, and pray that you get the 15/15 mission
However, if you fail, you will lose a life, but will not receive the
"Game Over" screen.

EMERGENCY (2 players or more)
Mission: Defend the city.
Difficulty: *****
-Machine Gun: Found somewhere on the left.
-Rocket Launcher: Found somewhere on the right.
Number of Skeletons: 21
Medals to be obtained: 0

This is the toughest Emergency mission, since I have never completed
this mission before. Those skeletons are like ants, with their mindset
of just trying to cross the line. There is a rocket launcher, but it is
advisable not to pick it up. This is due to the slow reloading speed.
The machine gun will be more useful, as you can easily spray across the
screen to kill a few skeletons at once.  Just try your best, but from
experience, it is very tough. I have seen 3 pro players play till here
without losing a life, but have failed this stage. However, if you fail
this stage, no lives will be deducted and you will just waste a couple
of scores. Oh, probably a few thousand from those skeletons lost.

Stage 8 (Forest)
Difficulty: ****
-Machine Guns (2): Found scattered along the map when you are running
-Rocket Launcher (3): Found scattered along the map when you are
Medals to be obtained: 4

You will start this mission off my looking at skeletons parachuting
from the sky. It's actually easy. Use the scope to deliver headshots,
and avoid the sighted bullets. Once they are dead, you will see a mob
of skeletons chasing your squad. A rocket launcher can be found on one
of them. However, save it and just use the rifle on the skeletons.
Eventually, your squad will stop moving and you have to kill the
skeletons before moving. An APC will also roll in, simply use the
Rocket Launcher on it and you can start running again. In this second
wave, one of the skeletons has a machine gun, which will prove useful
in hosing down those skeletons chasing you. Simply move the gun from
left to right while holding the trigger, and you will have plenty of
the dead bones on the floor. Again, you will stop and stare at the
skeletons coming towards you. With the machine gun, it is a very simple
task to take them all down. Another APC will roll into the area,
awaiting a rocket to be launched from you.

The screen will shift, allowing you to look up and at more parachuting
skeletons. Do the same for the first bunch of skeletons. However, they
fire more Sighted Bullets at you. Still, they are slow and big. Simply
block them at the last second and you should be all right.

You will start to run again. A skeleton here will have a machine gun
here, allowing you to hose them down again. No APCs this time when you
stop, just a lot of skeletons. Eventually, you ill run again. This
time, a Machine Gun and a Rocket Launcher can be found on the
skeletons. Once you stop for the last time, kill off all the skeletons
and a tank will roll in. It's courting death. However, save your
rockets for the boss and use your rifle to destroy it instead, since it
is so near to you.

4 Elite soldiers carrying Flame Throwers
Difficulty: ****
Weak spot: Anywhere on their body
Life 1/1

This is like the one at stage 3, except you have 4 elite soldiers
instead of only 1. When you start, try to look at where the guys are
and shoot quickly. If you have the rocket launcher, simply blast the
piece of rock they are hiding behind, and you will kill them with the
splash damage. If you have the machine gun, you cannot just fire away,
as if you concentrate on one, the other's flames will damage you. Try
to shoot when they just appear, and block quickly.
Alternatively, you can wait for the enemy detector to tell you where
the soldier is, and then blast him to oblivion. Kill all four of them
to advance to the final stage.

Stage 9 (Desert)
Difficulty: *****
-Machine Gun (3): First one is found before you attack the helicopter.
The second one is found after beating the three tanks. The third one is
found when fighting the base commander.
-Rocket Launcher: Found when fighting three trucks at once (Missile
Launcher and 2 trucks)
Medals to be obtained: 1

This is the last stage, and they are not holding back anything to
prevent you from taking over their last piece of land. Your squad start
off by fighting three tanks at once, each with 5 lives. Focus your fire
on one of them first, and try to take it down as fast as possible. A
APC will roll in soon, and you have to simply shoot its gun five times
to make it explode. Next screen shows a few skeletons, one of them
holds a machine gun. Try to obtain the machine gun to make your life
easier. Use the machine gun to spray across the screen to clear the
skeletons quickly. A helicopter will appear after the screen is
cleared. Use the machine gun to spray on the weak spot and you should
have no problems. Be fast, as it shoots a lot of Sighted Bullets in a
short time. If you still have Machine Gun bullets remaining, switch to
the rifle to conserve bullets. Your squad will climb up a watchtower.
Simply shoot at all the skeletons quickly, and watch out for those
melee units. Once the screen is cleared, a tank will approach the
watchtower. Use the remaining machine gun bullets, if you still have
any, to destroy the tank, which has 5 lives.
The screen will show your squad climbing down the ladder, you will face
another tank, plus a bunch of skeletons. You will then face two
vehicles next. The third truck will roll in after a few seconds. Either
block to avoid the grenades and the Sighted Bullets, or try to shoot
the skeletons quickly. A Rocket Launcher can be found on a skeleton on
the right. He is the one standing on the road, not on the vehicles. Use
the Rocket Launcher to destroy the Missile Carrying truck and either
one on the right or the left. Save a rocket for later, using your rifle
to destroy the last truck.

Base commander.
Difficulty: ***
Weak spot: Anywhere on his body
Life: 1/1

He will pop his head up occasionally, shooting Sighted Bullets at you.
However, ignore him for now, as your main priority is to kill the
skeletons protecting as quickly as possible. Time is not on your side,
so find that machine gun or use the final rocket and blast it into the
underside of the platform. Once the skeletons are dead, the base commander will
pop his head out more often. Blow it off to meet the final boss.

One huge ugly skeleton thingy
Difficulty: ****
Weak spot: His eyes
Life: 100/100

Well, this is the last boss, and he's not pretty. However, he is pretty
easy to beat, compared to some of the other bosses. Simply aim at his
eyes and block when he breathes out fire or uses his hands to attack
you. If you are the squad leader, and would like to keep your rank,
then block early. Once his life goes below 50, he will regenerate every
minute or so. So, shoot quickly. A machine gun is useful here, as it
can take down his lives quickly. I have also heard that if you blast a
rocket into his face when he is regenerating, he will stop the
regeneration. I don't know how true this is, as I seldom have a rocket
at this stage. So, just shoot, block, shoot, block, and go on, until
he's dead. The only main problem you will have is the time, as if you
have taken too long to destroy the three tanks, or took a long time to
kill the base commander; you will have a lot of problems trying to win
this game. If time runs out, it's game over.
However, if you won, the congratulations! You have just beaten the
game! Yay!

6) FAQ

-Q: How do I get past this stage? I am stuck, and I waste a lot of
-A: Read the Walkthrough

-Q: Are there any cheats in this game?
-A: No, sadly.

-Q: I want to ask you a question, how do I contact you?
-A: Contact me at killer_mew@hotmail.com. I will answer all mails,
provided it is not something related to the first question

-Q: I wish to place your Walkthrough on my site! Can I do it?
-A: You may, but please ask permission from me first via e-mail. In
your e-mail, please provide the website, so that I can place your
website on my Walkthrough.

7) Credits

I would like to thank CjayC for placing this in GameFaqs

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